Thursday, September 29, 2011

Break & Entry Today (my house)

Someone broke into my house today and it wasn't my Mom or Dad.

I looked at the string I had tied before I left, and I looked at it when I got back and it was U.S. military or someone with training in military.

They broke into my house, and violated my right to privacy and then decided to leave a message but making a design out of the way they retied things.

My Dad would never do something like that, ever.

And now there is a large U.S., let's see....helicopter flying over my house as I write this.

Oregon plates 188873 2 U.S. military men who couldn't wait for me to get home and see what they or their friends did. Don't believe me? just look them up and you'll see. It was a work truck of some kind but the men in it are military.

This is why my family is not safe. Not only are we tortured, the U.S. thinks they can go through our houses whenever they want without a warrant. They come in and put in hidden cameras and audio, and then if they ever worry about it, they go back in and take it out.

They broke into my house yesterday too, when I was trying to look out for my parents.

They broke in and then retied a part of the string.

Today they broke in, after torturing my family and me, and then they decided to retie it and made a design with little knots at different ends. Last night, someone came to my house, as they do almost every night...someone snoops over to our property and leaves something lying around on the property. This morning a man left a miniature screw on my table that's on my porch.

And then they came onto our property again, and went through the whole place. You want to know what one of their excuses is? psychic government research. They use ME to be a template for their other people to see if they predict things correctly and can view or read me well or not. They have totally used me.

So they tied this little circle into the string and then tied a little "v" into the string as well and used different colors to do it.

No, the string doesn't keep them out, but it lets me know when someone is coming in. Why did the federal government shut down processing of loan applications? because they don't want me to have money for anything. They knew if I went to college on time, I'd get financial aid and I would do things like buy security cameras and start tracking them. Which is what I did before and then they stole my evidence that showed I was a good mother and destroyed it...Wenatchee police did.

They don't care what they do to any of us.

They don't care who sees me naked, they don't care who puts up hidden cameras and tapes me doing everyday things, they don't care who listens into my conversations and besides the lack of privacy, they use their "research" as an excuse to betray our entire family and country and then violate domestic and international laws against TORTURE of human beings.

After they go through our houses, they make fun of us.

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