Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yes I Got It

I got someone talking about monica, and I got harper the same day a baby was named harper. or, day before. i got someone rolling a ball on a table this morning. i'm not trying to focus on anything and i wasn't trying to get anything, but someone just always tries to get my attention. it was a ball, being moved in an s shape this morning, and it came to my mind about 7 a.m. or so. I actually slept well for once and woke up with the bad feeling and then i remembered today is Saturday, so my son didn't have to go through whatever he's been going through early in the morning. I didn't wake up to torture this morning either, for the first time in 5 days, someone didn't wake me up by pulsing the metal in my neck with technology.

the ball. someone, a man, leaned across a table or surface, and i saw it from his own eye-perspective, not as someone looking at him, but as if i were him, and it was some kind of ball and i didn't know what size or color or anything. and then i saw it being moved in an s-shape, sliding it on the table or surface to position. And then later, I thought maybe it was a pool table, but maybe it was just a ball on the floor or some other surface. And then my own imagination took over and I thought it was a clear ball. but that was my imagination because I was thinking of different kinds of balls and I have a clear marble in a drawer, and so i thought it was like a clear billiards ball. but again, my imagination. And I wondered who had clear pool table balls or do they make such a thing and what number is on them?

But the whole clear pool table ball thing, is my imagination. from where I was standing, as the man, it went to the right pocket at his right of the pool table.

First someone moving a ball in an s-shape on the table, and later my pure imagination, that it was a clear pool table ball, moved or suddenly then at the right pocket, if I were at the "head of the table"

however, I think the clear ball is the my imagination. And the s-shape could have even been my Dad getting a ball out from under a couch for the dog, or anything. It could have been anything. It was at the foot or head of the table (if it was a table and not a normal surface) and they set the ball near the rail or closer in, and then moved it up higher and then slid it back towards themself in an s-shape.

Just like seeing a wedding veil. yeah. sure.

oh, and this morning, someone talking about how "they want him in the madhouse". something about a "madhouse" and I don't know anyone who calls it madhouse. I call it psych ward, nuthouse, whatever...but not madhouse. someone refers to this kind of place as a madhouse.

Oh, and on a separate note, that's where they want william to be. It was in the context of casual talk, someone saying to another person that someone or a group wanted him in the madhouse. It wasn't like Dr. Evil in his clinic whispering a plan. It was serious though, like they were talking about an actual thing....about Prince William, but they made it sound like banter, like the way the CIA talks when they allow something to be done to one of their own by the enemy. Either maybe someone is trying to confuse and distress or disorient him, or they are worried he's fine for now but don't know later. I don't know.

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