Saturday, September 24, 2011

Organ Failure Of My Parents As Result Of U.S. Sponsored Torture

My parents are suffering from organ failure as a result of the U.S. sponsored torture.

According to U.S. law, even detainees that the U.S. would torture because they are NOT U.S. citizens,...if it amounts to organ failure, even that kind of torture which is normally excused, is a violation of Geneva Convention.

My parents are being told to lie to protect others and the U.S. is sponsoring others to torture them.

They can't even hide the effects anymore, even though they lie because they're afraid. The FBI is in on it over here and has made that known so they feel trapped.

The "white torture" went from white torture, and the inability to travel freely and obstructing their own children from visiting them, to outright open torture with half the community knowing about it and doing nothing.

I now have obvious scars from laser burns and torture and my parents have worse.

I guess first they wanted to obstruct us and degrade us and then they wanted to humiliate us and have even people I was interested in helping, in England, mock them. As if it's all about that.

My parents lie because they have to. They didn't tell me this and it's not like they got worse at lying. I just know, because they can't hide the evidence when their "friends" bring them home in horrendous brink-of-life condition.

They're trying to cause and trigger heart attacks in my parents. There's a saying by the CIA, about taking someone to the edge of death and back and that's what they're doing to my mom and dad, but they don't care if they die. If they cared, if the U.S. cared, they would have intervened but no, they've acted like my own parents are some kind of enemy.

And they've allowed torture and research against them and their children.

Now it's become a kind of shame because I talk and blog about it. It's not something I would share with the world, but no one is helping them. There are people who are laughing and who have coached and terrorized my parents for 10 years now, to do whatever they want and not help even their own kids.

10 years.

It was 2002 when my parents were told to leave and move and certain political and religious parties forcibly separated my parents from contact with their own children. Then they isolated us and had different groups working on me, my brother, and my parents. I tried to visit my mom and dad and I was blocked by police. A Catholic judge helped out with that, because he didn't want me to know what was going on over there or figure anything out.

I didn't see my parents for over 7 years except for a couple (3?) short visits.

During this time, they had my parents saying and doing things they would not do or want to do. They were forced to do whatever the people who tortured them and isolated them in Coquille told them to do.

My brother was with his spy Army wife in Washington. I was in Washington on the other side, and then my parents were in Oregon.

I got upset at my parents, thinking they were horrible and didn't care, and then I find out, they did care and they were doing what their captors told them to do. And they were forced to lie for them as well.

They didn't allow me to even move back to be with my parents until June of 2009, after they degraded and drugged me and threatened my parents they were going to do a spinal tap on me. It's in the doctor's notes. Spinal tap. (called parents and asked about performing a spinal tap on patient)...when I had gone in for hands fractured by police. They threatened my parents even then, and my parents have seen the movie "Extreme Measures" where all these people are experimented on in horrific ways by spinal tap.

My parents are refused medical care that's worth anything. They are told where to go, who to go to, and their physical needs are not being met.

I saw evidence of torture first. And now I see system failure and they're trying to cause a heart problem. It's in my mothers fingernails and my Dad's too, and any normal doctor who is not brown nosing Panetta can see it.

They have all of the most drastic symbols.

Their fingernails show impending heart failure. They're bleeding after torture, into the toilet. My mom's thyroid is out of normal function. The skin around their eyes is turning black and brown.

My Dad has, or had, black stained all on the upper part of his mouth, for no reason, I mean, he doesn't normally and I don't know what happened. He's not able to drink anything without gagging because they are forcing them to take poison with what they drink and then want to blame it on bad plumbing.

The U.S. military and CIA has caused an immeasurable amount of pain and suffering. It was done as an excuse for religious and political persecution.

They barricaded and forcibly separated my entire family from seeing eachother for almost 10 years and the entire duration of 7 years. For 7 years enemies to my family kept us all apart and terrorized us. My parents were forced to not call me for over 1 full year. My parents were allowed 2-3 short trips to see me, less than 3 days each. In 7 years time.

I was also forcibly blocked from freedom of travel. And instead I was corned, like my brother later was, and like my parents were, to be surrounded by people who hated us and some who posed as "friends" only to show what they were about after they got what they wanted.

And I am writing now, and they're still not satisfied.

It's the Pentagon. It's almost entirely military but CIA backs it. FBI just helps intimidate and tortures to make everyone afraid. The people they've been forced to work for are military.

They are not spies. They've been forced to work for the military and been used for research.

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