Monday, September 19, 2011

Arsenic, Burn On My Mom's Arm & Dad's Nails

My mom had a long knife scar on her cheek and she was told to get rid of it when I blogged about it. So she started applying high levels of alph-hydroxy acid.

My Dad and I have had recent laser burns on our faces and I've had one.

My mom has a new burn on her arm and it's from the last few days. It's a regular burn and is in a distinct line. It's not from cooking because I've watched my mom cook for years and she never burns herself. It's on the top of her arm as well, not on the underside which might be closer to a pan.

My mom and dad are being tortured. My Dad left today and was told to meet someone at the shop and meet other people while he works, and there are too many people who are sneaking in torture and poisoning.

His nails were blue from being tortured last night and then they joked about it and about 'babies turning blue." I've been watching their nails and my dad's nails had this black spot which he said was from a hammer hitting him (then why so perfectly round? Most hammers are too large to make a perfectly round spot in the middle of the nail). He said he did it but I doubt it. His nails were fine a couple of days ago but as of this weekend, a thick white line developed and showed up as more apparent, that transverses the nailbed, and now, something new, the white distal edge of the nail, where the very tip is that's supposed to be solid white, changed color and one part of it is pink and not white at all. This happened in the last couple of days so it's not something that's growing out. Or if it is, whatever it was was bad enough that it affected the entire process of the nail growing out to be white. It was just white so I don't think that's possible in a couple of days. If it's not just poisoning it's from the technology that was used under the table against me in Seattle, that caused profuse bleeding but the other option was that it was arsenic. Now my Dad has the same thing and the FBI is in on it. They're in on it when they have refused to help us at all.

My mom's nails have signs of arthritis (longitudinal ridges) and heart problems and I know this can be caused by the's the same marks as I had but not as bad bc I guess they are still trying to use my parents. She also had a cut made next to her mouth which is gone now, and burst vessels under her eye on the same side where the cut had been made.

My parents are being tortured and not only that, this girl "Grace" from Sierra Leone, who has done weird thing with some kind of airborne thing, did something possibly yesterday. It was either that or her coarse language meant to insult him. My dad was rubbing his face and had his hands over his eyes and then his face was red and he was looking down. All I've heard from her is lewd talk and suggestive talk, and she's been encouraged to do this to my dad around the other adults. The cop sits there and enjoys watching it. She talks about how my dad is an "oreo" if she and her sister sit on either side of him but then she takes it up to a sexual comment. Then she was doing this last night, and my Dad doesn't join in and all she does is make sexual comments that bother my dad. Then she walked over to him and set her plate, full of food still, on his head and laughed while I stood there. She wanted me to do something so I just stood there and watched. Her Dad is a criminal. I don't know what he's done in the past, but I know that much, and he's a big guy and always wears a military or hunting hat. I should say, her adopted Dad. Both girls are used for psychic research but they're doing a lot more than that too. They're being asked to spread airborne pollutants and mock my father with sexual comments. I asked how old she was and she's 17. The other one does the same but comes across not as suggestive. The mom is the nurse. None of them wanted to eat brownies from my parents. Why? maybe because they are worried that my parents would have a very good reason to bump them off. Them and a few of the others, or maybe they were worried I made them. My parents would never do such a thing, but there is probably excellent cause somewhere for doing this.

I don't trust them. She jerked back so fast and shut her mouth when I walked into the room, Grave did. I mean, Grace. It was Sheila's husband and Keith, the nurse's husband, who were taking my dad aside to tell him what to do and then Sheila's husband drove off laughing.

They're not christians. They pretend to be, but they're not. At all. I know what a christian looks like, and it's not these people, talking about blue babies and torturing my dad until his nails turn blue and someone else forcing my mom to get rid of a cut on her face that was done.

My mom's feet are covered with chromium sores and someone told her it was warts when they knew it wasn't and then made fun of her by putting her next to Susan Verruchi.

As for Edward Howard, I looked at this cop last night and saw a flash of someone taking someone's head and making a sharp twist and breaking the neck. I figured it has to do with Edward Howard and guesses after the neck was broken they kicked him or tossed him down the stairs. I don't know why I saw it while looking at Rosemary's husband but I did. Most likely, it was timing of happening to be looking at him when the image came to mind.

My entire family is eligible for political asylum and the problem is that we don't know where the better place is that wouldn't use us and would offer safety and protection.

Last night I was tortured for hours until I guessed it has something to do with the FBI for this to be allowed.

I remember my mom crying at my cousin's wedding. She wasn't crying because she was moody. That was the excuse she gave, but things were happening then that I didn't realize were happening. I was asked to sing this song about stars. With Kyle Flick, the jew who moved to town to spy there. And I did have a very pretty voice and my mom knew it and was probably crying not from moods but because she and my dad had been forced their whole lives to keep my talent a secret and stall or delay my education, because some jews were telling them what to do.

The same jews that gripe about all their woes and the holocaust, have been sacrificing and torturing my family for years, and raping us and allowing others to persecute us and they've known all along. Their motive looks like Middletons. And probably there was some animosity with other groups before, as I've mentioned. I didn't sit next to my mom because I sat next to people I hadn't seen in a long time and then I talked to her later and she was just sobbing. Kyle Flick totally ignored her except to maybe say who knows what and then sat intently observing our family.

These people are spies. They infiltrated and they specifically went after me and tortured my family to keep them and me down. Allowing CIA, FBI, military, whomever, to use us and almost kill us. Like they haven't been close enough to know what's going on?

They want someone to speak up for Israel and the reform conservative jews of the U.S but they can't even speak up for a family they know is tortured literally. I remember the first time someone stole an article of clothing from me.

It was in 1992 or 1993 and I went for a run and left my sweater there and someone came along and stole it. I had a weird feeling about it because the only person that was nearby was this jewish guy, Aaron Bourne. He wanted to go out with my best friend and asked questions about me. His mother worked for the U.S. post office. One minute, he was inviting me his home, and the next minute, he was mocking me and never wanted me around. I had a weird feeling he had stolen it. I ran the same route a lot and someone would have had to go in from a field of clover to get it.

I actually think they were stealing earlier though because Kate Middleton wore a skirt that was identical to the one I wore that had been my mothers. Seriously, someone needs to find out what the religious and political background of those people are and start adding things up. So years later I randomly, by mistake, came across an article with a photo of her wearing the same skirt that had been stolen from me. It was not a popular skirt for that era or a fad, it was something my mom had from the 70s and it was stolen in the 1990s.

I think they bumped Di off to get Kate in. And the Middleton Mossad. I don't know what the Catholic connection is but there is one because all of a sudden, it was homage to the Pope and reconciliation with the Catholic church and just one thing after the other.

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