Thursday, September 29, 2011

UK Middleton Connections in Town

The odd thing about coming back to this town, aside from finding out what people are doing to my parents, and have done to all of us, is also finding further evidence that some of this is about the UK Middletons.

I got some photos and I've been making documentation to prove it.

It is incredibly serious and has been very dangerous.

I felt I was just being "intuitive" when I said this, when I was still in Tennessee, but I was totally right.

I sensed such an incredible confirmation in my spirit about it and then on the bus once I knew there were people who agreed (a week later was the wedding & a funeral, some kind of sick joke) and then I kept getting confirmation after confirmation about it.

It was like they got what they wanted and then were thinking of leaving us alone, and then I started talking about what I was finding out and they begin to beat up my parents as if they're telling me.

They haven't told me anything. I can see it with my own eyes.

My mom's "friends", and people who surrounded my parents, and the timing of this, and then what's happened to me, combined with what's going on with them...

I took some photos of evidence today.

And to date, the police and FBI are in on torturing my parents and letting the military, gangs, CIA, Mossad, whoever wants to be in on it, apparently is.

Where IS the decent FBI? Where is the investigative team that's unbiased?

My parents are FORCED to lie. Why?

Because I make a report and then Patty comes over to ruin my mother's eyes again and watch to be sure my Dad eats something he was given to eat in the presence of a witness and who knows what else. Not only that, my Dad was beat up after I made the report.

In all of the people driving past today, I feel like I only saw 1 who looked worried and sick. Everyone else in town looked happy, malicious, or had their heads high over torturing us. Like they feel victorious over allowing the worst things you could do to someone, done to my mom and dad.

And there is a definite UK Middleton connection which makes all of this even more bizarre.

Not only that, I came back to find some group is attempting to make my entire family look "dumb". My mother knows how to dress well, and my whole life she's had good taste. Her whole house is decorated with some taste. However, I come back to find things in her closet she'd never wear, and putting her hair into dumb looking arrangements she would NEVER choose for herself, and when she was with Patty Otterbach, she was told to buy fake flowers like Michal Holt has at her house, which my mother isn't into. My mom likes real flowers, not fake ones. And the 700 Club is NOT the kind of christians my parents are either. It is not their style and they are spiritual and religious but I already know them well enough to know they have never liked that kind of thing in the past and it's no different now except that they've been forced to do what some group tells them to do, that tortures them if they don't.

It's not like they are sophisticates, they're normal people, but all of their good taste has been totally forced out and they've been forced to look dumb.

Which is probably what has been done to me too. I'm sure I sound and look dumb now, and I'm sure that all the torture and forced meds and drugging helped.

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