Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Dad Tortured With Burns

My Dad has been tortured with burns and I can't see all of the evidence but there's more.

He has marks all over his legs, mainly above the knee, and they're burns and they're just like the burn my mom had on her arm.

No, I'm not imagining things. His burn marks have the exact same surface as the burn mark on my mom's arm but that was in a line and the ones on my Dad are in circle shapes. They are large and some are smaller.

I looked closer and saw his toenails and he's getting tortured very seriously and badly, and his toenails are even worse than the evidence I have in my own fingernails or toenails. It's severe.

Someone from another country, or people who are outside the regular circles and are good hearted, need to come examine my parents because they have all the marks and my son has shown up with these things and I still have permanent marks on my body and on my fingernails.

Any independent person could verify these things easily. I couldn't tell at first because of his shorts over his legs but then I saw it. Additionally, it either happened at the beach or Coos Bay where they visited, the church, or a couple's house I've already mentioned: John and his wife with the jewish mother...the church people.

By the way, I'm updating my Expose on Patty because I didn't know what kind of government worker she was but I'm pretty sure she's FBI. She's been part of poisoning my parents.

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