Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cop: Devil's Kitchen & Christine Gregoire

He's a cop. I wrote about both of them already as U.S. government workers who used me for their own benefit, and not just to cook or wait on tables which is what the job was supposed to be about.

They allowed me to be tortured in their own diner and he's a cop.

Both of them do psychic work, or were trying to work on it at least. She does and he does. They both do. And I couldn't figure out if he was ex-military or undercover cop of some kind, but maybe he's both.

He's some kind of cop though, or has been, and they tortured me. True to form.

Her name is Tia and his name is Stan and they had hired a new cook who was also going to be bad news and I quit after a couple of days.

I had to go pick up a check from their book-keeper and everything they did was wrong. They used me for their own psychic research, they tortured me (themselves) with some kind of similiar technology as was used on me in TN and WA and they had friends come in from out of the area to torture me.

Right now, by the way, I have someone torturing me and from what I have been told, it's infrared sometimes and then in the past it's been something else and then I've had my face and skin marked up with lasers and some of it really is satellite.

The thing is, maybe one or both of them is more than "undercover cop" because most cops are not practicing psychic research. That's more of a military and CIA thing. Some cops work on it, I guess, but it's not common. They hire psychics, they don't usually practice being remote viewers and psychics themselves.

So maybe the cop vibe is that he works with cops all the time.

He supposedly runs this diner and works at a lumbermill. Where he has time to do other things I don't know, but I guess he does. Same for her.

They really did allow torture of me at their business. Which is the main reason I quit. On day 1 they were using me for psychic research and I was annoyed, but then they were torturing me. It wasn't a lot, but I wasn't going to stay and since I had not been forced out of any options, as the U.S. has done to me in the past, I quit.

Now, the U.S. is trying to force me to work for them again, for nothing. They've protected criminals once again, and screwed me over, (and by the way, right now someone in this neighborhood is using some form of technology to cause the laptop to hum and then it's this burning sensation in my heart.)

You know what I think I'm going to do...(tangent) with the response from the Governor Gregoire is put it in my junk box without opening it. Nothing their office has to say is going to be of any use or importance. They're not on the up & up. In that Washington political office, they hired bona fide mobsters. I mean, like Italian gun toting and other nationality mobsters. I'm not kidding. How in the world Christine Gregoire got her job, is only through mafia connections. I don't even know what her background is, I mean, she doesn't sound Italian, and doesn't sound Irish, but it's mafia based. I don't think this about all the departments, but she needs to be replaced by a decent person with good connections and not corrupt ones. She is so exceedingly mean and calculating. She does have a mean bone in her body. More than one.

She has a polished presentation and is organized but character is not there. She's gotten this far on mafia connections and organization. She played barbies a lot as a kid, and maybe she never got over the fact she wasn't a blond. Always wanting to be someone she wasn't. She is good at organization and having a glass of wine. I wonder if she's done some running. I don't mean for office and I don't mean at the gym.

Do you know what's really weird? I was putting groceries away today and didn't even think about it and just put the jar labled "Who Tortured Oliver" in the fridge. I forgot, and had left it next to the Italian olive oil. So I moved it and put it in the fridge and then looked at the label on the apples next to it, and they weren't my Grandpa's apples. It was "Extra Fancy Washington". I wonder if Gregoire thinks she's extra "fancy". Or fancies herself to be an "extra" in a Mobster movie. Why, by the way, hold off on responding to my question to her office for over 2 weeks? And then send it this afternoon? I didn't even click on it because I saw it and knew, she wanted to have it sent for personal satisfaction and emphasis, right after I have been forced out of college and she's hoping to have her buddy Wasson rule against me on the Appeal. There is something wrong with her. Really. She's one I first criticized before my son and I were tortured in Wenatchee, Wa. I started blogging about how I had tried to file for a Fair Hearing and every single person all the way up the chain until you got to the Chief guy, was a Gonzaga alumni. I had thought it was so bizarre. I mean, it was not just a few, it was ALL of them. Every single one up the chain, until I got to the top black man at the very top and he was the only halfway seemingly reasonable person. But I don't know. That was where I was randomly assigned a Judge and then I found out someone had deliberately re-assigned my case from the people who it landed on by lotto, the Unitarian lawyers who were like former hippies, to a Catholic Gonzaga man. And then once this was done, the next supervisor was Gonzaga, and then the next, and the next, and all the way up. So then I wondered, since this is an office where the Governer can have an influence on handing out seats, I wondered how many of these Judges and lawyers in State offices and positions were Gonzaga alumni. It was like 70% of them and then the rest were from another Jesuit college in Seattle. I thought, "What kind of Governer is she if she's giving seats out to this many of her friends, and not on merit?" In 10 years she's constructed this tight-knit little mafia for herself.

My torture has been very significantly Catholic-based. They even tortured my son, a baby. I think what they thought, was okay, we'll stop if she's marrying a Catholic man. The only time they stopped, when when I was marrying a "Catholic". And then there was some internal deal with the reform jewish community I believe.

I don't think she's healthy. Someone else with character needs to get in there and get these mafia people out of there. I mean 10 years of organizing this.

So anyway, I will go back to her and think about her some other time. The psychic workers from the Devi's Kitchen were not people I could work for.

And now, someone in the U.S. wants to force me into slavery again. They refused to honor my timely application for college, and they force my parents to work for them. They force my parents into what they even tell me to do, or suggest. I thought it was just them and then I realized, no, it's U.S. govt. sponsored mobsters.

They don't care if I am working. They just don't want me to have any money.

Someone cut a deal with the U.S. to use me for a longer period of time. Use, as in chattel, as in lab rat tortured by the mafia.

The Washington administration is overrun with mafia.

Maybe the "Extra Fancy Washington" apples next to my jar of "Who Tortured Oliver" is doubling for 2 Washingtons. The one in the NW and the "extra fancy" (and special) people in Washington D.C.

I had the jar "Who Tortured Oliver" sitting on the counter and just at random. First, when I poured things into it, it was next to the Imperial blender, the Rose cup, and the jam recipe, oh and the Westinghouse toaster. Then, it was lined up, after I organized things, not thinking about it, it was lined up next to the Italian oil on one side, jam Loyola (oops, Pomona) behind it, and a jar with short little pencils like from former petty criminals. Then I put it in the fridge, which was where it belonged, and out of curiosity looked at the tag and hmmm, how fitting, Extra Fancy Washington next to Who Tortured Oliver. Kinda sounds like a U.S.-mafia connection maybe. You think? I wonder what the blackberries represent?

Oh, and what was interesting, was I labled this and then I closed it up and somehow, with the heat, it resealed even though it had been for pickles before and washed out. When I opened it, it popped, because it had been sealed, and it said something about a seal popping when the seal was broken. The next seal I saw was one for the U.S. when I looked up the 13th ammendment. And what I thought about was about how someone needs to break the seal of silence and speak up about who tortured me and my son and family. The spill happened before someone spoke up, not after. Someone needs to tell the truth and hand evidence over to me. I am probably the only person to trust. Who do you trust? If you are giving sensitive evidence that could endanger someone, to help me prove what's happened, I blog yeah, and I've talked about some things. But think about it. Do you think that I would be a double against my own child? You could give evidence to the cops and you don't know which one is dirty. The FBI is corrupt. The CIA has doubles and triples. My parents and everyone else has been pressured into lying. I don't lie about my own son. I'm the one who cares the most, and who has been tortured for saying things most people wouldn't say. I will take the blame for it and I will be responsible for it. I understand there is risk giving it to me, because I am watched, my mail is read, everything I do is monitored. But if you can somehow get evidence in writing that has a seal from the U.S. on it, I will use it more honestly and responsibly than anyone else. Anything from a U.S. office, with someone's stamp, seal, signature, letterhead, and a photocopy is fine. Photos are fine to start. I don't care. I need evidence that the U.S. has supported this terrorism against my family.

Oh, and by the way, I tried to get my check from work again and they lied about everything. They lied about why they hired me, and then they refused to pay me. I sent them back their menu==mailed it, and I sent a letter asking them to mail my check to me. They didn't. They ignored me for weeks. I finally called and asked where my payment was for my work (which, by the way, is a far cry from someone claiming they're working for someone when all they're doing is screwing them over and pretending to work, which isn't me, but I've known a few). Then, I called ahead of time, on the phone and asked if they would make the check out to me then and there and could I pick it up when I filled out the W-4. She said yes, they would give me the check today. So I went there and they told me they weren't giving me the check. I said, "I called ahead of time to see if the check could be picked up TODAY and you said yes." I otherwise wouldn't have bothered to even walk over. They told me I had to see the owner of the business on Saturday because there was no signature on it. I said, "You told me you could give me the check today" and she said, "I can. I'll give you the check. But it's non-negotiable and you can't do anything with it. But I'll give you the check." They deliberately lied to me and it wasn't even an accident or mistake or someone waiting on someone else. They are telling me to do about 10 different things, just to get a check they should have mailed me on the day I quit, or after I mailed back their menu with my address. And I'm not going to go to their business again. But they are now telling me to go over and pick it up somewhere else, when they lied and said to pick it up at the first place.

They tortured me. They tortured me IN the workplace and they can't even send my check? And then they tell me it's not at the first place and not at the next place and go here, go there, and no we don't have a signature, and NO, I am NOT going to the diner to make another trip. They can MAIL my check.

It was like all they wanted was to smoke me off of the property so they could see what I was wearing today.

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