Friday, September 30, 2011

Crude Conversation at Library

Every single day I go to the library, after I'm here for a few minutes, people start coming and in making conversation with the librarians here. Today they are talking about:

"The bull gets it the fastest" and "There will be CHUNKS blowing out and just blasting" and "Yeah, and the heart can just explode and there's nothing you can do about it." That's the librarian named Jordie Lindegren.

She and Elizabeth have been the ones to talk loudly about all these horrible things. Now Jordie said, "Yeah, okay, hit me." and Elizabeth responded with, "We need to take a machete to them."

Yesterday, they talked about exploding hearts, people dying, how horrible it was to kick kids around, and on and on about electrical currents and how people can die with very little warning.

On of the librarians is Elizabeth Rivera. She approached this Spanish man who was sitting next to me the day before yesterday, who is always here, and after they started talking about how there was a man they knew that was going to have problems with his heart and the pressure wouuld be so bad he would need a hospital (right in front of me), she then started talking about how if they say anything, well they know people who can just lock them up and put them in jail. And then when I made a comment, Elizabeth continued and said next week was going to be much worse for this man. I asked what church they went to and they both said it was the Catholic one in town or that they were raised Catholic.

When I walked into the library after finding out about Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, Patty Otterbach, and Kathy Hathaway being part of a team that's been torturing my mother, she looked afraid of me, as if I might know more but I haven't talked to any of these people. I just sit here minding my own business and trying to work and they start talking about all kinds of horrible things.

It's not just normal library talk about books. These 2 women, in particular, have gone out of their way to be verbally harassing in the library while I'm there and then approach people who come in and talk with them about horrible things in front of me. They're not talking about normal administrative stuff and different books. They're harassing and it borders on being threatening or intimidation.

After I said something in response, in front of the Spanish guy Elizabeth had been talking to, the next day, which was after I reported assault against my parents and the cop McNeilly was on duty, my Dad's hands were all gnarled and red from being tortured.

And this woman Elizabeth was standing there saying it was going to be "worse" next week, for this man.

There is something wrong with these people.

I have done nothing rude or mean back. I finally said something the day before yesterday, as an aside about how how exploding hearts can almost be as dangerous as being sedentary at the library and that was it. They were going on and on about how people can just bleed out, from hearts that explode under the pressure and I said, "Yeah, sort of like how some people can bleed money when there are lawsuits and that sort of thing."

I haven't ever met any librarians that have carried on like this before, with no thought or care at all, about who hears them. They don't even care what they sound like. And then other people they know, I guess, have been coming in to make bizarre conversation with them at the same time.

This is the kind of town my parents are trapped in.

Now the Spanish guy Elizabeth chats with about tortured men has arrived and I'm not staying.

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