Monday, September 26, 2011

Further Harm Done To My Family

The same people who are torturing my mom and dad and I are now trying to entrap me again. Not only that, they are trying to head off my documentation of evidence of this torture.

My mother now has red streaks all up and down her feet. Her feet and toenails look like someone stepped all over her feet and toes and like they poisoned her too. She took her polish off and there are extremely bright red marks across her toenails from torture.

It's the exact same kind of torture that happened to me and which resulted in the same marks. My nails turned color the same way, but not even that bad. They are doing much worse to her.

Not only that there is an unusual new streakiness under her toenails like someone stood on them hard and crushed them. It's the exact EXACT same thing that happened at Steve May's house and now they are doing this to my mother. I already know what this does to ruins you. Her feet and legs were swelling up and the red streakiness is all over.

They told me I was "banned" from the house, why? because I knew this early morning that's what the people who are torturing them told them to do, find an excuse to ban me because I said I wanted to take family photos tonight. So they wanted to keep me from doing that.

It's completely U.S. military and CIA and the worst of them. And it's Mossad. I am 100% positive Mossad is in on it. Why Mossad cares so much about my family, I don't know but they do care, to the point of violating their own ethics and history to allow torture of us to continue and to even participate. No one else could cause the kind of pain and suffering except for people who claim they're christians and are not, and take advantage of their positions in the military to harm us.

They don't even treat us like human beings anymore.

They want me out at this point, because I am talking about the people who are criminals. They force my mom and dad to say nothing is happening and try to have them go against me, for what? someone else's kid? or someone else's plan?

My mom had the same streaks on her feet and signs under her toenails that I had when I was being drugged and mainly, tortured in Wenatchee at Steve Mays house.

Steve May works for the CIA.

He is not mafia though he affiliates in some way. He does gross work for the CIA. What's odd, is that he sold information to the UK about me. Why would anyone from the CIA in the U.S. want to make me look bad? unless you're maybe secretly jewish and have an interest in undermining my family for some reason. I wouldn't call him a very religious or caring jewish person...I would call him more politically minded and greedy, and getting paid to do a job for more than one country. He was not just mafia because he had far too much interest in allowing torture, selling info about me, and hypnotism as well as mind control. His girlfriend was also jewish. Maybe she doesn't profess this, but she was, and she was as politically minded as he was. She knew what was happening to me there and she was okay with it. Why would someone like Steve May get cover from the FBI and police in Wenatchee anyway? why? and why would he single me out to tell me oh, he has a house for rent? knowing where I went to for drinks? He intentionally singled me out to be tortured at his own residence and allowed the entire neighborhood to watch me from the windows. Anne McIntosh is hailing from the south I believe, or back East and her entire background is military. She's not military, as far as I know, but deep roots and she defended people like him.

My Dad's marks on his back are gone or almost gone. But it was only a few days, it was all over his back and you could see it. And there has been worse torture but it's harder to see or make documentation of.

My son was sold. The U.S. talks about human trafficking and how they are so against it but they're not. They knowingly SOLD my son. Money.

And I can make a whole list of who was allowed to have access to my son, for the CIA and the U.S. military.

The military has allowed U.S. Navy Seals into the house with my mother. The U.S. has people in positions who hate us that much, that they use every kind of means to harm us and intimidate my mom and dad.

I walked out of the house to mail something to try to get an extension to protect my son and our rights when I am in the middle of witnessing torture done to my parents. My Dad gave me 3 white envelopes and I put them in my pocket and then passed this dump truck for garbage that they was there. All that people in the neighborhood cared about was whether the envelopes fell out of my pocket when I passed the "wadsworth" dump truck or not. So I passed by and they fell out and then these guys laughed about it that were standing there, and the garbage man, picked them up and took them into his truck instead of handing them to me. I got to the post office and they had been moistened with something so I didn't lick the envelope and just taped it. Meanwhile, all these people were standing around as if military and scrub history was being made just because a folded up number of envelopes fell out of my pants pocket after I passed the "wadsworth" truck. Like, haha, wad. And all these military men and others were driving past me as I walked out, and this after they tortured my mom and dad all day.

My Dad has been tortured as much as my mom.

And guess what? these pastors are not christians from what I can tell. It's like they think because they're military they can ask for unchristian or unorthodox favors from my mother. This pastor who was here last came over and talked about death half the time. The entire half of the time he was here, he was talking about someone who got blown up to the head, or people who volunteer for chemical experimentation and how that's what he had specialized in in the Air Force.

Guess what else the military specializes in? Sexual assault, just like some of them in the FBI and police. Who are some of the biggest perps that don't want to make charges? these guys. They could care less if a gang from California or group of military pastors come into town to take advantage of someone, they cover for it because they too get in on it. I can't say that for a fact, but I know horrible things are being done to keep my parents under their thumb, and if the pastor is friendly with "Pam" (the nurse) and Keith, they already know they're part of some kind of team. These pastors coming in are not christians. They are military men taking up pastoral work to keep an eye on my mom and dad and a few others. But they're not protecting them, because it's the military that's using technology on us and honing in them. What did my mom and dad ever do? nothing wrong. They did their work and didn't even encourage me to aim high, just like they were told to do. And I became my own person and then people got scared of me, I guess when I said in an email that John Kaempf watched too much porn, as if I knew. They probably thought, if I was right, that I was some kind of psychic just like my h.s. boyfriend though when I'm not.

You wouldn't think jews could be mean either. At least I never thought that, even after I was raped by one and then others kept wanting to degrade me and make me look bad. But some of them have had more than ordinary interest in me, and why, if I'm not a big deal?

Why? These people wanted to get all close to me to find out if I was gifted like my mom and dad because they were already controlling them and weren't sure if they needed to control me or how, since I didn't always take the advice my parents gave me, which they were forced to give me even when they knew it was bad advice.

Who started snooping around?

Both of these pastors are military, and more than half of this town is military. It's like living on a base but not knowing it.

My mother is being tortured.

I tried to get a report out about it today but I forgot to send it to my email and I couldn't access what I wrote. But I'm making it and adding to it and it's going into the mail certified tomorrow and going to the police station in writing.

And these neighbors think all of this is funny. There is something seriously mentally ill about all these people and it's shocking to realize this many people are severely criminally oriented.

This poll I read about torture, from the Red Cross (but who trusts them), said that the older generation is more against torture than the younger one. Something like only 20% of older people approve of torture, but over 60% of young people in the United States think it's okay sometimes, to use torture against others.

The report said they thought this was the case because younger generations have been desensitized to violence. It's extremely concerning because if that's supposed to be the future, when it's already been bad enough, this country has huge problems looming their way.

My mom can't even show houses safely anymore because some of these people assume the police won't do anything if they do because the police are in on it.

We'll see because I'm getting all the names of the police that work here. All of them. And I'm putting my report in and if something doesn't change, I'm adding all of their names online for the public to be aware of. Obviously, if my parents don't feel they can go to the police or FBI around here, there is a problem. So their names are going out to the public if the torture and violence doesn't stop.

They reallly, rreeeeaaally want to get me on something stupid or fraudulent again, but it's not going to happen.

I've never committed even small crimes. Ever. I have been guilty of speeding and that's it. The biggest thing I've ever done which someone maybe tried to blow out of proportion, was to say I don't want my son to be forced to take a social security number in this country before he's of age to get one on his own of his own choice. That's a right, supposedly. But someone tried to make something out of it. And then the U.S. decided to BUY him to use him for whatever they wanted. They SOLD my son, literally.

Do you think I'm going to get him back when the U.S. BUYS people. They purchased my son like he's an inanimate object, like something you pick up at the store. They paid money to buy him, and now want him to be working for the U.S. at the age of 9 months or so. Torture comes first, then take him from the mother and call her crazy.

The FBI hated me before they did this. I keep trying to believe there is decent FBI somewhere because who do you go to if there's not? These people don't care if we're tortured as long as they get off on their research.

Who came into town earlier this week? A lot of government, ton of people from California, and Irish-English people. One man I distinctly recognized in at least a couple of other states. He's like one of my stalkers and he is definitely Irish or English born. He's older, about 50, and starting to gray and was in a sedan. Handsome, smaller man with cruel eyes. It was like some of the people from a few different countries came over not to help but to laugh. So what is the underlining threat that brings these people together? because they are going after the wrong target.

So I didn't want a SS number for my son.

Then, after I was being tortured with him, we had to leave, so I went to Canada.

After being tortured and having my son illegally kidnapped and trafficked, I tried to go to the U.S. military. Stupid me, not believing it was entirely possible they were in on it. I wanted to get evaluation of the torture through assays. France was okay with it, and would do it but not the U.S. And it's like I had a big friendship with France, it was the only place I could find that did this. Then, when the U.S. military just wanted to keep using my family and kept my own son from me illegally, and allowed people who hated us to torture us, I went to an embassy about getting political asylum. I had already been looking into political asylum before my son was even born because of escalating violence and police involvement that I especially noticed after 1997. A few things happened before then, but all of my records were clear, and police were friendly with me, and doctors had only nice things to write into my records. I did notice some hostility from some people prior to that date, but I noticed a concentrated effort to ruin my life and use U.S. government workers to do it in 1997. 1997 was when I sold my house. Then, the police effort in particular, became an issue in 1998. Mark the date.

What's bizarre is that never in my life did I once think about any royalty and then years later, I got curious about Diana. I don't know why. I never watched news and if I heard about her, it wasn't something I read up on. And then what has evolved, is that at this juncture,looking back and seeing skirts I wore on kate Middleton after me...and wondering what in the world, and knowing about torture, I do believe Diana was literally tortured.

She wasn't saying, "It's been real torture" in a figurative sense. She was, but she alluded to actual torture she experienced as well. And that probably frightened people into worrying she might talk or someone might tip her off about it.

And then I think why the international interest at all, in my life? and I read last night that MK-Ultra style programs were done on kids in the UK, the U.S., and Canada.

Ah, a little group of "special kids".

UK: "I have one over here that is learning to _____, what do your protocols look like?"
US: "Well this one, _______, she likes ___,___, and seems to have an ability in ______ and we're thinking of using her for _________."
Canada: "Lets play matchmaker. Which girl and boy would be your picks for special selection?"
UK: "We want ___ and ____. I think the inclination of ____ in studying and her personality development will lend well, and her __________ is also connected to this group ______ and this one ________ and we don't think she'll cause trouble. On the other hand, the mother of the boy favors someone in the US."
Canada: "Why? how does she know?"
US: "Hey, you guys seen anything like this? we just programmed this little to do ______ and she did it according to specs but it was incredible. I think it's a new development in the telekinesis aspect."
Canada: "We need more on the parents. religious beliefs, affiliations....casualties and are they cooperative? or do they still have too much independence? See about breaking that down a little. Find out about the grandparents. It would be hilarious to put ______ in _____'s skirt wouldn't it? or get louey to lunch with _______ and take a photo for the future?"
I mean, is that how it works? They groom you, modulate everything you do and then if someone doesn't like you or a group gets offended by your astonishing will or determination, you're out, and then it's up to the people who hate you to stir up such mean resentment that they destroy you?

I went to an embassy about political asylum after being tortured and then possibly, someone in the U.S. wanted to try to set me up. I didn't go volunteering to spy. I went in tears, because my family has been persecuted and tortured without reason, and the shock was that it was allowed in the U.S.

Not once did I offer to do anything against the U.S.

But then, don't you imagine the people who already hated me wanted to try to stir something up?

I didn't realize my mom and dad were going to be tortured too, for no reason at all, beginning in about 2001, though it could have been much longer. They were forced to move in 2002 and ended up in Coquille.

What happened? Did some total idiot try to tell someone that I was going to an enemy embassy and offering to help them? If so, all they wanted to do was deliberately create trouble.

Not once have I ever, in my life, done anything against the U.S. and yet even after they tortured me and my baby and my parents. If anyone had a moral right to, it is me. I have a moral right, to work against my own country if my country tortures me and ignores my citizenship. Guess who broke the contract first?

The U.S. broke the contract.

If they allow themselves and so many U.S workers to become my enemy and try to turn other citizens against me, if the U.S. one day says, "We don't care about you. We are going to hurt you and we are your enemy now," what does any normal person do? They wonder, if all the "allies" are brown nosing and keeping quiet about torture, you start wondering if the "enemy" that the U.S. says is their enemy, is maybe decent and maybe something is seriously backwards.

But did I ever work against the U.S. Not in my life. And I never agreed to do or offered myself to do anything remotely close.

So what is this? excuses for the CIA, FBI, or some group to go after my family, when some of them already had their own political motive for wanting to stir up trouble? If I went here or there, it means my parents helped me? If I filed this or that, some other American helped me?

All they've done is allow criminals who use the U.S. job for a cover, to find excuses for terrorizing my entire family. And then they think they can take my son and not just return him when they already know, all the way to the top, that what was done was against the law.

What is still being done is against the law.

Sobbing uncontrollably, in an embassy, after being tortured by people in ones own country, and just asking for help and saying you've tried everything else (including synogogue or military help where I was ignored and snubbed...) this a crime?

I have never committed any crime.

But boy oh boy did someone set their teeth into trying to smear me and my whole family and to torture and use us.

I would bet most Americans never knew I sat in an embassy, crying my heart out to a U.S. "enemy" nation. I didn't give info, I didn't say I hated the U.S., and all I did was cry and say I was being persecuted and tortured, and they took my son. It was about my son. All that I ever said, which I'm guessing is already known, is that I didn't know why people in my own country were allowing this and why the FBI was blocking us from getting help. Why would the FBI work against me instead of with me? What wrong had I done? I had done nothing wrong. And I never talked to anyone again after that because I was told to make a report and I don't think I ever did because then I was working so much and worried about my son. I didn't hide it. There was nothing secretive at all. I had nothing to hide and I never told anyone about it, not even my family so no one else gave me the idea. All I did was try to desperately find a legal way to have my family safe, and at that time I thought it was just me and my son. No one ever made any kind of agreement with me about anything. For some reason, someone in the U.S. maybe decided to have people back off or I don't know, lead me to a trap? all I know is that suddenly people were friendly to me after I went. Like, on best behavior friendly when really I guess they had hate in their hearts all along. After they accomplished some goals of their own, or decided I had no real info against them, they went after us. And now, they're allowing hate to rule again, hate has the office, hate fuels the military and CIA programs, and hate is driving the FBI and police against us, for no good cause.

Anyway, I've called a ton of embassies and written to find out where I might be able to get a book published but it's like most of these people are really wrapped around an agenda.

And I was looking at grounds for getting help long before this.

It's almost like the "oh-oh, let's be nice now" behavior was just a front for evil.

The U.S. then went gangster when I guess someone thought they couldn't entrap me when I was innocent. They tortured me more, tortured and started using my son to get to us, stole everything I had from me, took away my housing, my ability to have an income, and threw me in psych wards for no reason than to harm. They brought me to the lowest and then made it look like they were going to quit harming us, and then brought us down again.

My country has broken contract. No one has been a traitor to this country. No one "spies" or has done anything weird. My country though, allowed people who hated us to go after us, and use government friends to do it. I'm repeating the same thing but it's true.

I was never paranoid, or delusional about me and my son being tortured. We were tortured. And my son was kidnapped from me and then held like some kind of bait to try to control me. The entire CPS case is a fraud.

The U.S. then allowed people to torture me and laugh, even from FBI offices, as I was poisoned, tortured, lost my singing voice, and repeatedly threatened with being thrown into a mental instititution. They kept me out of housing so I was forced to accept housing from horrible people that worked with the U.S. It was intentional.

It's nothing more than forced slavery and trafficking by the government.

So now I watch my mom and dad being tortured and harassed. First my son, then I was tortured separately, and then they kept my son to be tortured away from me so I couldn't report it and let me finally visit my mom and dad. Now, they have me witnessing torture of my own parents and they force them to lie about it and try to get me to turn against them.

Is there an objective here?

Because really, people kind of backed off at least, about a few months after this whole UK wedding, but I can't imagine it's all about that (though when I see her wearing my mother's skirt back in the early 2000s I wonder).

At this point, it looks like the people who care to control are the FBI who don't want to take "responsibility" for their failure to protect their own citizens and for blocking me from reporting crime, and the military or interests vested in research and they are torturing for fun.

There is a seriously devious motive behind it all. Then, it was like maybe someone might want to help or had info to share, and then all of a sudden, we get tortured even more simply because I ask for my son back and request that someone comes forward, and start pinpointing some people who are doing horrendous things right in the community.

That movie, about a bunch of guys who rape or assault and kill a woman in Canada and the entire community knows about it? That's possible. What's shocking is how so many people can have knowledge of something very bad being done and keep quiet, or even laugh about it.

60 percent of younger Americans supposedly believe torture is okay. That's like age 50 or 60 and younger. The older Americans were over 60. So why do you think that is?

Think about it and give me some ideas. Why would older Americans be so opposed to it and the younger generations think it's fine? If you're one of the younger Americans who thinks it's okay, maybe you could think about what it is in your life that makes you think this way and why do you think older Americans, from a different background, experience, history and being raised differently...why would they think it's wrong when you don't? what about your own parents or mom and dad. Did they raise you in a way that helped to form your acceptance to the idea of torture? or was it something else.
I went outside at 9 and my mom was out there with the dog. She said "Your hair looks pretty" and it really doesn't because half of it has fallen out from torture and being drugged, but it was a nice thing to say. I had taken it down, but it was still parted in the middle, which is newer for me but it balances my face now that I'm thinner. I remember the first day I wore my hair parted in the middle as an adult and it was 1997. I worked at CTR, the computer company and I parted my hair right down the middle and dressed "As an indian" (native american). I wore a long crushed velvet brown dress with long sleeves and a scoop neckline, and it was fitted in the waist and had a flowing skirt to my ankles. I don't remember my shoes but I remember I had on my own jewelry and then someone who worked there gave me a turquoise belt to wear low around my waist. It was silver and turquoise. And I had my hair dyed a dark brown instead of my usual strawberry blond, in just a temporary rinse, it was dark brown, I put on a little make up so I looked more tan than I usually am and did my eyes with dark brown eyebrows and black lashes and liner.

I believe it was Halloween. We worked on Halloween and I went as an "Indian". 1997. October 31 thereabouts, 1997. I always parted it on the side but I parted it down the middle then. And when I was little it was in the middle and long. My mom used to wear her hair that way since she was a girl. I remember a few people from work putting that photo up as a screensaver. I remember the CEO, Ed Israel, staring at me in shock. It was a big thing maybe because of what I chose. They said, "What are you?" and I said, "I'm an indian!" (or I would say native american). I had my nails clipped all the way down and plain.

I think it was my mother's belt, the one that was silver and turquoise actually. Because maybe it was that they wanted me to wear something else but I stayed with the silver and turquoise from my mom and wore it sort of slung low on my hips. It had oval shapes and was linked and wrapped around with the round turquoise pieces in the center of the silver oval shapes. I remember, yeah it was my mom's. I did wear bracelets up one arm that were given to me to borrow from the more Native American woman than I was. I gave her her bracelets back at the end of the day. The indian earrings I liked were little bead earrings my mom had had from the 70s and they were intricate beaded faces of an Indian chief. I didn't wear those, but I almost did. She went to sweats and was something like 50% Native American. It was my own idea to be an indian though, maybe thinking of my Grandpa Garrett's cards and also knowing I was cherokee and chinook.

So I guess someone once asked me if I had ever worn or owned something turquoise in color and I couldn't think of anything. I had a jacket that had turquoise in it with other colors, but not a suit jacket. And then I had worn a turquoise belt with real turquoise in it (or the same stone and color as the turquoise rock). I guess I didn't remember the belt. At some point I maybe took it off but some people had photos of me in it. But I never knew and still don't know why the question was asked at all. I think for shoes I wore heels? because I think I remember being taller with them, but my habit is/was to wear ballet flats bc they're comfortable. I can't remember what shoes I wore.

After that, a lot of things happened. Kinda like, no one would give me a job anymore and I was being followed around places and photographed. I was actually working next for the Rose family and going to college after, but it was really downhill for some reason, for me, right about that time. And I didn't have a bad history or record or anything. But I remember that day because later, for some reason some were mocking me and then a few others maybe just liked the photo. I had copies of the photos but they were stolen.

Everything I ever had was stolen.

I got some stamps today, not thinking because I was rushed for time, but I wanted just plain stamps but got something else, not thinking.

My parents are being instructed not to help me with cash at all. I guess it's because the enemy doesn't want me to have my son or get ahead. And some very weird things are going on with getting into college. You know what they told me about this hearing? they said I was not allowed to participate but I could "listen". As if I'M the one who is a spy. Might be anybody but me, despite what some have tried to say to further an argument. Which one who will be present at that hearing is the "spy"? Not me. And so far, they are trying to block me from even listening in at all, to a hearing for a fraudulent case.

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