Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grandma Dolores

I read a card from my grandma today after putting an application on the table. I moved that application and need to move it back because when I put it next to "power" after I had it next to the brother sewing machine, something was wrong with that. First of all, all Laura Ingraham and entrapment specialists like Alvaro Pardo do is talk about "power" when they are a part of nothing but slavery. They talk, but they don't speak up for the truth. So, symbolically speaking, I need to move some things around again when I have the chance. And, when I have nosy people making something superstitious out of anything I do, I need to be sure I'm not part of it.

Like "black power" for example. As in, black panthers or the like. It's great if you're standing up for something but it's not all about your color. You make it into that, but it's not. My family is white and we're tortured 10x worse than most of you, by other Americans and internationals.

One man who tortured me in Seattle was black, and there are even certain black pastors that have nothing to do with anything spiritual. I was lured into a job with the Roses in Portland, Oregon, at a church where the pastor is black and one of the primary workers there or attendees, "Penny", dragged me out of the crowd, hand-selected me, and had me work for one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. The Rabbi Rose's family. From there, all my work prospects were impossible.

I wonder if someone had a "penny" in the bottom of their shoe at the wedding. Really.

I sympathize with the concept of "black power" as in it's a group of oppressed persons, "black" referring only, in this context, to the color of ones skin and nothing else. But I've also been assaulted with technology by some of them and I think we've dealt with a lot more than some. As for Ingraham, power to the people sounds like a joke. It really is, if you're not protecting people in your own country from use, assault, torture, rape, poisoning...power to what people?

What I should have done, which I need to correct, if I'm doing anything "symbolic", is put my grandma dolores' card on top of every other document lying around and move it all over to my side, with her at the top. And I'd rather be in Germany with relatives of former SS, than in the U.S. with Mossad and the CIA actively and currently engaging in torture and oppression of their own citizens.

My mom is going to Roseburg with Patty and I don't know where my Dad is.

Again, if it's not Mossad and reform jews that are involved (along with some others), then why did they start clustering around and try to ruin my life and control my family? The 2 decent ones are probably sitting in the psych ward with the guards...maybe the only ones with any reason or who want to do some good are the ones written off as mentally ill.

I don't have a problem with jews, at least I didn't on my end. It wasn't me trying to manipulate them at least, or oppressing them or trying to infiltrate. They made all these weird connections with the catholics that hated me, and the FBI, CIA and Army, to go after my parents and push them around, and then settle for tortuing the life out of me.

They have almost killed all of us and they are still trying to harm us all. It's really great when you are raised your entire life to believe christians are this exemplary group and that we're friends with the jews. You know, like, we give them extra respect and that kind of thing. And then, you wake up one day and realize how many of them tried to rape you, assaulted your family, and left you to wolves. They got close to my family, pretended to be friendly, got information on all of our personal finances and connections, moved into houses close to us, and got close by dating our friends and inviting us to work for them, and then you wake up one day and find out...ohmigosh...they only did this in order to better betray us. Betray us as in "to allow others to torture us while they were glad about it and oppressed us and tried to set us up."

Really, like I said, there are some extremely rich jews in this country. Which one of them stood up for us and reported torture and concentration camp like treatment? Which one stood up for us when they sat in with some Russians that tortured us? They actually sat in the front to joke around. And if they have the best intel, they haven't used that intel to speak up for us and protect our and my son's rights.

And yeah, there was a huge group that hated me from the Catholic church. But honestly, even though this problem came up, it was almost like there was this group in the background all along, just hoping for a grand excuse. If they could play it off onto others, it worked out.

They have used hidden cameras on me in this country. U.S. federal government approved. Not only that, someone possibly raped me as a baby, and this was why I didn't talk for awhile. Not my parents, someone connected to the U.S. federal government. My mom and dad have not said this ever. I don't know for sure, but that's what the doctor suggested who did my first OBGYN.

I told her I was a virgin and then after she basically bled me out and had me bleeding all over the floor, which was how I did technically lose my virginity, she said she saw evidence of rape when I was a baby. However, in her chart notes, she did write that I claimed to be celibate and I was, but she made no mention of my virginity. So what her motive was with telling me I had been raped as a baby, I don't know. Maybe she wanted to imply I wasn't a virgin or maybe she was trying to get someone to suspect my family when they wouldn't do anything like that, or who knows. And how she even got the idea is beyond me. How do you look at someone, "there", and then claim there is evidence of brutal rape as an infant? She didn't respect the fact I was a virgin, because she continued when it was clear she shouldn't. She already knew, by looking at me, that it was obviously clear I was a virgin yet she wanted to ruin that anyway. When even the older male doctor knew if you're a virgin you don't need a pap smear, at all. So why would she do this to me and then say she thought there was a rape when I was a baby. It makes no sense. She broke my hymen to tell me then, that I had been raped as an infant. And then I get raped by a Jew. Why was I raped as an infant if so? For Middleton's birthday present? If it even happened, why and what for? For one thing, this woman's intentions weren't good because she knew she didn't need to proceed. But if that's even remotely possible, then why would she tell me this and could it be true that we've been oppressed in the U.S. They murdered my first brother, try to buy my eggs to buy their chance at having a gifted child for themselves, torture me and my family and force us out of money, drug us, and then they keep my brother from having children, and oh, they attempt to brain damage all of us--me, my brother, and my son, because they're worried we might turn out as gifted as my mom and dad are if they don't. And then they use us.

And now someone has started to torture again by accessing this laptop to do it. And I can point out Mossad, CIA and military as well as Patty's FBI connection. And some good she's done our family. She is one no one suspects and she has been in charge of controlling my mother for her Lakeside relative and the Greenman's for some time.

False prophets.

"Hurry! let's make Kate look like she and her family are hitting all the predictions that need to be hit!"

I woke up this morning with this one gypsy woman's words in my ears: "You were meant for something great but there was too much jealousy."

Is that the understatement of the last 2-3 decades or what.

Too much jealousy.

And I had thought maybe she had been referring to just the last few years or something.

So I'm thinking that the OBGYN wanted to say something just to make it sound like there was something wrong with me, since she didn't care to stop when she did.

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