Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monica Wasson (about Commissioner)

Monica Wasson is the "Commissioner" for my case and she is going to have to be recused for conflict of interest.

I got a letter back from the Court of Appeals denying my motion. That has nothing to do with her conflict of interest.

However, it is not true that a Pro Se party cannot submit supplemental materials to a court, esp. in such a serious case.

I am wondering if she even filed my motion properly and I'll have to make sure it was filed on the record.

Her excuse, and she had it readied up and everything, was that I am represented by counsel already and therefore cannot make motions for myself. Or, she claims, submit anything at all to the court. This is totally wrong. I can think of several examples where a Pro Se party has submitted additional materials on their own, or where the Pro Se party and the counsel are both submitting information to the court.

It's called "First and Second chair".

And since the "first" appointed chair wasn't doing their job, as they were required to do, as a parent and as a party to a lawsuit, I have a right to fill in where they're dropping the ball.

In fact, I have had several lawyers ask me if I would represent myself with them as "back up" or as "second chair".

So her claim that she can deny my motion because I am "already represented" isn't the whole truth actually.

And, on top of that, I thought Judges and Commissioners are supposed to recuse themselves for conflicts of interest just as lawyers and law firms are.

If Ms. Wasson wants to persist with her denial of my claim, we shall have to add a few other U.S. government workers to my list of those I expose. I have a few that are top notch, but I've kept them in reserve.

Finally, if I wanted to avoid the whole "first and second chair" matter, which is something I can easily bring before the court (sigh...why do we get commissioners when we asked for gods), I can bring up the fact that my law firms, each and every one, have been completely insufficient and have ignored all my requests to have serious information and evidence obtained and added to the record.

It's sort of like they want to drug me all the way up to the day, and then try to prompt me to drop the lawyers or firm before they have used State monies to pay for the records they were supposed to request years ago. And then they want ME to do it.

What is really sad, is that I didn't even know the first name of this "commissioner". I found out, just now, at...five minutes to 11, that it's Monica. And in the last couple of days, I have picked up on a lot of conversation about "Monica" and I actually thought, not knowing this woman's first name, that someone was discussing my old best friend Monica, from high school. But no, now I realize they were discussing Monica Wasson and what's sort of odd, is that it was in the context of "mind control."

Because I was "overhearing", in a sense, all of this talk about "Monica" (in the U.S. govt. mind control-psychic sense), I thought it was about my old high school friend and I kept thinking how did she have anything to do with my case or mind control. But, it was the wrong Monica.

The Monica that was being discussed in the last 2 days was "mind control Monica", the "Monica" that's somehow connected to this. How fascinating to then find my Judge's name is Monica.

I'm not going to say what I think yet, Her name is Monica Shepard Wasson.

And someone needs to stop torturing my mom because she isn't doing anything and it wasn't her, and to my knowledge, they don't even know anything about my case bc we don't talk about it. But I started writing this, and my mom left the house and the dog came over to me with his heart acting up, and since the dog is always near my mom, it's reasonable to think someone is doing something. She was on her computer and then I noticed the dog. So I'm not stupid, and if someone is torturing family members thinking they're giving me info, they're not.

I'll tell you what I got from a public search. She has been licensed for a couple of decades and practiced in Washington. It says she got her license in 1977, from the Washington Bar. I looked up information with the last name Wasson and also Shepard. Shepard pulls up a doctor in Spokane, who has been practicing about the same number of decades, and he's from Eastern Virginia. Norfolk, VA. Dr. Fredric Shepard. He's licensed or worked over at a hospital in Eastern Virginia and I don't know how long he's been in WA. I don't know if they're related or not, but these are the things that came up. There is also a woman by the same last name who works in the psychological field and she's featured on Gonzaga University and works with someone from the YMCA.

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