Thursday, September 22, 2011

Follow My Mom--More Evidence of Torture and Poison

My mom said she's going to work and getting her hair cut.

She just got her hair cut a couple weeks ago.

Several people need to follow my mom today and make sure she doesn't go into any enclosed areas.

Right now it's only 8:41 a.m. and I need to have more than one dependable person following.

I told my parents, and it's no secret to the U.S. because they bug our whole house, we have to leave this country.

We're being tortured and poisoned and today my mom's face has yet another symptom of something wrong.

I said, "Why is the whole side swollen?" and she said she'd been picking at things but it's not true. Then before she could stop me I reached over and felt it and it's all calloused and hard.

She wasn't just picking at her face. It's red, raised, swollen, and brand new. I saw her face without make up yesterday and her eyes were brownish black blue on the insides but there wasn't anything else.

She's being poisoned and tortured and I need some people to follow and find out who is going on--just make sure she doesn't go into enclosed areas where someone could get away with something.

She's still lying because someone's telling her to lie.

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