Thursday, September 22, 2011

Govt. Theives: 228101 Oregon Plates (3 adult men)

These U.S. government men came to our house Monday, I will have to check...the day I made a post about my parents baby.

They made my mom follow their large white SUV which had something on top of it the size of a child's coffin. They claimed to be "surveyers" to "check the monument".

They were 3 grown adult men. My mom's voice was shaky as she called my Dad when we left to go to a college and said there were men there "to check the monument and I told them to park by the barn." That's by my place.

What they did, was check my house out without a warrant.

And they coerced my Dad to let them in, and they didn't just look around and move my movies and books around, they took my chocolate.

These are grown men, and they ate my chocolate. If they didn't eat it, they just stole it.

I didn't write their plates down for 3 days...I just memorized and stored it in my mind with some other plate numbers for a few days until I decided what to do with it.

While they were going through my house and forcing my Dad to let them, all 3 of them and maybe more joined in, my mom showed up at the college to pick me up and arrived and I looked and saw she was eating chocolate. Dove's chocolate.

I got home to find my own piece of chocolate, which I'd laid on the counter, gone.

They went through my entire place, which I hadn't even cleaned because I'd had someone severely torturing me for days, and went through my whole place.

These government men then did who knows what to my Dad.

They're not checking on us to make sure we're okay. They're using all of us for slave labor for their own research and poison, torture, and mock us. They are doing the same to my son. The only person in my immediate family that I haven't checked for evidence yet is my brother, but if he was made a point by being fired the same day I was, for no reason other than that it was April 29th, and a good excuse, I can reasonably assume he's being tortured too.

All three of these men came onto our property and were taller, white, fit men, and they all told my mother they need to see the "monument" and then to do it legally, I guess, or make it look like it wasn't break&entry, they coerced my Dad to let them in. And these "grown men" stole my chocolate and ate it.

WHERE ARE WE exactly?

Is this the United States?

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