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More on Hypnosis of my Son & Pansy FBI

So what's the U.S. going to do, now that I am talking about all their crappy secrets?

Is someone going to claim I don't respect my son's privacy or is it obvious that the only way to save my son is by making these disgusting secrets public.

And what effect does this have on my son for the rest of his life. "Oh yeah, I heard you were..."

Are you still going to try to use him for your sick operations? or instead of trying to use him on a large scale, are you just wanting to use him as a template for how your newer techniques are being employed on other kids who are not being talked about?

You are not using my son further. I am already able to prove the U.S. has abused and used my son for mind control and other research and that they paid CPS and others in a tight circle to be in on it. Part of the threat has been that if family doesn't go along, they'll foster kid him out to someone worse. Right?

Isn't that right. I know it is. And then they want to try to blame the Avilas or others for letting it happen, when they had no choice, because the U.S. federal government has been involved.

They deliberately traumatized my son. It wasn't an accident. And they didn't take a kid who was in a traditional cry-yourself-to-sleep household. They took a kid whom they knew was loved and paid attention to at every minute, and who co-slept and had attachment bonding fostered.

What better way to try out new SICK U.S> experiments than to take a child coming from a parent who practices "attachment parenting", which has the entire emphasis put on creating a secure bond, and then torturing the family and deliberately shattering it.

The U.S. sickos knew, from what their psychologists and scientists told them, that the "split" could be even greater and the "potential" for trauma enhanced because of such a gross disruption.

The U.S. is responsible.

Then, they thought they were getting 2 guinea pigs for the price of 1, and tortured me and my son separtely and then put us together in a visitation room for a few hours for observation on how their work was progressing. Right at the time I witnessed hypnosis from my son, they cut off those visits.

OOPS. I blogged about my son going into a trance or hypnosis. I knew too much.

Time to pull the plug.


And if there are any decent Mormons or people who are religious and don't like swearing, you're going to have to put yourself above it to allow for my expression of what we have been through, NO HELP from the U.S>

I saw my son going into a trance and shortly after this, CPS dropped almost all of my visits. They cancelled them, made excuses, said my son was sick, the driver was sick, whatever. And then after that, they completely cut off our visits.

What has happened since then? I'll tell you what. They turned my son into a mind control machine. I had one conversation with him when I was in Tennessee, trying to buy presents for him and he started unconsciously imitating what a kid there then began to do. He made the same crying noise and then this kid in the store made a crying noise that exactly mimicked what my son did first. And then I knew, when this was out of the blue from my son, and knowing about others things,

Thank the U.S.

Do you know why the U.S. didn't want me in the FBI? Because the CIA and military didn't want me in the FBI either, to try to hold priests or corporate executives responsible for white collar crime.

They knew I'd go after them.

And the CIA and military and corrupt FBI do not want an honest person who has any kind of legal authority, catching them up on breaking the law. No, they want a compliant PANSY FBI. The kind that goes along and joins in the crime, and blocks reports, and facilitates abuse of children.

Does anyone wonder why the FBI doesn't file an investigation of clergy sex abuse of children under RICO?

I had always thought it was just for religious reasons, that since most of the FBI is Catholic, they don't want to "offend" their priests and church. But then I realized there is a two-fold reason. The other reason is that if they start holding priests accountable, they have to do the same thing with the mliitary and CIA, NSA, other agency use of children. They don't want to prosecute under RICO because they're involved. And that's how the federal DOJ wants it to stay. The "Public Corruption" director is hand-picked.

Instead of helping me and my son, when the FBI knew we had a case to investigate, and when they knew the CIA was involved, and the Pentagon, they colluded to call me crazy and blocked my reports and blocked my family from being able to do anything.

Do you really think the FBI didn't know that I went out with the Chief of Strategic Operations with the Pentagon? Do you think they haven't known about everything all along? They've known. In fact, they were the agency colluding with Portland police and bribing Sgt. Austria to not file a charge against their agents. His reward was promotion to "homocide". Fitting. Murder a family and kid, and get promoted to homocide. Nice.

I am 36 years old and my life has been ruined by the U.S.

Every country has people they use, but a lot of people were jealous of me. Other country has their robots, like the Middleton, and then they cast lots and votes to figure out which family the Mob is going to support.

Lucky winner.

I said to my parents, "It's good they picked her. She's goes along with this kind of crap. And I don't."

Whatcha gonna do Middletons? Wear a Big Blue Ribbon for "Loser"?

At least I speak up about injustice. I have never heard one word worth note from ANY of the Middletons. EVER. They have never spoken up, any of them, on one single worthy topic. I believe some had a couple of low-key charity causes that wouldn't ruffle any feathers, and now maybe some of them do a little ribbon cutting here and there. Not ONE of them has a moral backbone.

I have no money, and I manage to still say a few things that help a lot of people around the world. They are "commoners" and nouveau riche, and haven't said one single thing to make anyone stand up and take note.


They've championed the cause of No One.

My own mother was raped so the Middleton's could put bread on their table.

Then they had some lousy coaches try to get her to mock me by filing a lawsuit for $10,000 and then taking a million and laundering it into her family "business". I think this is why God showed me the "prickly ball" with the maple leaf across the top. Some people tell the truth even when it hurts and even when it ends up with their own family being tortured. And then others just stay hidden in the creek like a prickly ball and don't want anyone to know who is behind raping, pillaging and torture.

My mother was raped so the Middleton's could put bread on their table.

I know I am supposed to write that line. I believe there is a very serious meaning to it that maybe only God knows about.

The kind of leaders that are taking center stage are spineless.

I manage to say a few things that are good for everyone, even under threat of torture, and in the middle of torture.

What do YOU have to say for yourselves?

Nothing. You were bought, and you sold out, and you stand up for nothing that might cost you something. You tow the line and that makes you tugboats or something that is really good for carrying a large ship maybe, and then you have others thinking you're the big ship. You may have been groomed, but you were the weak victims of mind control who never figured out how to break out of it.

What's the point of being a leader if you don't use your talent? People who are given positions for using their talent, should be use it, or be stripped of their position. Being a leader means speaking up about wrongdoing. If you are given information or come across it, and refuse to share that information with others when it could help them, you're a, I guess back at Carol, and Obama, and whoever else it applies to, "waste of space."

The parable of the talents is a parable about how a ruler or business owner, gives different servants a number of talents and then watches what they do with them. If they use them well, they are given more. If they bury it in the ground, because THEY ARE AFRAID, they are thrown out. Pastors like to use this parable to talk about use of time, or money, or talent as in natural gifts God gives to people. But it applies to being given information or coming across information.

If God gives you information, and sharing that information helps people, it is wrong to hide it because you're "afraid". Being given sensitive information or intelligence or news is like being given a gift or talent. You can either take that talent, or information, and invest it wisely and share with others to help other lives, or you can bury it in a hole in the ground. The person who bury's it, puts it in a safe place and does nothing with it until the "master" comes back and says, "So where's my stuff?" This servant goes to the safe, and takes out the information which hasn't changed at all, and hasn't changed the world for the better in ANY way, and says to the Master, "Here it is. Just like you gave it to me. Nothing changed, added, altered or edited. I didn't even look at it. I just kept it safe for you until you were back." This servant thinks, "The Master will be pleased with me because it's exactly as he gave it to me." Instead, the Master is furious.

"YOU WICKED AND DISOBEDIENT SERVANT!" (or maybe that's what the Lord says to the wolves who do are not charitable to the poor...umm...yeah, might have the wrong quote there...)

So anyway, the Master says something about the servant being foolish. He sees that the first servant was given a cache of information and that servant invested it. When the Master came back, thousands of lives had been saved because the servant eagerly read through and figured out a cure to save lives, and shared it with everyone even at personal and political cost. As a result, more information began mysteriously growing the cache, like the oil that never runs out of the widows bottle. The other servant has also invested the material. When the Master comes back and says, "So where's my stuff?" this servant says, "I looked through and I wasn't sure what to do but I sent a little to so-and-so and I'm hoping for a return on more sharing of information, and then in the meantime, I tried to protect this group over here, by passing word along about who was responsible for torturing their family. Also, I think I figured out, by accident, where another black site is located. Not positive on that, but possible. Oh, and one of our guys went to jail. It doesn't look good. But that's everything so far." This servants cache has grown as well, and he is slowly gaining respect which might lead to more information down the road. The Master is pleased. And then, like I said, the Master gets to Mrs. Sonia Whethermeyer or whatever her name is, the psychic holding onto a "dossier" and asks, "And what do you have?" She says, "Oh! I didn't know when you'd be back and I thought you were dead and I didn't think you had an assistant that would come by and if they did, well, some people didn't want anyone to see what was in it, so I, I, I...I threw it into the fire and burned it. Here. You wanna cookie? Take my god-daughter Kate."

The actual parable ends not with the last servant throwing information into the fire, but with them burying their talent. The "information" they were given. I'm sure there's another version too, where the information gets corrupted and then given back to the Master full of crap.

So when someone asks you what you did with the information you were given, or you are called to account for what you did with the knowledge you acquired or came across, can you say you saved any lives or made a difference in the world? and did you do it on your own, taking the initiative? like the faithful servants? or did you hide behind "charity organization" umbrellas and never say a single thing that was of use to anyone, or did you do the "safe" thing and bury what you knew, taking the "safe" route?


What do you want, honesty, or false humility. If I know I'm one up in this regard, there is no reason for me to lower myself into a state of false humility to gain approval by those who like to see humility. You do not always have to be humble. If you know you're right, you know you're right.

I just looked up the names Sonia Wethermeyer and then the dossier, because I couldn't remember the name of that woman. It was Simone Simmons. And I don't remember that she literally burned the dossier into a pot of "olive oil". But she does have a "Goldsmith" connection and I thought, "The dossier implicated the Middletons" or people who knew the middletons and supported them. It just came up. Then I looked up the name "Sonia" and it means "Wisdom" which is funny, because the other day I prayed to God, "Give me Wisdom and help me to know when I have it or I'm right about something and who it pertains to." Sonia is derived from Sophia. I don't know where "whethermeyer" came from but then I remembered what year I was sent a notice of a "hostile takeover" from Weyerhauser. Whethermeyer, I don't know. I figured it just came to mind for no reason but I wanted to look it up. 2002. Hostile Takeover. But oh, they had their plans moving long before that. My mom got her first hexavalent chromium poisoning around that time.

There is a connection there. I'm sure of it.

I've prayed the wisdom prayer before but this time I had prayed, and if I get something, instead of it being hidden to me and meaning something to others, help me to know what it means myself. I don't think I always know or don't feel anything has changed, but I have faith to believe it's being worked out because that's what I asked for.

I just read something about Simone. I don't know if it's right, but the article says Diana broke off all contact with her 8 months before her death. So why then did Simone still have the dossier. She supposedly changed all her numbers and cut off contact with Simone, but left one of her most important research projects with her? That doesn't make sense. Maybe she cut off contact because Simone refused to give it back. Or claimed she "lost" it. I would do that. I would quit talking to someone if I had entrusted one of my most important dossiers with someone to keep "in case something happens to me"...and then to find out my trusted psychic "lost" this most important thing that involved government and names? Who was connected to who...or the fear may have been who would be connected to who later or found out and discovered. And then this thing from 2006 that I just read said Simone claimed Diana was supportive of Kate but not of Chelsey. Like, Diana speaking from the dead is telling her how she feels instead of her own sons.

Here...let me see if I can try! Just a minute...let me figure this out and focuuuuusssss... No thank you.

What we'd probably find out, if we had the dossier, is that William married into his mother's murderers.
I didn't know what movie to watch today. I got some things together and then looked through a few but nothing felt completely right, though there was an interesting mesh I made accidentally by stopping and starting a couple. But I found what I want now and it's "Spy Game". I picked it up because I don't remember seeing it before. I saw it has Brad Pitt and said, "I met someone once that was related to him." That's all I'll say. I thought about it now and then when I randomly came across Angelina Jolie stuff.

My parents are not "spies" and I've never been one either, though I've had people accuse me of it, or I think, really believe it, or why would they have done some of these things to me.

I know I escaped something in NY. Maybe one group was great, but my intuition told me someone had my death planned over there. And I somehow know I was right. I escaped something, so then it just became this big torture scenario. I'm not sure why someone didn't kill me later, or if it was set up and would have been easier in NY. If not that, I am positive it was entrapment of some kind. Someone was watching my every move and because I'd talked about corrupt officials, and torture, and then even cases and maybe hitting on things I didn't even know I was hitting on, they were watching me. I figured the disposal of the body problem might be easier in NYC. Something like that.

When I was a kid, I never had a set idea of how to play a spy game. I just told my neighbors, the "Springers," why don't we pretend we're spies? and I had the idea from books and I read all of the Nancy Drew novels. All of them. I remember they said, what do you mean? and I had to explain to them my idea: "You just sneak around and try to listen to what the other side is saying." So they still didn't get it. So I had to tell them how to make a fort and go with that idea. So after we had a "fort", then I was able to implement my ideas of playing a spy game. Then, we could sneak passwords and codes around and it was girls against boys, and not get caught. We did some inventive things actually. But without a "fort", no one had any idea of what to do except me. They needed some kind of a structure or building, to feed their imagination first. I remember that. They had to have a place to go to and call "safe" and they needed an actual building. I didn't need a building. I was pretty sure it could be interesting without one. I think the boys like having a fort. I didn't need the fort. It's like the brains versus the brawn. Which is why men need women. Haha.
Just watched it and remember it, vaguely, from a long time ago.

What I never noticed then was how the dark haired woman walking through the CIA headquarters, as a CIA employee, is the spitting image of Kate Middleton.

I've had a feeling there's something not very "English" about that family, and why would they get so much support on the U.S. side to trash and torture my family over them unless they are somehow connected to the U.S. It would not even suprise me if William married into this mother's murderers. What else would they want him to do? they wanted her out of the way, to usher him and some other family in.

And no one wanted me to be able to say a word before the wedding. I was being drugged, raped, hypnotised, and tortured. I guess because someone didn't have the excuse to kill me off in a back alley in NYC or someplace.

Kind of like what this movie shows...which I rewound over and over...the part where it says, "The agency wants to give the Chinese an excuse to kill Tom." That part, right there, about finding an excuse to do something bad...That's it. That is exactly what I sensed they were doing with me.

I need to keep some of this focus on what I witnessed the U.S. doing to my own son. And the exact time of when they started dropping my visits, to "pull out" before I witnessed more than I had already, because they knew that I was going to figure out it implicates the U.S. federal government.

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