Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wasson Attempts To Block Me & Nasty online ads again

I faxed a motion to the court, prior to the hearing today, to have continuance and proceed Pro Se.

After this was faxed, my attorney wrote back to me and said the Judge said I would not be allowed to speak at the hearing at all, and could only "listen".

However, I fired my counsel. And I put in a motion effective immediately, to have continuance and proceed Pro Se.

I'm watching a movie now, called "The List". It's about corrupt Judges and lawyers in the system and a list that's being generated against them. Kind about how they all sleep around with eachother too.

I watched "To Catch A Thief" from the part in the water where the two women talk and then then Cary Grant asks her, as they are walking, "So what thrills you?" and I clicked it off and put in "The List" at the part where a Judge is hobnobbing with some other people about getting the "next big seat" and a promotion. He says, "So! 2 or 3 weeks until...!"

Wasson is connected to Gregoire and also to people in Virginia. She needs to recuse herself and she's already getting things off to a bad start. She saw my post on the blog about the RAP rules that allow for supplemental and additional evidence and decided she didn't want me to be able to say anything into the Oral Record, that would give me cause to request Continuance. Not permitted to speak at all? How strange.

Then, I went to check email because there is a conference call hearing and my lawyer didn't instruct me about how they are doing it. So I wrote in to ask and she said she called the courthouse and they told her that they it was too bad if I couldn't make a long-distance call. I wrote to say my phone does not call out long distance and I needed someone to call me to connect me up.

They said "too bad"

If Wasson is trying to block me from even speaking in this hearing, there is something wrong with her. And why would Gregoire send an email the night before?

My Dad faxed the motion I made to request continuance and to proceed Pro Se. She cannot block me from speaking. It's illegal and unlawful.
I write this, in my defense of myself and my son, and what happens? I suddenly start getting nasty ads online again, and then someone has been amping up the technology torture.

It's over mobsters. The criminals running this case and my and my son's life into the ground are going to be finished.

I contacted the UN and other organizations, and I have records that prove criminal activity.

Not only that, someone is going to hand over some evidence to me that proves everything I've been reporting.

I do not negotiate with those who torture others, who torture children and innocent mothers for people like Christine Gregoire and her buddies in the military-mafia.

Someone started using the same form of technology they used on me and my son when we were in East Wenatchee after I made this post, and then while I was checking my email, the ads that someone selected all said "Pain" on them. I hadn't written anything in my emails about pain but that's what Microsoft put next to the hotmail account stuff, for ads for me. All of them had pain highlighted, and then one of them was of a woman crouching down as I used to do when the pain from the torture with technology was so bad, my back and pelvis hurt so much, I crouched down like that in pain because I couldn't even stand.

And someone actually knows this, and insults me, and what kind of money, may I this being used to pay for ads to coincide with those who intentionally use military as their own mafia squad?

It's like the mafia owns the military. Is that why Colombian man was the only option or made to look like it was?

Because Colombian mafias work with Italian mobsters that run the Pentagon and CIA? and give cookies to Christine Gregoire for Christmas? Who got the cookies? Gregoire? or McLaughlin or whoever runs the corrupt FBI show in Seattle.

You'd better stop now while you're ahead because some other international agency is going to be breathing down your neck very soon.

Do you need a cover?

Cause, if you need a cover, ask Carmen Wilson where to find one. Do you need a cover or not, cause it's looking to me like the mobsters need some kind of legal-looking cover. I can blow the CIA out of the water in a heartbeat if I choose to. So you had better call up the military men and tell them to stop torturing us and using technology, and using us for Catholic psychic research.

I kept wondering, why do all these U.S. officials who are using psychics against me...why so many Catholics?

I mean, there are lots of religions out there, and 8 out of 10 are Catholic and the other 2 are Jewish?

You know, it's kinda strange!

You have all these Protestants who are gifted, but none of them were really used against me. The people that the big wigs wanted up right next to me were Catholic and a few Jewish. And that was it. I knew of one or two Protestants they had up against me, and that was all. I guess, if the U.S. government, has someone hand-picking, cherry-picking even, what religion the psychics and military are that torture me and want to try to read me, what does this say? Does this say we have a national security interest at stake? or a religious one.

So why would someone at the top in the U.S. government, be so interested in getting ahead of me and reading my every move, unless they are abusing government resources for their own religious and mafia goals.

Not only that, they are forcing my parents to work for THEM. For their religion. Not our religion. Their religion. And to train their kids and others or do things for THEM.

You have religious groups abusing the government positions and authority to put people in seats and positions of power and these same groups have attacked and tortured me and my son.

And almost ALL of the psychics that the U.S. was using for research with me, were Catholic. Why. Who is it that is so interested in getting Catholics to be good at reading me and anticipating what I do?

And why did the torture stop, only when I was with someone Panetta calls his friend. Alvaro was his friend. They work together. Which kind of supports the idea that I was being entrapped when it really comes down to it, or someone hoped to entrap me in some way.

What? Panetta just has a good heart? If that's the case, why did he make a statement to lie and say there are no undisclosed "black sites" for the U.S. in April of 2009?

I guess when you piss Panetta off, he takes all the Armed Forces out against little kids and their parents.

Alvaro and Panetta are, yes, friends, and yes, they work together. And why do you think they wanted him in the U.S. and why do you think they tortured me if I wasn't going to marry him. UK and other things aside, Panetta made the deal.

Imagine if I'd gone to NYC. I mean, what was waiting for me there? Was it going to be a bump off by his Italian group or a bump off by the Irish that are not so good, a bump off by my own FBI or CIA. Maybe the reform Jewish crowd or Mossad was handling that area. I don't know.

It was Panetta's deal for his FRIEND.

Is that grounds for impeachment?

I mean, do I have recourse here maybe? Maybe I can say, "Yeah, and the CIA wanted me to do them a favor for Panetta and when I didn't marry his friend, they tortured all of us and let other people do it and tried to call me crazy."

It really does help to have friends in high places doesn't it? I mean, the click of a switch and you're able to torture whomever you want, as long and hard as you want. You can't blame it all on the English or Mossad. I mean, some of it comes down to the man at the top in the U.S., who then has taken revenge out for his friend on all of us.

Marry my friend. Then we're gonna marry off Middleton! and we're going to KILL Osama before he talks.

Go Gung-Ho Crusader.

If you want to torture my family, I will ask for your impeachment.


If I were you, I'd make a phone call to your friend Wasson too. Make it work out or it's not going to be pretty for your buddies in the CIA and the Pentagon.

Your high-flying, fingers in their ass "soldiers".

If you want a mafia war, you should have moved back to Italy and knocked on the Vatican's door for a room. BACK OFF Buster.

YOU need to back off.

Make your call to Virginia and your paddywhacks as well.

You are a traitor to the American people and to your country and your own religion. You've made everyone look like zealous bigots and sponsored terrorism against little kids in your own country. You allowed it from Mossad to take heat off of your own guys. How exactly do you explain yourself to Obama?

You just go through Biden don't you.

Panetta is a traitor to his country.

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