Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Mom's Feet

I put my hands over my mom's feet today. I got home and noticed they were bright bright red, and I put my hands on them and over the chromium sores and I felt the benign twitching.

Mom is being tortured. Has been. Is being.

Everything I do is too late, and I know God doesn't blame me for my timing or slow reaction speed, when I'm trying to be careful too, but everything I do is too late.

My mom had her hand over her heart when I went over to her feet.

Like her heart was hurting, or she was imitating the childhood pose for Pledge of Allegiance. And my hands were on her feet as I looked at the scars and the effects of poison and felt them twitching from U.S. military and CIA "mechanisms". I looked at her toenails and they are not just half bright red and white, which indicates serious heart problems (which happened just since the last hearing date I had with Washington state, Sept. 14, 2011). In only two weeks her toenails changed like that, and she has something far worse, which they are streaked and not even regular.

She just denied anything was wrong.

As I had my hands over her feet, she said they felt cool so I kept my hands on her feet to cool them down and after awhile, the swelling went down and I could see the veins in her feet again and they cooled because someone quit lasering her or whatever they were doing.

Guess who dared to call in the middle of this? Patty.

Who dared call and coerce my mom to chat with her like everything was normal.

I said to my mom, as my voice was near the phone while I was at her feet, "Hey, is there a Culinary Institute of America nearby?" And then I said it again, "Ask Patty if there is a Culinary Institute of America in Coquille."

My mother was the one who always wore turquoise. I didn't hardly at all but it was one of my mom's best colors. My mother had turquoise shirts, solid, all one color, and jackets, and coats, and lots of turquoise colored jewelry because her eyes are blue and her hair was blond.

And look at what they've done to my Mom.

Her eyes, in the last 2 weeks, have changed forever. For what?

For Christine Gregoires crew? I mean, since the last hearing, and actually, about a week before that, they came in to harass my parents and started torturing them in front of my very eyes.

This morning I got up early and knocked on the door and my Dad's eyes were horribly puffy underneath and swollen and I've never seen them like that. By this evening, he has the same dark brown and purplish skin color change on the insides of his eyes. It's very defined and extremely dark and my Dad even looked at me with one eye going cross-eyed at one point, which it never does. He was tortured and my Mom was tortured last night.

And then I was at the library trying to put a complaint together and make it right and do it correctly and then I thought, I need to look at who is working in this City and in the department, before I send this.

I sent out reports about what is happening today, to police. I need to mail certified too, but I at least gave copies to someone to have as of today. But still, I wish I had sent the 2 stamped envelopes out today but I didn't have the money so literally, I'm going to have to do a bottle refund on all these water bottles. My parents are forced not to help me with any money.

My parents are in immediate danger and I am not minimizing the truth. They are in serious and immediate danger.

I need someone to hold off or keep people at bay until the right people can help. They're attacked at home with military technology and at this point, with all the other additional harassment it has to be CIA too. If they're not being attacked here in the house, and having to deny it, they are even worse around the people they're forced to be with.

What seemed odd to me, after I looked at some of the police structure, was that my parents eyes are totally attacked and darkened on the inside and then I was looking at all of these different city employees or police and just trying to learn the town and figure out where I might even apply for work, because there's not alot here, and I found out the drug task force in the region is called "SCINT". And then there was some major bust called Operation Black Ice in 2005, and I thought, so what is going on here? someone thinks my parents are a part of something weird? if so, then why would the military be using technology against them? I mean, what's the secret about why military technology is being used to HARM us?

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