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New Trial "Too Expensive?"

I caught onto something today. The Catholic (& Jewish) mobsters that put me in the position I'm in, used U.S. officials and their research programs on psychic research, to drug me and figure me out.

Why? So that now they can know what I'm doing ahead of time. It's personal profit out of government auspices.

My last post was about why was it that when the U.S. was torturing me and claiming to be using me for their programs and legitimate research...I wondered, why so many Catholic and Jewish psychics to figure me out? To mind read, make predictions, and the like.

And they do. And they did. And about 80% of them were Catholic.

After this hearing today, I realized why. They didn't like how well I did with my last 2 lawsuits, so they thought they'd torture me and my son and put it to use for their friends. Using public monies, underground government grants, and research excuses, to do it.

Here's the thing. This is not new. They were using their friends in high places to trigger migraines in me and scheduling hearing dates on the same day they expected me to have migraines. I don't believe it was a few mean lawyers on the loose, triggering my migraines. But they worked with government officials they knew, to figure out when to trigger them and when my periods were and then they scheduled hearings for that date. They didn't like it when I figured this out so they then tortured me and my son and my parents.

So this is how it is...if my parents agree with me, they get beat up. Not only do they get beat up, they've been raped at gunpoint, forced to hand over my private records and photos, and they get tortured. They get tortured just like I get tortured, but I guess since the U.S. still uses them for their own work, they pass on the torture to their kids and grandkids and use this instead.

This is like the biggest mafia scam using the U.S. government as a face, that the U.S. has ever had. It has been big money for them too. And if it's worth having an Italian friend of Panetta's threaten the UN with a 22 billion dollar cut-off, it's big to them.

Do you know who was so thrilled with my going to MiddleTN mental health to be wrongly injected with Haldol? Some Italian group and a few white trash rich ones too. They were all rich. No one poor was driving by to laugh and watch the big event. They were rich. And they were mainly dark-haired, light skinned Italians. I believe there was also a black couple, but mainly, almost everyone fit the Italian-Mediterrean bill. And to me, to my somewhat trained eye...I saw Italians.

I've definitely known some good ones. Of course. But any Italian knows, some of the bad ones, if they have connections and are rich, they think they rule the world and order everyone around accordingly, using other gangs from other nationalities. The Italian mafia is not just gone. Panetta revived it.

From what I've read, the old-school Italian mafia like you hear of in The Godfather, was a thing of the past. I've read it's Mexicans, Russians, Asians, and even Jewish and Irish taking their place. But from what I saw out the car window, some kind of bad business is still alive and it seems to be trickling through to other groups in the CIA, FBI, and justice system and public "servant" offices.

What's really odd, is that when I realize the U.S. had me up against all these Catholic government psychics and remote-viewers-in-training, what exactly was the motive? And then I get to the hearing today and see very clearly what the motive is. There were Asians, and blacks, and whites, and hispanics, and russians...and 80% of them all belonged to the same church and then the remainder was reform Jewish that hated me for their own reasons. Out of all the people the U.S. forced me to be around, so they could use me, maybe 2-5% were Protestant. I am not kidding. The number was really low, which is strange, when you think about it, esp. when you realize later the U.S. WAS sponsoring the torture.

It's to get ahead of me because they didn't like being surprised by me in the first 2 lawsuits I filed, which they knew I did a superb job at. Now, after all their corrupt wrangling, they used their friends in high places to make excuses for almost killing me and my son and torturing and beating up my entire family. I had thought it was just me but it was not. It was my whole family.

So I think what the court wanted me to believe was that they were reasonable today. Sure, if I were an idiot I'd believe it. I sort of fell into their trap, because they structured the trap so that I had no time to reflect on what they were aiming for.

They forced my parents to go back and forth and jerk me around and knew I would then not have any time to come up with something, but would make a last ditch effort. They already knew. And then they already knew that I wouldn't have a phone for calling out long distance. They already knew. How? Because they have connections with friends in the CIA, that's how. I guess they trade secrets over coffee at church. They've already studied me. Do you think a friend of Gregoires wouldn't? Of course. The entire economy of Washington State is at risk. So they used their friends in high places to help them figure out what I would do and how to prompt me to do what they wanted me to do. And Anne McIntosh does psychic work on her own. Why she's in Wenatchee I don't know, but I saw her expression after I faxed out my motion for continuance. It was Anne's face that I saw, unless there's another woman that looks like Anne with shoulder-length blond or white hair that curls under before reaching her shoulders.

So they knew that if they pressured me up, and forced my parents to do certain things, they could get me to do what they wanted and make it look like my choice. Clever. CIA always is. Especially when they're waterboarding children in black sites. So ingenious...better even than waterboarding grown men, fancy that.

They knew ahead of time that in the past, for conference calls, someone from court has always called me back. I call in, to let them know I am ready to go, and then they say okay and I hang up and they call me back.

Wasson is straight out of Virginia. Just like her daddy. So these people literally figured this out together, but are supposed to make it look like they have no communications with eachother or any group in common at all. It's BS. They got their information and instructions from the same headquarters and "boss" and that boss was not me.

They already knew the main lines only take long distance calls and don't call out. In fact, they probably knew this when I arrived in Oregon. They did. They knew I would be trying to focus on this case when I was back in Oregon. What did they do? they had me drugged first, and medicated so I couldn't focus. They told my parents to cut off the long distance that called out, and only took calls in. They had a semi-planned strategy ahead of time, because #1, they don't want to pay the cost they have to pay for a New Trial, and #2, they don't want the discovery coming out into the open, and #3, they don't want any of the witnesses on the stand, esp. after I've talked about how they're all mafia or military-government connected.

I arrived in Oregon and the phones called out when I got here. Someone, the "Quick Thinker" had my parents shut that off so they could not call out long distance.


Because I found out today that the Court of Appeals in Spokane had a recent system change. Imagine that. I was told today that I had to call in to them, and that they could not call me back and connect me with their "new system". Wasson said this system was put into place about 8 months ago. I would like to know the exact date.

They have known, all this time, that I had a "dangerous" Appeal facing them, potentially, which would expose people and evidence they prefer to hide.

And, if it's that big of a deal, as I've said it is, they are going to be thinking far in advance. I doubt the system was changed 8 months ago. But if that's true, that would have been about the time I fired Tanesha Canzater with her Washington D.C. connections. You know, the one with the conflicts and who didn't want to obtain my discovery for the Appeal. After I fired her, and they knew I had some valid arguments, the U.S. found a way to throw me into the psych ward, didn't they? I came out, and applied for my passport and they stalled. In the meantime, they had my next law firm assigned, through Washington State (the State with the big liability lawsuit and the massive federal funding overhead that reeally actually makes up for all the costs they State incurred to put citizens in debt).

Okay, so get this: I fire Canzater, who is working with a head in Washington D.C. and a tail in Washington state. I argue the state withheld evidence and we need to obtain this. I get thrown in psych ward and drugged out of my mind and watched and researched. Then, I continue to be drugged and thrown into a Leon's den (Logan's Roadhouse) with his polo pal's place that has international branches for the legal representation and CIA covers for lawyers that represent Guantanomo prisoners. CIA connection to Logan's. Right there. They used me at Logans' and tortured me and the psychic workers they used were almost all Catholic and had connections not only to Wasson and Gregoire but to the Nielson, Broman, and Koch law firm.

What I'm thinking, is that they got nervous I fired Canzater, and threw me into the nuthouse to screen me over better and dope me up so I couldn't fight back. Then they got their leons on me for months.

They knew they had to trap me somehow.

So, while I was still drugged off my you-know-what on Haldol, they snuck in the new law firm. Right under my nose, and they kept me from knowing who it was or what they were doing, until they had already filed their brief and argument with the court. They didn't call me or let me know they were even around, until over a month later and the State had responded and they got the ball rolling on the argument they wanted, and didn't have to mess around with discussing withheld evidence with me.

If they had called me first, to announce they were representing me, they already knew I would make an argument for obtaining more of the official record for the official file.

While they passed my case over from one D.C. lawyer to another law firm with conflicts, they knew that if they squeezed me into the argument they proposed, that I would be appearing by phone for the hearing.

They had people drug me and torture me so I couldn't fight them, until they allowed me to go back home. They also allowed my option for proving I had not harassed anyone from CPS expire and I lost my chance to take it to federal court.

And if the CIA is involved, they drug all they want to drug, and don't have to tell anyone about it, and they don't care if it affects every single aspect of your life. They don't care, because they're too busy using your kid and you to cover up for what their friends are doing.

They already had a plan. They got the Nielson, Broman, Koch firm to file out their brief while I was drugged. Then they had the Appeals court change their system to not allow them to call on their dime. They already knew I had no money. They knew this, because the CIA already knew about my bank accounts. They also knew how much I had left, and it was nothing.

So they figured they'd push me up to the last minute with being drugged and tortured, after they forced me to lose an appeal of the false harassment case against me. I could tell my parents were not doing what they would normally do with saying I could print something out and file.

The CIA is too interested in how their special drugs work to keep people from being productive that they hate, that their friends hate, and that they want to use and whose child they think they own. They think they own my whole family. And the CIA is more than happy to do favors to bail out corrupt officials in Washington State.

Someone might ask, "How would they think ahead that far?"

They do. They have people that work for them, some voluntarily, and others, like my parents, in forced slave labor, to predict what people do. These people can see decades ahead sometimes and see clearly. This kind of gift is so astounding to the government, they torture those with this gift, for their own interests. They claim it's national security, but if they hate what you or your kids have stood for, or if they're jealous of you or want their own kids ahead of you, they will try to harness that power and they will pay billions for it.

So no, it's not unusual that someone might, using a known psychic, be able to say, hey, this is a good idea...

So they drugged me up to the very last minute and had others drug me under coercion and torture. Then they executed their plan.

They might claim to D.C. people what the importance is, and instead of admitting it's for their own friends and personal gain, they make excuses like: "If we can anticipate someone in a court hearing, we could do this on an international level. It transfers to the ability to anticipate someone in the war field. So we're going to use our psychics to train against Garrett and then see how it turns out and then we could use them against the enemy on the battlefield, or for diplomatic reasons."

They get their permission to torture little children and ruin, for example, my life, with excuses like these. Grand national importance. In reality, it's nothing but a cover for manipulation of other for a large church and the big wigs kids who want themselves and their kids to be at the top and want to squash anyone else they are worried about.

Not only that, they even play on the religious sentiments of others, by saying, "If we can manipulate dreams and thoughts and actions, we could potentially cause conversions of a group of people from one religion to another one that's more favorable to democracy."

There are all kinds of excuses, and they have to make the excuses sound reaaaaallly big to get past the few decent empathetic and non-religiously aligned questioners. But really, it's personal greed and jealousy. And if their friends are worried about getting caught for horrible things they've done, here the CIA is to 'save them'.

So I was told I could make a motion and print it, about 2 hours before the hearing time. That's after they had my parents jerk me around first. They knew the law about how additional discovery may be used,..."if a New Trial seems too expensive." They knew that at the last minute, I would fly through, trying to find something in the law and that's the one they like. Ah..if New Trial is too expensive...

So I asked to proceed Pro Se. They didn't honor this request, I guess because they didn't want me to have the funding I would be allowed for that. But also, I knew what Anne wanted. I saw it right away because they told me to call the court and didn't give instructions about it until 1 hour or less ahead of time. They emailed and said they would not call me and I had to call them. They already knew I'd have to use a cell phone then. So I called my mom and she came home and I called them, expecting them to call me back on the mobile phone and they refused. They then sprung this idea that they couldn't call me back.

They already knew I would argue that I had no notice and that I might hurridly argue it would cost my mom when she wasn't expecting to be home from work for me to use her cell phone. So the Judge then promptly said we'd have a continuance.


To give Anne Mcintosh time to add my recent motion to her record since I hadn't served them with it. If she added something about my not wanting this law firm she'd just try to make a point that I don't like any of them so I shouldn't have new trial. And thinking of the law I had cited about additional evidence allowed "...if New Trial is too expensive" they waited for me to ask my mom the question, "Mom, can I use the cell right now?" and she obediently replied, as they wanted, "It would be too expensive." Emphasis on too expensive. I wasn't supposed to know that they all knew what she was talking about.

I'm still "not supposed to know".

But I know my parents lie because they are forced to lie and I know the U.S. has allowed gangsters to literally beat them up. I'm not joking or exaggerating.

So they agreed, happily, yes, too expensive. So they gave a new date for the hearing, and that still doesn't solve the problem of the cost of the call, which should not be my expense.

Hey Washington, you're out of a job and in the dumps why? because your Governer was more interested in helping people escape with crime so she allowed billions to be spent on prosecuting me, while refusing me any normal or reasonable defense..with the federal U.S. knowing all along that the case was a sham. If the federal government cared about it's citizens, it wouldn't have spent all of your tax money for creating covers for corruption, crime, and illegal research. They made sure the State funded lawyers and workers all had income but they took money from me and while many of you harassed me yourselves, you never even stopped to think about the fact that having a lousy economy because of games like this, cost you and your family. So while you took bribes because the Governer didn't know how to manage her people and keep them in line, the State and federal government could have been putting their money to better use and then you'd have jobs, and not be scrapping and fighting and committing crimes yourselves because you're desperate or enticed. What it came down to, was a few wanting to get rich off of this and put the people they wanted into certain positions. You were supposed to feel like you were important, but all they did was use you too. They created disinformation about me and provoked me to react in anger and distress to create a person you wouldn't support. It all worked out for them.

And now they want to continue with their own game, played their own way. They are torturing people worse than prisoners of war here, in doing this and covering for what they've done.

So anyway, I have a continuance, but I still have no money to fight with and they know it.

What they hope, is that there is no New Trial at all.

And I guess, I am just sport, in all of it. The entire thing has been fun for them. They got Logan's CIA and other workers in on the game and they are ready to rape my mother, rape me, rape my Dad, hold us at gunpoint, kick us around, beat our faces in, slash us with razors, hammer our nails with hammers, pull our hair out, and torture us with new military technology and drug us with medications and poisons, at any given moment.

I went over to my parents house this evening, and yes, they were being tortured. It wasn't happening at my house. Someone had technology going at their house and of course they are going to LIE through their teeth to do anything to comply with the entire family, daughter, grandson, all of us, raped like political prisoners of the Congo.

And this is America today. Who is in charge?

Not only that, they've had people film us and put up cameras all over the place. It's like we're in a secret lab but it's all supposed to look normal.

I am going to tell you some of the things they've done to my son, Oliver Garrett and some things I had impressions of:

My son did not have a normal tooth problem to create his dead tooth. He was tortured. Not only was he tortured, Anne Crane was there to take notes and observe how he handled the torture and reacted when he was then with his mother. Was he going to tell? By the time they tortured my son with his tooth, they had already repeatedly punished him for every time he tried to tell me who did what happened to him. And the CIA had him led away from his mother, knowing she was the one who would protect him and created a helplessness in both me and my son. They wanted to traumatize and re-traumatize him, fostering a bond and then breaking it so that my son never believed his mother could help him. And they traumatized me by tearing my son from me while I knew what they did to him.

This is the United States of America

I have contacted the International Red Cross, the UN, and next the ECHR. Unspeakable things are happening to human beings and it's controlled by the CIA. Others are used, but the ones with power to control this is CIA. Even if there is one cop who is concerned or thinks he can make a difference, he can't. They have people scouting out who is coming up or going where. And most of the cops are in on it and are part of the torture and get rewarded for it. I guess it must be good money. I mean, it must be really good money or it's partly that they do it because they are paranoid about someone talking about their own drug involvement or other corrupt business.

They lasered my son. The U.S. government lasered my son and used a satellite to target him. He's a guinea pig for the U.S. and the mafia has been allowed to abuse him too. They've slashed him with razors and pocket knives, 3 of his fingers, and cut out a slice of his face. They've bruised his entire body by dragging him around and caused him to inflict pain to himself by grabbing his own legs in extreme grief. They raped him and forced him to perform sexual favors on others. It's not the Avilas. It's the CIA and mafia. They locked him tight spaces and into chairs so he couldn't move around freely. They ignored him and isolated him and degraded and humiliated him, forcing him to dance for them naked. My son is now 5 years old and they did all these things from the time he was 1 1/2. He was tortured when he was with me because the U.S. used techbnology on us, but he was never psychologically abused and the U.S., as "guardian", changed all that.

They put him in closets and spanked him and encouraged spanking. What's a whip lash if the CIA is torturing a child for mind control? They dropped acid onto his finger, causing permanent scarring. They forced hair perm solution down his throat and had him go to a visit afterwards. They lasered him and squeezed his genitals to the point they turned blue and lost circulation. They punished him and tortured him more if he told anyone the truth. They taught him to lie. They drugged my son repeatedly, gassing him and trying medications on him. They hypnotized him. They forced his head underwater and literally tried waterboarding techniques on him--a child. He showed up with black eyes after being punched by adults. They allowed other kids to beat him up. By the time they got to trying to torture him with his tooth, they had tested him to see if he lied effectively. After they got him to lie well enough, he was coached to say nothing. I asked what happened and was told he hit his tooth on the edge of a desk. Then why wasn't his whole face bruised? why only that 1 tooth? Why? Because the CIA of the United States of America is using my son. And they allowed people to hold him while they hammered at his tooth and pulled on it with pliers. They deliberately pulled it out enough to cause it to die. It wasn't the Avilas.

Anne Crane sat there watching him carefully as he was brought to me this way, with his tooth this way. My son was so traumatized, he couldn't function. He wasn't responding like normal and was quiet and withdrawn.

How do I know? Who told me? No one. No one has said or written a thing. I'm intuitive and I witnessed some of the damage with my own eyes. I have a testimony of witnessing myself, my son, and my parents being tortured and there is external and internal evidence to support it.

Who does Christine Gregoire care about? She cares about herself and ranking in the mafia. Who does Panetta care about?

They've shot my son with a pellet gun. Repeatedly. And they have tried to teach my son to shoot.

The most incredible part maybe, is that they waterboarded him. Who does this to a kid?

Steve May does. I can list others, and Anne Crane is on the list. Marijuana growers and traffickers are involved too (bad ones I guess, who hate my son). Even a couple of Canadians. Russians are also involved. I guess the U.S. likes to take advantage of all kinds of talent. And common FBI and police have been directly involved and appeared with gangsters to prove the point that there is nowhere to run and nowhere to turn for help.

You know what the FBI did to me? how they treated me and my claims? They've done worse with my son and even showed up in person.

They don't care.

Why would the Avila's go along with it? They don't but they're forced to. Just like my parents are forced to work for the U.S. and the threat is that if they don't, it will be worse somewhere else.

The CIA created a "black site" for torturing my son. They colluded with others on who to surround on the CPS, law enforcement, FBI level. Imagine what that's like. To have an FBI officer show up with a gangster and do something really illegal and then say they have something on them and if they tell, the FBI will take them to jail. How else do you think the CIA gets away with this?

Why don't we ask "Cheryl" and "Lynn" who write books while they still work for the U.S government. ? I am thinking their story is the nice one then. Their story is the shocking story that "captivates the imagination" and makes people think they were tortured to turn into these cool "assassin" and "special terrorist ops" people. Wow. So cool. So the U.S. lets that cat out of the bag while they never allow the stories to be told where there was nothing but complete and utter moral depravity and devastation. What good are Cheryl and Lynn? Good for nothing. Good for a spicy story to raise money for paying more taxes to the U.S. with. Great.. They get paid and the U.S. takes more too. The U.S. doesn't allow the stories to get out about children who end up in homes for mental illness and severe psychiatric problems. They don't tell the stories about kids who lost their ability to reason and use their bodily functions. Or about adults who had so much potential and were attacked at their prime to be degraded and ground into the dirt and tied to beds and gassed, drugged, tortured, degraded, kicked, and put into poverty because some group wanted the cinderella story to go into reverse, forever. Or didn't want someone showing them up or their kids up.

Oh, and I threw out my Hilton pens today too. All of them.

It's interesting how people use their money for good or for evil.
Someone is going to give me documentation of some aspect of what's happened. I need documentation on U.S. letterhead, a signature, an Order, a file from the FBI that was altered, a CIA file, anything. If it's video tape, great. I don't care how horrible or gruesome. If it's audio tape from a copied surveillance, whatever. If it's something that I believe is stored on an old-fashioned floppy disc, a square white or cream colored one, please turn over whatever you have, about me, my son, my parents, or even about others in the U.S. in similiar research or forced torture and labor.

You will have to put it in my hands. Mail will never reach me. Phones and email will be traced unless you're super good at masking everything and can fax something but right now, I don't have the fax, my mom does and she's been beaten and tortured and forced to lie. She will hide it, or be watched and forced to destroy it or hand it over. My parents are out of the question. They lie to me about everything and completely cover for criminals with perfect acting. I know for a fact they are beaten and tortured. There is evidence, but its more like medical examination evidence and no one, not one Doctor in this country is going to help them. No doctor in this country will testify against the U.S. for crimes committed against their own citizens. It doesn't matter if they are from a different country, no one will help unless they are coming in from another country and give full safety and assurance for them to speak.

No one in the U.S. will help. The CIA forces them to work for them. They allow gangsters, street kids, and FBI to insult and intimidate as well as mobsters for their own cover. It is the U.S.'s responsibility.

I see what they've done to me and my parents and what's sick is that they are still even measuring our responses to being traumatized. It's like the CIA allows sickos to beat and torture and use us and then they actually have psychologists and doctors watching to see if we're "desensitized."

They are sick in the head and they work with sick, sick people in this country and elsewhere, and these are the people who look normal and talk normal and have corrupted hearts and souls.

I can list the things they've done to my son, but I haven't described the way he looked at me and how the State workers reacted and responded to him.

The Judge blocked me from any kind of photos or taping of the conversations, and the AG Mary Anne Mcintosh is the one who argued for this ban. Mcintosh is military connected and she's as cold as ice. To her, it's all pure scientific interest. She's the one who requested that I be blocked from documenting the torture everyone witnessed of my son. Wenatchee police saw it too, and they're corrupt. The FBI there is corrupt. It's really really bad.

I don't believe, Ivory, you should move into anything too fast when this other family has not even stood up for a child. I think Oliver needs you right now more than your fiance does, and that his family is not looking out for children. I also think he may marry you and groom you and turn out in the long run to be abusive, just like his cop buddies and FBI.

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