Thursday, September 29, 2011

700 Club, Military, CIA & Cherry Street

The U.S. has forced my mother and father to work for them since they were kids.

I got interested in psychic government work and remote viewing, out of my own curiosity, not because anyone talked about anything like this with me.

Then I found out what part of the torture and massive amounts of money used to silence people, is over.

It's over my family.

I am not delusional and what happened, is that someone figured out that I might be figuring something out. When power changed hands in some way in 2002, or something very political was going on and those who were always enemies but never had an excuse to surface before, surfaced, they first divided up my whole family.

After they found ways to isolate us from one another, they used people who were connected to eachother and had them encircle each one of us.

Torture, to my face, was new to new. I didn't think the U.S. allowed such things in this country, but I figured out they had most likely allowed people to harm me since I was just a toddler and forced my parents to lie. And they tortured my parents as well.

What is sad, is to find out that so many other people knew about it. I thought I was stumbling upon things on my own, because of my own interest and curiosity and what I didn't realize, is that this has been part of my entire family history for decades, and that it is absolutely the responsibility of the U.S. that anything bad has happened to us.

I am having to sit here and watch The 700 Club with my mom and it really makes me sick. in the last week, I have seen them put on some disturbing programs. My parents do not even watch or like The 700 Club. It's something someone told them to watch, that my grandparents watch. It's not their style at all. My parents are christians but they are not 700 Club christians--they're not hypocrites. The entire program today was about Jewish things and how they're celebrating Rosh Hashana. ? I said, "Like they're Jewish. Why don't they celebrate Ramadan too." My mom said, "They're celebrating that God is God of the Jews" and I said, "He's God of the Muslims too." She disagreed and I said, "The God of the Old Testament cared for Hagar and Ishmael just like the Jews."

They're just hypocrites. I can't stand to watch them anymore and wanted to change the channel. I look at the younger guy and see a man that is a hypocrite, in my opinion. I would rather watch a normal person that's not making a big deal about how spiritual they are. I look at him and all that comes to my mind is that he overindulges in eating and uses prostitutes. I can't stand to even look at him or hear his voice. He is one of few television "personalities" that drives me nuts, because I get such a bad vibe watching him.

His Dad comes across better but I figure, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As for the woman they have on the program, they always frame her enormous breasts. She covers up or doesn't wear low necklines, but they always zoom in to show her breasts. She's like a triple or quadruple D size and I wonder if that was the clincher to her landing the job.

The other day, they had a program on that picked on almost every part of my family's life. It was the most horrible, grossest form of mockery I've ever seen. And then today they had a program about a man who was "taking bullets" and how it's terrible when you have such pressure that your heart feels like exploding or bursting, and all this talk about forms of harm and then they picked out an actor who looks like my Dad. Exactly like my Dad, and had him leaning over, crying with a hand over his face, leaning over a motorcycle with the words BELL on it.

They are almost showing themselves to be on a side of evil more than good lately. It's kind of like I wasn't very far off the mark when I wrote they are connected to CIA or something.

I first tried to watch without judgement, but that one man always bothered me and then they progressed to show themselves to be on more of a side of mocking torture of others than being actual spiritual people. They have literally had programs that just mock us and if my parents are not important, why bother?

It's because the U.S. has used all of us and major powers don't want the truth to get out.

My parents used to tell me at least most of the normal facts, about where we had lived and what we did. Just normal. If I asked what churches my mother's coworkers went to, it was normal in conversation, so it was normal for my mom to say Debbie Sweetwater-Burt was catholic. All of a sudden, after we're all tortured, my mom is being pressured to lie and say she's protestant. Why the cover up if it's not a big deal?

I asked my parents where they lived and where we had moved to at different times in our family history and I found another lie that people who hate us clearly forced my parents to tell. I asked about different houses and work and locations of where we'd lived and when we got to how they moved to Moses Lake from Soap Lake, I asked what street we'd lived on there or what area and my Dad said, "Matson" or "Mattsen". I asked if we'd lived anywhere else and what else, from our history.

What they didn't know, that I remembered, is that when I was a little girl, we lived on Cherry Street.

So I started wondering, who is telling my Dad to lie when they knew I'd ask questions? Who wanted my Dad to change our history up and say that we had lived on "Mattsen" street when we never did.

We lived on Cherry Street.

I was a toddler and I grew up, in Moses Lake, on Cherry Street.

But someone has wanted my parents to lie about our history now, maybe because they think I'll blog about it and something about "Cherry Street" worried them. My parents don't care and have nothing to hide about that, and it sounds more like someone thought Cherry Street was something they didn't want me to blog about and they thought it would be funny to change that to Mattsen.

There was no other place for us to live, apparently. My parents were forced to live where they were told to go. We lived in a big airport town, next to a military base or former military base, on Cherry Street. The airport was the main industry of the town then.

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