Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suspect: YAB 756

Someone needs to keep an eye on this woman. Her name is "Kathy" and she drives a white sedan with license plate number YAB 756.

I believe she has something to do with tampering with what my mom drinks or eats. She's taken my mother out before and afterwards my mother wasn't well.

When I went over, my mom was scared. She tried not to show it, but she was afraid of Kathy. It's not like my mother isn't a good actress, she is. But she was afraid.

I changed into other clothes and put a robe on over it, my red one, and then walked out as this woman pulled up and went to the back door. I was right behind her, wearing the same colors but with my robe over. I said, as my mom was letting her in, "Mom, leave the door open," (the door was shut but it wasn't closed) and I took my laundry past this woman and said, "Sorry about my robe. I have some laundry to put in the basket." Then I was leaving and I saw my mom was afraid.

So I went back in and thought, I don't think it's okay to leave my mom alone with that wman. And I'm right. I am always right, almost all the time. I knocked on the door after listening at the door and knew she was trying to give my mother something to take that wasn't good for my mom.

I walked in and set up my laptop and sat down and saw she had a bottle of Smart Water with her. I saw she had a cup of coffee in her hand and my mom had tea in the microwave after I overheard and knew something was given to my mom by her.

My Dad was upstairs and he knew but I think he's been told not to do anything. He came downstairs shocked I was there.

I saw my mom take the heated water out of the microwave and said "What is that?" and she said tea. The other woman had coffee from our coffee pot. She had a bottle of Smart Water sitting right there.

She said to my mom, "Oh, and put some of that good honey in it."

Then, I went outside and said I wanted to give my mother tea from my place instead. She said she was fine. My mom did. So I said, "What water did you use for your tea?" and my mom froze. I said, did you use the water from the tap or other water? And my mom said, "I used the tap water." I said, "And she had coffee?" my mom said, "I made her coffee" and I said, "How did you make coffee for her that fast?" and Kathy said, "I added some tap water to my coffee because it was too strong."

I said, "You brought the Smart Water to our house. Why didn't you use your Smart Water that's filtered instead of the tap water then?" She brings "filtered water" over and uses tap water?

She is poisoning my mom.

I'm not 100% but I have a feeling about it. I don't know what happened to my Dad today at the shop either. These people cannot be trusted, at all.

I saw my mom was afraid. Not only that, when I sat down and was at my laptop, it made this very loud beep sound that happens when there's miitary around and my mom totally jumped. She's not jumpy. My mom is not jumpy and wouldn't be jumpy unless I was walking into something like this woman who is rotten and has something to do with harming my parents.

I was going to go out and knock the cup out of my mom's hands, but I went out to ask questions instead and then I was told to leave. But I called her on it and told her I had noticed the last time my mom came back after going out with her that she wasn't okay.

When I was listening at the door, my mom's voice was not so happy and carefree as she's acting now or acted later. She was afraid, and they were keeping conversation about something else.

When I said I wanted to get my mom her own tea, she put up her fingers in a peace sign and then I was banned from going to their house for 2 days she said. My mom said. But I am saving their lives when no one else is doing a thing.

I yelled at her that I'm keeping my eye on her and putting her license information online and that next time she comes over, bring her water "...SEALED and give it to my MOM". When I listened at the door my mom was saying, "What's this?" and the other woman was answering with some other response that didn't even make sense when I opened the door.

I should have knocked over the cup.

My mom was jumpy and afraid, which means there is something wrong with this woman. She's now sitting across the way chatting and laughing like nothing is wrong, and now they went back inside the house and I don't trust that woman alone in the house with my parents.

I had taken one heater out to my place but then I went back and got the other one too, so it warms faster. I don't know why I put on my bathrobe again before I left my house...I didn't look out the window at all. But I did, and when I walked out, this other woman was wearing grey and white with black like I was, and had a thin line or red up the side of her pants, and I was wearing almost the same thing except I had this red robe over it.

I got to the table and the sewing machine had been changed and there were 3 brochures with the same colors I and this woman "Kathy" wore. Black, grey, red, and white and it was Macy's with the red star and 2 cards were facedown that said 20% off and the brochure with the red star that was underneath the cards facing down was face up and said 20% off. The two on top were red cards but I don't know why they were there at all.

If anything happens to my mom, I have some suspects in mind. She drank from the bottle just now, but I don't know if she was bringing something into the house that wasn't in the water. And I don't kno if she really drank anything or just pretended. I've pretended before. And if she had something to hide, she might pretend.

And I'm being fried with someone using technology right now. And theyre coughing a lot.

I left the house today for a short time and left behind some water and when I went back I just gave it to them. And I threw out my tea. He said why, and I said, "I know that sometimes they force you to do things you don't want to do so this doesn't give them that chance." I gave the water to them and thought I am going to buy water for everyone next time I shop, because I don't like them drinking this other stuff.

But the problem is they go to other people's houses and are forced to look natural and eat things that could be tampered with. I know my parents wouldn't do this to me, but I also know I have enemies that try to get people to do things, by blackmail or for other reasons, so making sure my food and drink is always watched, doesn't allow my enemies to have a chance. Whether it's someone sneaking into my house or otherwise,, they've targeted me for years, to be doped up, drugged, and medicated and I'm not having it. Actually, having something sealed means nothing too. It's not like the CIA or someone can't doctor up something that's sealed.

I need information to be given to me. I am also thinking that this blog is going to have to change. Either it's a blog focusing on torture and legal rights and my son and trying to get help from other agencies, or it's a blog about everyday life. Because now I'm going to write a post about Vegan stuff, and for me to switch from torture to "vegan" talk, like nothing is wrong, leaves the impression that maybe it's not that bad, if I am talking about food or other things besides torture. I try to live, despite torture, but it's not working anymore.

It either has to be a focus on torture and what's being done to my son and how Panetta is responsible, or it's a daily blog about normal things. I'm a normal person, so I include normal talk. I've included poems, that someone tried to drug the creativity out of me over, and banter about everyday life and really, my life is not everyday life. It's been torture. And it hasn't been torture all the time, but as long as there is real torture, I have to focus on this.

The latest trick of the U.S. and my enemies has been to force me out of college when they know I have no money. I either go to a trade school, which I've never wanted to do, just to get some living cost money, or I have to wait with no money. I say I want to try Ivy league and what do they do? they make it impossible. They force me into having no choices. They drugged me all the way up until recently, and then as I come out of drugs, every single time, they have something else set up to keep me off of the path of success or doing something I would like to do.

They have always used me and used high offices to drag me down.

When I first started my blog, I sounded normal. I sounded educated (somewhat) and creative and normal and I was clearing up my name and the lies. Then they started torturing me so I sounded like a lunatic.

What they didn't like, was anything that contradicted their "coming out" article about me to make me sound like trash. They didn't want anything disputing their falsehoods about me.

So they tortured me.

Then, everytime I sound normal or they worry I'm a threat because I'm interesting or normal, they torture me again, or drug me.

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