Saturday, September 10, 2011

U.S. Threatens to cut off UN on Sept. 6, 2011

I don't believe it.

The U.S. sent a letter to a department within the UN, announcing they would cut off all funding "to the poor" if they didn't get a full report of all financial sponsors and other things kept private.

This was done on Sept. 6th.

I sent my request for an inquiry into U.S. torture of my family on Sept. 6th.

Someone from the U.S. sent out a letter on the 6th, to the UN, after I asked for an inquiry.

It was to a different department in the UN, but it was still to the UN. Which is really strange if you ask me. It's almost like a warning or threat to cut off funding to the international community if they dare investigate torture of the Garrett family.


I am not kidding. This is why I have been called crazy and dragged through the mud. It's like someone telling me, "No one cares about're not a big one is torturing your're paranoid..."

Wanna bet?

It's almost like someone in the U.S. is trying to suggest, "We'll show you ours if you show us yours." But really, they don't want to show anything, they're just making a point or threatening to cut off international funding to the poor.

It IS a big deal. What's been happening to us, is an unbelievably big deal.

This letter from Commissioner Wasson is dated Sept. 6, 2011 but postmarked Sept. 7, 2011. Wasson is the Commissioner appointed over the Appeals case over my son, which is really a scam altogether.

I didn't put my email to their offices online, on my blog, because I figured even though people can hack or someone's accessing my email, it doesn't mean I should immediately share everything when I'm asking for an inquiry. I want the torture to stop, I want my family to be safe, and I want my son back because he was illegally taken. I also feel it shouldn't happen to us or anyone else in this country, if this country stands for "freedom". But I'm keeping the letter off of my blog right now. I made my motion to the court about appeal public but not my UN stuff.

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