Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Mom & Dad Tortured Today

My mom and dad were tortured today again.

I haven't seen my mom yet, but I saw my dad and he has marks on his face from it. It's on his nose and it's new and it's in an oval shape and is well defined and obvious to see. He also had a part of his upper cheek lasered and that was just seeing one side. The laser mark on the nose is really obvious. Oh wait, I think that's from maybe he had a dermatologist do it. But there was a different mark on his cheek, not from the dermatologist, and it was laser and larger and about the size of the mark I got on my cheek the other day, shaped like a missile.

This is a horrible, horrible, horrible, country.

And some of the so-called christians around my family are not even christians. Not only that, my parents already know that people are screwing with my ability to get into college.

And I figured out how someone tried to blackmail my mom. Christopher Dabney, on the East Coast, the one I got pregnant by who followed me around and had his friends from the DOJ alternately tipping me and stealing my cell phones...he kept trying to imply it was my mother.

I've thought about it. My mother. Really? If it was my mother, than why is she being tortured along with me and my dad and brother and son?

Which starts putting a weird spotlight on Chris Dabney over at the "joint" they ran with the Catholic and Jewish crew.

They are poisoning my parents. I am not kidding. Along with technology and blackmail, they have them blackmailed enough that they're torturing them slowly by inviting them to go places where it looks natural, like they're all friends, and forcing them to eat and drink things tampered with poisons and toxins that cause cancer and other illnesses. They're not doing it all at once, it's in small doses so no one notices and my parents don't tell because they've been blackmailed not to tell. They either get blackmailed to take the poison which they know will eventually kill them, or go to jail instantly with some kind of crap they extorted and entrapped my parents with.

And I figured out this whole thing about my mom to blame. Who was saying this? Chris Dabney. Who does he work for? The U.S. government and he had a lot of Jewish friends. His girlfriend was Jewish and he only let me keep staying at his place after I brought a business card from a Jewish woman, an Israeli, who was an opera singer, to his house. He supposedly has a Catholic background. But he was tight with the Jewish crowd and the U.S. military and CIA.

What it starts to look like, is a bunch of Bullshit.

Chris Dabney was friends with Australians who came over from the embassy and had an interest in my interest in Princess Diana. He also knew people from the UK. His mother was a stripper for the White House basically. She stripped and did S&M for high powered clients, from the White House, to the embassies to the plain business with little fronts for other activity (like monitored mind control, at The Post Pub).

Why would Chris be pushing or trying to suggest this "Maybe your mother did it" thing unless he and his Mossad and Catholic buddies tried to screw our entire familly over?

My mom and dad went from feeling they would be able to pay for a private attorney to help me with my son, to retracting the whole offer and from what I've figured out, they don't do what they want to do, they do what they are ordered to do. So someone put out the order to them to quit helping me and the only way they could acheive this would be by getting some kind of blackmail that would make them ashamed or worried they would go to jail in place of real criminals.

I think, yeah, I've been drugged and tortured. But if I see my own parents being drugged and tortured and forced to make excuses for the real criminals, there is something seriously wrong. If they were so against me and my son, why is someone having to beat the shit out of them to get them to do whatever they want?

I actually seriously thought Chris cared about me. I did. In fact, I thought he was a little bit in love with me. Then I hear songs on the radio with lyrics like "I'm not your enemy" and I sneer to myself thinking, "yeah, who paid for that song." I'm not your enemy? it's like a great line that the enemy uses when they double-cross your whole family. I thought he cared about me, even secretly until maybe Leavenworth when I was sitting at a hotel after being jerked and jacked around and this group of Jewish sophisticates walked by me sneering, "God Bless You". It was the Mob came to town that summer, after Alvaro Pardo left, just to harass me. And they didn't just harass me, they were doing things from their cars with technology even.

What does Mossad have against my parents. For some reason, Mossad and reform Jews in America are in on it. And why would they be squeezing out and going after my parents? they already know that I personally had issues with some people from the Catholic church. But what is the deal. It's like it really is about Carol Goldsmith and the Middletons.

The man who was gripping my mother's chair at the dinner I went to, the one who I felt needed to take his hands off my mom's chair...he's a Gorst. I looked Gorst up. They're from Seattle, Washington and their family was in the airlines business.

Everyone wants to be an airline traffic controller and world manipulator it seems. Their daughter was the blond who I had seen in TN who was part of keeping tabs on me and harassing me.

Robin needs to think twice before attempting to defame me, by the way. His family has their own bones in the closet and while I would be sad, I would not be shocked if I found out at some point they could be bribed to work against me. His mother hated me. Janet Bechtold. She's the one who took the video of my singing The National Anthem, and sent it to Japan without my consent. He works at a law firm in TX that is bearing the big W. Why. Instead of showing up at his firm and finding friendly people, the receptionist greeted me with a snide, "Oh. So you're his PAL" which is really odd considering only Robin knew that I had been upset with an email he sent to me at a particular time when there was potentially something to cover for. So while I would still help him, even after what he did, I don't exactly know that he would help me. He used to talk about "The Pretentious Pricks" and then he became one. What is strange, is that sometimes you wonder if your old friends were never really old friends and if instead the people who might be trying to help or who know something, are those you thought didn't like you then or weren't on your side. For me, I feel, it's old stuff and I, for my part, care. But when bad things happen, it makes me wonder, and I don't appreciate being told I should get spiritual or psychological "counseling" when he knows exactly what's going on. What's with all the lying? about how I need this or that? I mean, are you guys all getting paid to lie? or do you just lie to not get tortured yourselves? Or is it self-protective, because you have your own crap in the closet and it works out for you too, to call me crazy. Wouldn't that be something.

So about the time my mom was blackmailed, it was either sexual, and humiliating or, my guess is that it would be something to incriminate my mother as being my torturer or expressing animosity to the degree that someone else in the FBI has threatened to use it and claim this is where my problems originated. Someone else even possibly told my mother to write the email about how she didn't love me anymore. How do I know?

Her FBI pal Barb gets her to write the email and then saves it for blackmail. Nice. The same Barb that supports the Middletons and made a joke out of my being a disney princess.

So the FBI gets all this dirt on my mom and maybe even forces her or my Dad to do things, and pits them against eachother and against me, and then starts torturing me and my son and they are responsible but they claim they'll use evidence like an email from my mom or something, to frame her. Or probably the criminals have worse evidence and videotapes than that. The police or someone trying to sound like the police came around our property one night and yelled out at late night, "Ms. Garrrrett?" and it wasn't for me. It wasn't to scare me--it was to intimidate my mother.

Barb Greenman is trash. She and her husband are trash and they probably used their FBI connections to get that email and other stuff to use against my parents, so that their buddies and the CIA had freedom to assault me and my son.

Why didn't Robin Bechtold want me reporting the FBI agents. I know Robin, when he was a kid at least, 17, called me up because he was excited and thought he had ruined my virginity but he hadn't. We messed around a little but nothing happened in that regard and he called me up on the phone to say, "I had blood on my finger...did I?" and I said, shocked he was even excitedly calling me, "No." I was so shocked he would call about it and that it was like he wanted or hoped for a verification over the phone. And no, truthfully, not until the speculum.

But I look back on so many things that once seemed like no big deal and they look they a bigger deal now, because I've been tortured. And what is the big thing about trying to trash me unless I was to be the next big thing and someone didn't like it. Mrs. McKusker hated me. Really hated me, without cause. She was an English teacher for Sherwood high school. She was a Catholic woman and the yearbook director who had the Carol Skeeters photograph placed next to my senior high school photo. Carol Skeeters, unwrapping presents with Katie there. I mean, this was 1993. ?! And already, here I was oblivious, and someone is already setting up world stage theatrics? It was also 1992 or 1993 when I was ran into a ditch. So I start to wonder, looking back...what was the idea calling me up to make it sound like I lost my virginity when I didn't? kid stuff? a conquest? or politics.

Did they hate me then for really "breaking Robin's heart" or was he just a player from Day One and doing favors for his Dad George. His Dad traveled internationally and his Mom had very, extremely strict Italian Catholic family in L.A. Supposedly they disowned her because she didn't marry a Catholic. His Dad traveled to South America locals and was a genius. He was always coming up with invention ideas and had an acupuncturist servicing him in his home...I walked in one day and he had long needles sticking out of his back. His Dad was the retired CIA type. I mean, personality type and habits wise. Maybe his mom was smart, but she hid it by not being so eccentric. She taught talented and gifted kids at elementary level. They all made me out to be so mean for asking him to look into christianity or read the Bible and claimed I drove him to drink (in high school) but I look back and he was screwing one woman after the other and lying to everyone. I mean, how in love can you be if you're trying to call up as if you got a conquest out of me (which didn't happen) and then screw Amy Jones of all people.

I dreamed about it and it scared the SHIT out of him. I didn't even know I was intuitive then. I had no clue. But he was the first person to freak out about it, shaking and calling me up with this quavering voice. I had a couple of dreams, and I predicted something unknowingly and then I was able to track him down as being a liar too.

"Robin, you have something in your teeth." Always smiling with a huge piece of green pesto sauce cilantro stuck inbetween his teeth. It was like he had pesto every frickin' night. I'm not being mean there, it's just a vivid snapshot memory. Guess what float we rode in? A castle float. I was standing somewhere else and he kept calling to me to get into the castle and stand at the top tower with him and I was too embarressed but did and stood in the turret mumbling (as an aside), "We look like brother and sister." He looked at me like he was insulted. He said, "No we don't." I said, "You know, we both have red hair."

George walking over to Janet rubbing her shoulders, "You know, we did a good job." I never once thought a thing about politics or royal people or anything. I could have cared less. And then I realize, at age 36, that's what this is all about. Politics. And Royalty. I was only 17 years old when someone ran me off the road, after Janet sent her tape out to the world to let everyone know my whereabouts world-wide.

Catholics started to hate me back then. I think that's how I lost their favor, by insisting I couldn't have a romantic relationship unless he was Protestant christian. His family was atheist and Catholic. He was agnostic. But my claim that his baptism as Catholic wasn't "christian" pissed Janet and her friends off. Then he hooked up with a Jewish girl in 1992. She was "a model".

It's seriously really sick when you think about it.

My entire family has been tortured because we have principles and someone directing the shadow-box story didn't like it. I mean, while these people were getting kids (and I was totally naive for my part) to play out their games, people were being tortured and murdered over it.

So um...yeah. Kate Middleton was not an accident. She was a plant.

Robin lost his virginity not to me, and I never lost mine to anyone. He lost his virginity to Amy Jones. And he dated other women on the side and then went after this Jewish girl, who, get this, MOVED into town, and became a photographer for the yearbook and modeled. Tall, dark haired, green eyed Jewish photographer-model.

But of course the Princes of Wales have free choice.

My ass. They have free choice like a fish has a bicycle. They had adults, mobsters, and government, putting women in their place after mind controlling them and figuring how to get them to be interested in the one they wanted. And then they tried to bump others off in the meantime. I don't think it's funny. It's sick.

Not only that, I think this Jewish girl had a Canadian connection and I do remember her Dad was some kind of government worker. Shara Lerman.

How about that. I was only 17, and maybe William and Kate were 10, and already, they had their lives planned out. Lucky them, they drew the lot to not be tortured because someone's family played the Mobster game right.

Did they bump Diana off? I found myself taking the balsamic vinegar jar that was getting low, the one that says "matured in oak cask" and before it was empty, buying a new one. Something said she's not dead, so I opened up my new bottle today, and put the other one into hiding. It ended up on my top shelf in the back, in a corner, behind the black strap molasses. I mean, in spirit, you know. I just went back to look at it. The molasses was already there. It wasn't a planned idea, just did it and just looked to see where the molasses is from: paraguay. I guess Paraguay is landlocked between Argentina and Brazil. Just looked again. And Bolivia. It means "place of many" and "rivers or lakes". It's also referred to as "The Heart of America". That's weird. No, no forethought on my part. I looked at it later, out of curiosity. I had it behind the Knotts jar with "NAME" on it, the one filled with milk thistle and I decided this evening to move it into hiding and open up the other bottle, rather than finish that one and throw it away. My mom came outside wearing solid red, black shoes and grey shirt right after I wrote I put her into hiding. Just to cut and trim in the garden and pull stuff up and scooter, our dog is rooting around. I had to look up "rooter" the other day too because I didn't know why I wrote that. Now he's just sitting next to her looking around. I'm distracted.

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