Friday, September 9, 2011

U.S. Hypnosis and Abuse of Oliver Garrett

The U.S. has been using my son, Oliver Garrett, for mind control research. This is part of the reason I am getting nowhere with my "case" because they already knew ahead of time that it was a fraud. They need a fraudulent excuse to take my child and abuse him in this way. And people who were enemies to me had no problem with others finding some kind of way to legitimize torture of me and my son (and entire family).

I'm going to focus on the parts which made it clear the federal U.S. is directly involved.

Child abuse is horrific, no matter where it's coming from, and so are CPS covers for abuse. But trying to figure out who was doing this to my son, and why, was harder for me. I thought it was some kind of sick gang activity that even involved white collared CPS monitors and Judges. But while these people have played a part, I figured out the reason the FBI, police, and officials did nothing but protect those who were harming my son, was because the U.S. federal government is the director and sponsor.

I have always known, always, that the Avilas themselves are generally decent people, even if they've been forced to go along with some things and even though a couple of us have had reservations about a man.

But it's Gregoire's team working with mobsters and the CIA.

My son was possibly targeted before he was born. People were headhunting him already and wanting him to be adopted out, and now I realize it's because others would have allowed some of these things to happen to him without a fuss.

My son's head was deliberately manipulated and the skull pushed in at birth to try out some of Seattle's and the CIA's theories of how to create the right brain structure for mind control. They delayed his birth intentionally and refused to give me any painkillers even though I requested an epidural. I was in hard labor for over 24 hours, and some of that time was not counted because I labored at home first. When I got to Central Washington Hospital, the woman and OBGYN told me to push and when I did, she pushed back, and in on my son's skull. This continued, with her hands inside of me and pressing against me, for over 1 full hour and it was most likely longer than that because it was almost the entire time I was there. Then they vaccumed my son's head out, after his heart rate dropped to almost zero.

And they called this, "Normal spontaneous delivery". My son and I were both severely, severely, injured. The indentation on my son's skull caused bleeding in his brain and it scabbed over with a scab I photographed 3 months later as it was still plainly visible and still scabbing. It was not healing like a normal birth injury.

I later discovered cranial manipulation has been used in Seattle, Washington, outside of Seattle, Washington, and by military and CIA in experiments on children, especially those picked out for use by the government for mind control.

Mind control sounds vague and I actually still don't know very much about it. I know about some of it though, and I know about government psychic research too, because I was personally used for both this and mind control research. My son was targeted early, after I had enemies that felt no remorse in torturing a mother and young child for political and religious reasons, they then got friends in high places to rubber stamp what was being done and tried to legitimize it so the FBI and no one else would get involved to investigate.

Even if it's still illegal, by putting it under a U.S. agency umbrella for a top-secret program, they could be assured protection by both mobsters and U.S. intelligence. My enemies have taken this as a thumbs up to torture my entire family, with the U.S. officials knowing but calling it justified, as they justify murder in a time of war and call it "self defense". The U.S. allowed me and my son and whole family to be tortured and instead of giving us the Constitutional privileges of safety, they sanctioned it "off the record." They told people who abused and tortured us that they would get immunity, told those who hid and withheld evidence and kept it out of the record immunity, and /or that they'd never get caught because the mob and U.S. law was on their side, not ours.

When they tortured us, it was illegal. When they took my son and invented a case, the whole thing was lies. It was lies and fraud and they tried to entrap me so many different times I've lost count. Believe me, if I had ever been a prostitute or done anything illegal, they would have put me in prison because I had enemies with friends in these departments, and they followed my every move and had others even drugging and medicating me on the side. When I didn't do anything illegal, they decided to charge me with false arrests anyway, and encouraged people to perjure themselves under oath. I can only imagine what my internal FBI file looks like. They didn't even want me to see it for myself back in 2004, so I can only imagine.

When I had visitation with my son, I began to see evidence of what was happening but I only thought it was a sick game with immoral and corrupt state workers and CPS monitors. I always thought the federal people were on my side, and then I later realized, it was the federal officials who were protecting the state-level criminals.

For some reason, a lot of this happened when my Grandpa Garrett died. He died of a heart attack but knowing what I know now, I believe his heart attacks were being triggered by technology from the military and not other causes. If he had some kind of surity with the U.S. then, they decided to blast the whole family out of the water, and go after my mother's side too. I think the U.S. didn't dare do anything to me when my Grandpa Garrett was still alive, because they were afraid of him. They knew my Grandpa had some serious dirt on them, and this country, and probably people in Canada or outside of the country, and no one dared mess with me at least, until after he passed away.

I'm not saying the Bairds, on my mother's side, were not to look out for, but someone in the U.S. was holding off until they killed my Grandpa Garrett. They all wanted to know how well he kept his mouth shut after he died too.

I think some group started pulling crap and my Grandpa probably saved my life, and then they killed him. He died in 2002-2004 at a young age. It was while I was in the middle of litigation.

So then, someone with friends in the U.S. kept grinding the wheel against us. And they picked out my son to use next.

I thought at first it was getting back at me. Everything they did was completely against the rules and illegal and I kept trying to figure out who in the world was giving all these people protection to commit crimes. Crimes against a child, and I was in a totally fraudulent CPS case. It was like every visit they had my son learn something new and come in with new marks and bruises and evidence of torture from technology. Not only were they trying to get to me, I noticed they were giving out information about our visits and broadcasting them to the public but I wasn't even getting the notes. It became this community event of gross abuse. The workers saw what was happening and it was covered up. The police saw and it was covered up. The FBI couldn't even look me in the fucking eye. My lawyers were all working for someone else, not me or my son. While the lawyers weren't even working for me, I was being medicated and drugged so it was impossible for me to represent myself or fill in the gaps.

My son came in saying weird things and doing weird things and with evidence of abuse and I couldn't tell if it was his daycare or the Avilas and then I realized, when my son came to me and said something to me at age 2 or 3, in a carefully rehearsed middle eastern language, I knew it was not the Avila's. Not only did someone instruct him to speak gobblety-gook, he came in one time reciting all his numbers out of order and wrong. He already knew them correctly and had said them out loud and was videotaped showing how much he knew. And someone came in to brainwash it out of him and to humiliate him and have the numbers all incorrect. I guess because they were either sick in the head, or, I thought, it was sick teens or adults who were already jealous of my son.

They had me hypnotized and abused while my son was being hypnotized and abused and then they were putting us together in the same room and documenting how the "mind control victims" interacted with eachother.

I did not fully realize I was being hypnotized and drugged to the degree that I was. But on the day that I knew for a fact someone was hypnotizing my son, and blogged about this, from the POINT that I mentioned hypnotism and not just abuse, my visits were almost completely discontinued with my son.

They knew, before I knew, that my talking about hypnotism was going to be pointing a finger at the CIA and U.S. federal government. Gangsters and bad daycare workers don't hypnotise kids.

When I wrote about my son being poisoned and lasered, and drugged up and abused and beaten and cut, all of these things were excused. If it was just abuse, someone would say it was the Avila's when it wasn't, and when I talked about lasers, they said I was crazy. But then I brought up how my son was being hypnotized, and all of a sudden, our visits were almost completely terminated.

Anne Crane is 100% federal government connected. There is no possible way she isn't after the things she said to me, my son, and how she was chosen to document and observe. She wrote lies. Why else write total lies but document some things correctly, unless the CIA is involved.

They started punishing my son to silence when he tried to tell me what happened to him.

I could not believe this level of violence was happening to my son so I thought it was only corrupt state workers and mafia colluding together. And then I started getting a weird idea that the U.S. was involved. And because I have cared so much about this country my entire life, and even wanted to work in the FBI, and did public service, I could not believe the U.S. was allowing this to happen to my own son. It wasn't possible to me...It had to be just corruption and gangs I thought.

And then I found out what mind control is. And at first, the U.S. froze in their tracks, but then they figured out it was a random curiosity find for me and that I wasn't onto THEM doing the same thing to me and my son yet. I randomly got interested in government remote viewing and mind control, and didn't connect it with what was happening to my son. I didn't read enough. I skimmed the surface because 1, I couldn't believe the U.S. would do this to a child, not my child, and not even to me, and 2, "mind control" was interesting on a superficial level but it sounded so "out there" and far-fetched, I believed it happened but didn't realize what the techniques were.

I did not realize or read about how the techniques matched what was done to my son.

I knew for a fact that we had been tortured in this country. But even that, I wanted to blame on someone else or something else. I could not believe it was my own country.

Then, I think what did it for me finally, after all this,...all this time I refused to believe it. Even though what other reason was there for neurologists and military scientists and CIA interest in me in D.C.? I refused to believe it. And it wasn't until they literally tortured me, then falsely arrested me for calling 911 for emergency help, that I was thrown into a U.S. government detention center. I had already seen corruption and been falsely arrested. But I made the final connection that the U.S. was involved all the way, and using government resources, personnel, money, and facilities, to use me as a guinea pig, in Knoxville. I knew at the psych ward, but it still looked like a state thing or a corrupt mobster-DEA-FBI-pulling strings. But then I knew and connected U.S. federal government to the torture of me and my son, at that point. Knoxville.

And I left.

I returned to find my parents barely in one piece themselves. And then I left one black site situation to end up in a smaller town version and thought, "Enough is enough." And that's when I was able to know positively that what has been happening to my son has been sponsored by the federal U.S. This is why people said the situation was impossible. I had enemies using official government channels to get to all of all.

However, I know that since I have processed it IS the federal U.S. that is involved, I know that I now have enough knowledge to fight back with and demand the return of my son.

There is no alternative. It is very bad for this kind of example to discredit the country. I know and they know it. And anyone who really cares about the country, is going to be more concerned about the long term effects than losing out on the investment and funding to torture and trap one more little boy.

They have to free my son. They can't keep him. They can't blame the Avilas because I know too much. I went from "The Man Who Knew Too Little" type to "The Man Who Knew Too Much" type. I figured some of this out.

I am also aware now of motives behind torturing all of us. I have a much better idea of who has been involved in covering it up and why. I have a lot more evidence.

So I was going to say something about the 14th, and the hearing over my son scheduled for that date, but if the U.S. is serious, they might want to think about doing something before the 14th, to return my son. If they want to make it look like we're just throwing it up to the air and then someone will overturn the thing, that's fine but actually, that's not really good enough.

What would normally happen, in a normal country called "America" or "The United States of America" is that someone would initiate an investigation or Congressional hearing about what is happening. And maybe that's why "Congress" came to mind.

And by the way, am I the only one who has been used for mind control? who isn't a wacko? because I can tell my family has been in the top 5% for government interest, but what about others who were or are being used? No one thinks of it? is that what the U.S. plans? to have it take about 40 years before someone even figures it out? Because the Hersha sisters didn't figure any of it out until they were in their 30s, and maybe Diana didn't figure it out until her 30s.

I don't think Diana ever completely figured it out. Or maybe she did and never told us. I look now at her family history and see the same kind of thing that the CIA does, imitated with what happened with her family. The mother "leaving" with her lover. It seems to me that this was part of the original plan, wasn't it? to traumatize the children in order to want them to bond with the idea of a social construct? And maybe what happened, was that she figured this out, just like I have about myself, and didn't want the same for her sons, and someone wanted her out of the way, knowing she was going to get in the way.

If I write a book about her, I had always thought it was going to be about how she wasn't "paranoid" but it may end up including facts that lead to a theory she and her siblings were victims of the same kind of mind control research I have been victim to. And it seems to always be for the servicing of the government. Or, a government.

"For the good of England"
"For the national security of the United States"

(I got "For the good of England" because someone sent that line to me just now, in that form)

I am starting to wonder how many children had their heads dented in just for this special "calling".

But anyway, back to my son. I don't accept it. I don't agree with it and I don't think it's right, and our Constitution states that the parent has rights and they are to decide what is best and how to raise their own children.

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