Friday, September 23, 2011

CIA and Pentagon Responsible For Torture and False Imprisonment

The United States of America is responsible for committing torture against me, my son, and my parents and possibly others.

They not only have my parent's house bugged, they put hidden cameras in both their house and my house. They don't care about privacy and they don't care who sees me naked.

They have used us for torture and research in this country and they're trying to use my son.

I am 100% positive. I have no doubts whatever. And what they've done is imprison and trap my family while they watch us like we're lab rats. I am not lying. They've degraded me for years, and taken every semblence of normal life and why?

Because the U.S. has been using us for research. For years. And then my enemies who were not military or CIA decided to call on their friends, to sponsor worse torture of us. They kept us isolated from one another and tried to drive me to be upset with my family, and then after I was tortured and all of these U.S. government workers LIED about it, I realized, after seeing my parents tortured here, and evidence of it, the U.S. has lied to my parents too, and then asked them to lie on their behalf and for their friends.

They have already allowed people to poison my parents. It's not been small. They gave them Haldol at one point, or their speech was slurred like that's what it was, and this was after coming back from Roseburg...and they've allowed people like Kathy Hathaway to terrorize my parents.

They have my parents and family isolated and tried to do this to all of us. They told my parents to move and knew I had to continue with college in Portland.

I should have left college to see what ugly plans they had in store for my parents in Coquille. They told my parents to move at a time I was in the middle of college and litigation, and they intentioally wanted to then split my family up and isolate us and basically, put their informants and horrible people around us, posing as "friends" in order to harm, torture, get information to find out what my next legal move would be, and to keep us down. They used my parents in slave labor and punished them for my litigation against The Willamette Week and the Catholic church.

The two groups responsible for the torture of my family are CIA and military. But it's mainly military. U.S.A. military. That's who was commissioned to use technology to torture us. And that's who has forced my parents to work for them and have their entire property used. They put FBI out like mafia, to keep things secret, and this is what they do to us:

They rape, torture, and poison us and tell us to drink poison they order us to put into drinks. They tell tell us to be friendly and act friendly and like you're friends with the enemy, or the torture will be worse.

Meanwhile, as they allow others to torture my family, the credibility of the U.S. is shot. The U.S. is losing credibility because even if some people in some of the countries don't care or are glad about it, others are shocked and watch, and their support starts to end.

It's the U.S. military that decided they were going to somehow engineer and create this circular rainbow in the sky yesterday. It went around the sun in a sphere. And they bother and waste their time to do things like that, in Coquille, while my son and parents and I...we are poisoned and tortured and I'm supposed to think they're "cool" because they can manipulate weather. It's not magic. It's manipulation with technology.

As I stood guard over my Dad, watching, instead of forcing him to kneel on round plates covered with toxins for hours, they let him work and used technology to harm him. I was told to leave because the military at the end of the driveway wanted me to leave. So I did, and stood above watching and instead they just use something else. Then after about 1 hour of my standing there, they got their military to harm me again, while standing there, and burst a pen that I had in my pocket, which I'd used to write a number of U.S. govt. plates down as I approached what they have made into a "black site".

They saw me writing with a pen on the way over, and I didn't have anything to write until I didn't turn to my mother's business as usual and instead walked straight to the property my Dad owns, and the military tries to use for themselves.

They tortured me just for the fun of knowing it would burst the pen that was in my pocket.

I keep getting these bizarre mails from Obama's campaign people out of Chicago, IL too, or wherever they're from, and from what I can tell, some of the people I made mad, have tried to use his podium and their positions, in coordination with military. The military and CIA, I guess, trickles down to the ads people. Instead of unsubscribing, I changed my address to with the street address of USTorturesMyFamily.

These people are trying to get my parents to die a slow death and bring around scum, total scum, to pretend they are friends.

They put people into place over here before my parents were told to move, and then they were told to move. They didn't have to move. Why would they? They were ordered to move.

Now, this woman my mother has to work with, Debbie, she was "catholic" a few years ago and now I'm told she's protestant and never was catholic, after Debbie's leaving books about mental health out for me to see when she knows I'm going to show up. They all want my mom to lie for them, and they surrounded my family and forced them to work for them.

The pastor is military. I don't even know if he is married or not but I think it's no. The U.S. gets people in to ruin lives, and whereas they used to be halfway normal, now they've moved past that to halfway criminal.

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