Saturday, September 17, 2011

Letter of Threat to Uncle Jay by Bullivant Houser Bailey

I got it confirmed. It was my Uncle Jay who was just killed recently.

Uncle Jay was the one who mistakenly received the letter of threat from the Bullivant Houser Bailey firm.

They had intended it for my Grandpa Baird, but it was delivered to my Uncle Jay by mistake. It was in plain manilla envelope with no return address.

The kind of thing you see in movies, where someone has blackmail or threats enclosed.

It was never intended for me to see. Because there was no return address on the manilla envelope, it never should have ended up in my hands, but it did because they accidentally sent it to the wrong brother, who opened it and read it and then gave it to me.

He knew a law firm had written a letter of threat to my family. This letter was on Bullivant Houser Bailey letterhead and signed with John Kaempf's signature. I can't say he was the only one involved, because he worked with Whittemore and others. But it was his signature on that letter.

The letter threatened to "take action" against my family if they did not put a stop to me or "control the behavior of your grand-daughter". I believe this was around the time I was about to file for an Appeal of the case that had been dismissed because I was sick all the time and needed a medical abatement.

It was not just a legal notice, it was more than that. And the fact that it was sent to my GRANDPARENTS was beyond strange. Who sends a threatening letter to grandparents when it has nothing to do with them and they were never involved?

However, this is one proof that this firm and their people were using illegal methods and thought I was a very big deal. They wouldn't be threatening my family with harm if it wasn't. And this letter came from the law firm that represented the Archdiocesse of Portland in Oregon and The Mt. Angel Abbey.

If they would do this, and later try to frame me for other things that I never did, I don't think they can be excluded from using higher U.S. military and government connections to harm us.

Also, do you know why Alvaro wanted me to get my hair cut when he was with me? because it proved I had never once taken any drugs when CPS and Wenatchee said I had and I was going to prove it with my hair, that I had only tried such a small amount of marijuana, it wouldn't have even shown up at all. And this was a big point for CPS, one of their lies, when they had nothing, ,and I had the evidence in my hair and I allowed my hair to be cut. I had a bad feeling about it but I tried to ignore it, thinking maybe there was a solution to getting my son quicker. Instead, I had someone helping me get rid of evidence against the State and federal government, and then asking me about taxes all the time and who is the father of my son, after trying to first entrap me. And he's the one who said to say all the torture was just my creative writing and it never happened. Even though I was tortured and dragged through the mud, I listened to my instincts about not going to NYC and feeling something was being plotted against me there that wasn't good. I escaped. I don't know what I escaped, but if one group thought there was something good for me, I also picked up on the "bad feeling" that said there was something there that wasn't good. Someone could also say "Oh, she was getting her hair cut to look nice" but no, I had an instinct about why it was being done. What's really weird is how many Washington state and federal people were in on it. And then they torture me? Yeah...they've all reeaaally wanted to help and been friends of my family while they tortured and raped and drugged and hypnotised us. Who set Alvaro up to latch on anyway? Panetta and....James Middleton? the Brown boys? The reform jews who wanted me out of the way? I mean, who?

He did act compassionate about torture of my son. However, what happened to the compassion.

And then my entire family gets punished and tortured as if we did something wrong. ?

I walked through Seattle with him to get some of my medical records and sleazy young corporate types and medical types and college students were smirking with him like they were all in on a big secret. I was clueless. He had Wenatchee female lawyers propositioning themselves for him and in Seattle, I later picked up on a vibe that was also some woman in Seattle. I mean, it never ends.

How about it ends.

How about, you guys give me my son and quit torturing and killing people.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you, your Uncle Jay was not "killed," unless you say his own brain killed him.