Saturday, September 17, 2011

Help (Urgent need for help and protection)

My parents both need protection, and from some other group that, like I said, is not a "friend" or hasn't been around here getting close as a "friend" or an enemy either. I'm writing stuff (like at the last of my last post on my blog) about people being shot, and my son, my brother, me, and my Mom and Dad need additional protection right now. I'm not kidding. So if someone could watch and get closer so they're not slipped poisons, or tortured, or made to suffer for anyone, that would be great. We've all been tortured and assaulted, and they need protection.

Please help my family and parents now.

We need you now.
Okay, now it's getting weirder. I reported a long scar on my mom's face and now it's not showing up. It's been only maybe 2 weeks and how is it "not there" now? It was deep under the skin.

It's like I reported that my mom had this long scar and someone told her to take care of it. Or it's make up but I don't think it's make up.

My mom has all this super strong alpha-hydroxy acid, up to 70% and I've been saying to her the last week or more that her skin looked good. I don't know if she tried to acidize it off or what. It was on her right cheek and now I don't see it.

And then I looked closer and her cheeks look more pitted and irritated than normal. Just slightly.

I don't know. It looks like it's totally gone, and I can't see how that's possible. The only explanation is it's the make up (which doesn't make sense) or she was told to slough off her skin to hide the scar, or something.

And no, I didn't imagine anything. I saw it and stared hard when I saw it because I was so shocked to see it. And then after that, I was reporting this as a form of evidence for humanitarian groups and either it's gone purposefully or I need to look again later when make up is off. It was too deep though, to hide, I think.

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