Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alvaro Pardo and Torture of My Parents

I would like to know what Alvaro Pardo is doing in D.C.

Because he knows my entire family has been tortured and he was part of it. So I'd like to know if he, like, lunches with Panetta or what.

If I hadn't witnessed what's happening with my parents with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe they were trapped here.

But my mom and dad are trapped to work for the U.S. by the U.S. and they get tortured if they don't do what they want. It's a fact.

I had wondered, why in the world do my parents have this look in their eyes? and I saw this extreme fear with the idea that Alvaro didn't stay with me or I might do things on my own. I thought, what is going on because that's real fear that cannot be hidden.

What have they been afraid of? Mobster U.S. officials.

(by the way, I am being tortured this entire day while I write, with infrared and something else and I have gone ahead to ask the UN about making reports of undisclosed U.S. black sites. That is separate from making an individual complaint.)

I'm going to start giving out more names of U.S. people involved in this and I will give whatever I can to the UN and ECHR.

We have a really interesting thing going here, where it looks natural and it's not.

I have to go grab a check actually, because my parents are forced to not allow me to use their printer. If they do, they get tortured for it. If they do anything at all to help me get my son back, and fight the State, they are tortured by people the U.S. has hired to use against them.

They're not letting up, which means they're pissed. I guess the Panetta boys can't take it like a man. I am talking about the use of illegal torture by U.S. military and officials.

I wonder if they are planning a big blow out again, like they do everytime they don't get what they want, or try to manipulate others...They amp up the torture all the time, but most often, when they're pissed, so it really is like it's not totally about quote-unquote "research". Research is an excuse. They amp it up whenever I am trying to clear my name, defend myself or my son, if I start sounding too normal or things begin to level out and I am not sounding crazy anymore, and when I write something that pisses someone off.

That's with the torture by technology, laser, infrared, whatever. When it comes down to other torture, I don't go out in public much and it's a smaller town here. So they try to bring on home to me, and out here, it's pretty obvious it's federally connected work. People aren't close enough to do as much, like normal gangsters, so you can tell it's more U.S. federal government work.

I now have an email from the Governor, which I'm not opening.

Funny how some people take courage when they think someone doesn't have any money to fight with. They like to pull their crappy stuff when they think no one will question it. I guess her response is going to be a little hoo-rah for her friend Wasson.

Gregoire needs to be taken out of office. She is one of the most calculating women in office and she's been in charge of Washington for way too long. I think a Mormon needs to replace her, and not the Irish Mormon guy I met. Even the Mormons are different in Seattle. In Washington they do many off the wall things, not all Mormons are good Mormons. I met some of the most genuine Mormons from that State and even they...they must know some things are not always okay. Because I talked to really sincere ones, who knew there were major issues with corrupt government and mafia and then I talked to a Mormon who acted in on it. And they were kind of like the Pakistanis, not wanting any old Mormon to be involved, and also, making sure it wasn't over the phone but that conversations were in person.

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