Sunday, September 18, 2011

Military Church

This new pastor is a gimlet for the military--Kevin Bolls.

It's like there is no such thing as normal church anymore or faith and prayer without military and other games.

They tortured my parents the whole time they sat in church. And the entire sermon was a warning about "if you don't keep your mouth shut about the U.S., you're dead." That's the general translation.

It was about "Forgiveness" but the entire focus was like veiled threat after threat after threat. And some of the "friends" there are atrocious. Someone sped off before I got there, because I was going to get something from the store and decided to go to church first. So then, someone just takes off...certain people not wanting to be there if I was there I guess.

Not only was it full of threats about me, it was full of threats to my parents.

Basically, "If you don't forgive, you're as good as dead." About forgive or your neck may as well be slit. Forgive and put it past you or you're in the grave early. Forgive or you're going to bleed out all over the place and die bleeding. If you don't forgive, you're still hooked. You've been hooked and you will stay hooked if you don't forgive. How do you like the coquille water?! if you liked it, there's more where that came from.

I walked in and looked around the corner and what did they have on the screen for the church?

"Holy Name Catholic Church"

Right in the beginning and I wondered where I was.

I wasn't planning to go to church today but I changed my mind and went and it was this and then I went to the store because I was going to buy a few things but decided to wait.

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