Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unreported U.S. Black Sites

I am reporting 2 undisclosed U.S. black sites today.

And I'm firing the law firm that has refused to represent me and my son's best interests and putting out all emails from all other attorneys showing each and every one of them did not represent me "reasonably" or even minimally, as required by WA law.

I was drugged with Haldol again, and it was used this last time, as in other cases, to keep me unmotivated and unable to work on my case.

I had the marks from Haldol on my backside for about 3 weeks until yesterday, and they were in the exact same places after Haldol was given to me in TN. I never had them before in my life, and that was my reaction and it was unique to Haldol. It has only recently started wearing off again and now the marks are mainly gone.

This drugging has been used a weapon and strategy to prevent me from helping my son.

And the U.S. has used my own parents against me.

My Dad told me to "let Oliver live his life" and after they said they'd help me with printing out emails that prove what these lawyers have done, they refused, at the last minute, just like last time.

So I said I'm reporting everything, including the fact that the U.S. has used my son to mind control him and try to create a Manchurian Candidate.

And my parents have been working for the U.S. and those involved have even drugged and tortured them to do it. So if there was a "contract" or agreement, it was taken under coercion and intimidation. I know they have been forced to work, because I saw the fear in their eyes when Alvaro was with me.

And Alvaro Pardo knows what's going on and keeps his mouth shut, and no, he does not work for the interests of children.

My parents kept saying I should have done things sooner and I said, "I was being medicated with HALDOL." I had to repeat this over and over. And they tried to have me move and I tried to argue for printing things out and they just did the same thing all over. So either they're blackmailed by the U.S., or it's a mafia and I think the two work together on this. I know they do. Some of the U.S. government acts worse than mobsters.

No, I couldn't function like normal, and blogging out of stress has nothing to do with being clear headed and un-drugged enough to think about my strategy and what's happening with my son. Haldol is used intentionally to keep people from getting things done. And my parents said my ideas wouldn't even work, and I said,

"No. My ideas are GOOD, and that's why they drug me with Haldol."

My ideas have been excellent, and they have deliberately allowed criminals to obstruct my ability to execute any kind of plan.

The UN and other groups need to investigate and I am prepared to give details about the undisclosed black sites I know of, and use my testimony.

I think the CIA has been trying to wiggle their way around getting in trouble for having black sites in other countries, and having these sites investigated by the UN, so they have been creating and masking more black sites in the U.S.

The only way the CIA is able to do this, is by paying mafia to help them, and bribing and convincing local, State, and federal officials to go along with it. The FBI has supported the CIA. Instead of defending the public against being tortured, they have acted in tandem with the CIA. The only time the FBI has followed their oath to protect the public and uphold the Constitution, in this situation, is if someone from the media or a firm gets involved.

I thought about not saying very much about my parents, because I didn't know if they'd end up in jail or what would happen, when they have been involved, but if they're forced to be involved, it's not their fault and the U.S. and mafia working with them will kill all or one of us if I don't say anything anyway. That's what they've done, they've poisoned almost all of us.

I was not only illegally used by the U.S., I had enemies torturing me for personal reasons, to block me from being able to pursue lawsuits against them. They used torture and when I found out triggering migraines and scheduling hearings to fit on those days, was torture and obstruction of justice, then they got more U.S. military buddies involved, and others, and really started to torture us, with worse.

If I had someone drugging me with Haldol, and even got my own parents involved, all the way up to the date of this Appeals hearing for my son, they did this to incapacitate me. They blocked me from having any money, blocked me from unemployment, forced me to work for U.S. government interests and people who were already enemies, and drugged me. And they did it all the way up to this case, just as they have with all the other cases I've had.

I found out my Dad was taken from his mother when he was 2 years old. Which is when they start traumatizing and experimenting with kids. Then, I asked about juvenile jail and found out it wasn't just one time he stole a car. It was a couple of times, but he went for a "joyride" and wasn't stealing it and returned it. He "voluntarily" enlisted to serve in the U.S. Army at age 17. I asked when he was put in jail and he said once or twice, once for a couple of days and the other time a couple of weeks. He was 15 years old the first time.

I asked how long exactly and he said he didn't remember. He supposedly doesn't remember any of it. He had borrowed someone's car and took it for a joyride without permission. When he returned it, they called police. I asked why he did that and he said, he was a kid and wasn't thinking. He was 15, went to juvie where who knows what they did to him. He had already been identified as genius level because they skipped him up a grade in school and wanted to skip 2, even back then, but his parents wouldn't allow it. So then he gets targeted by ...who? CIA or military?

Just like my Grandpa Garrett and other Garretts and Howards.

My parents drugged me while I was here. Someone may have done something to my food in my place when they were getting access, but I was also given things to eat that had medications in them. And it wasn't a lot, and much less than TN, but it was enough. And I think they were being forced to take poisons in food or drink if they didn't.

The U.S. doesn't want me to have my son back.

It has nothing to do with whether I'm a good mother or not. It has to do with politics, revenge, and greed.

It is the fault of the U.S. and they can be held liable for kidnapping and using humans for research and forced labor for the U.S. government. That doesn't mean foreigners haven't been involved. But I know for a fact that this is happening. And since Alvaro was Colombian and Catholic, and knowing what I know, there are strong grounds for religious persecution and hate crimes against me. The people who tortured me to keep me out of litigation in Oregon were not all Catholic, but when you think about it, that one of my lawsuits was agaisnt the Archdiocese and Abbey, and when I think about who raped me, and why, I know a couple of religiously affiliated groups tortured me together. Not just me, but a baby too.

My mother is forced to work for the U.S. too. I don't know how it was arranged that my mother and father met. She went after him, or changed churches for one man she liked and then ended up liking my Dad, so the story goes. For all I know, my mother was an asset even back then, at age 18.

Her Dad is U.S. Army.

Aren't they all Army!

However, they met, somehow, 2 extremely gifted and highly intelligent people met eachother in Wenatchee, Washington, of all places. There are not a ton of bright bulbs over there. A lot of malicious and mean people who use church as a cover, yes. But not a lot of bright bulbs. I take that back. To not insult Wenatchee, I would say it's not that they're stupid as much as they do whatever their told to do. And they're desensitized by years of doing illegal negotiations with the U.S. government. They're all blackmail material and the U.S. knows it, and exploits it.

So, for the life of me, as a kid, I couldn't figure out why I never was very interested in some of the men around me. Hardly anyone even sparked my interest, and it was because my model growing up was that a man is smart. I didn't realize that the model for smart that I grew up with was comprising only about .01% of the U.S. population. There are plenty of successful men. That doesn't mean they're gifted in weird ways and genuises. And with women, I knew my mother was smart, but I didn't realize she was more than smart. To me, they were just average people working and that's what they did.

The odds of one mind-controlled U.S. citizen meeting another mind-controlled (or researched) citizen is slim. I guess like attracts like, and smart people attract likeminded smart people, but how they found eachother to begin with I have no idea, though they were living close to eachother.

Maybe it was like the Kate Middleton-William thing--government -control people to match up later and block any other alternatives. Not that my own parents cared, because it seemed natural enough, at least to them. And actually, my Dad wasn't interested at first and then he was.

However it happened, I grew up around brains and then mobsters tried to control brains to use for themselves. And I was not gifted in the same way, and just talented in a lot of areas, but not completely gifted like some others, so I lived my life to find the U.S. allowing criminals to steal everything I owned from me and my family and pressuring my family to control ME.

And then when you have the Vatican against you, it doesn't help. The Vatican I figured out from my lawsuits and Mossad I figured out later and then I realized one group was trying to make the other group the fall-guy and give them excuses for ruining my life. It was like the Spy Game movie, where the CIA is finding an excuse for another group to kill someone or torture and then blame that group instead of taking responsibility for it themselves.

Then I realized some Protestants (so-called) were also involved, though later after being duped and not knowing what was going on and others from a more scientific standpoint and thought process that oh, this isn't about a family being tortured or Cameo being tortured, raped, and drugged, and falsely jailed repeatedly by enemies who didn't like her "good ideas". They had it played to them with violins: National interest, national security, fascinating new developments, amazing research, apple pie, raises, and personal feelings of reward and worth; patriotism, flag-flying, the enemy is getting ahead of us, other side of the fence looks greener, fear, Bible politics, unions with other countries, intermarriage for political peace and prosperity, genetic breeding dressed up as matchmaking.

I am able to report 2 U.S. sponsored black sites where people are being used against their will and blocked from any other alternatives.

I find it very interesting that both Obama and Leon Panetta declared, in written statements in February and April of 2009, that the "CIA no longer has black sites." They're lying, both of them, and both of them knew they were lying when they made these statements to the American people. It may not be perjury under oath, but there are still grounds for impeachment.

They put me in several different black site operations and they knew about it. They lied about the man from Iran that they had at a black site in Tuscon, AZ and they have lied about what they have done to me and my son.

My parents have been tortured to work for the U.S. as well. They have been tortured badly enough that they lie about everything to try to protect themselves and others.

Panetta issued his denial when I didn't marry his friend (or friend of friends).

And then encouraged further torture of me and my family.
I woke up this morning to the impression of someone throwing up because they had been poisoned.

My parents have denied everything. They are doing what they're told to do. And they're dying slowly anyway, because someone is poisoning them whenever they think they've done something to help me which would thwart their own plans.

Last night, both of them were not able to speak normally.

On Sunday my mom was poisoned with something and started to turn red and couldn't get her words out and that's not like her. She didn't blush. It was different. And on her lips there were marks and I said what's wrong with your lip? On a couple of other days, it is like someone has given my parents Haldol themselves and tried to disrupt their speech. Last night both of them stumbled over words after being out with "friends".

It's probably something else, because they don't touch my parents with very much as long as they can use them.

They are forcing my parents to work for them. It's as forced as the Phillipines thing I read about, where they coerced and intimidated a President to sell his property to them and leave.

If my parents don't do what they're asked to do, they're tortured or we are worse. Then they are asked to show what they've got after being put at a disadvantage and bets are made and they lose sometimes because they are used to be productive for others, not their own family.

A "black site" is a location where operatives for or working with the U.S. government imprison people (in some form) or trap them to either work for them, be interrogated, or tortured. Methods of intimidation, coercion, threats, and torture are used to keep people at black sites, along with cutting off other alternatives or means for escape or trying to raise money or use it to support their own independence from the black site operators. And then there are actual prisons too, where people are locked up. Any form of holding someone hostage by various means, to work for the U.S. government and employing the above techniques, meets definition of a black site. Black site means no one is supposed to know about it. No one except the people running it. Or, a little might be suspected, but the extent of what is going on is kept hidden or secret. A black site is not a secret mafia world or a militia setting where people are taken or kidnapped. To qualify for definition of "black site", the U.S. government must be involved. Most black sites are in other countries, because it's easier to break the law in other countries or not be held to domestic U.S. laws. It also keeps it more secret. However, there are also domestic black sites and it's not talked about as much because the FBI supports them. If it was their own kid or relative they wouldn't support it, but since it's someone else's kid, no one has a problem with it. Because domestic black sites are harder to hide, and are illegal, esp. in the U.S. under the protections of the Constitution, more methods are needed for distorting the true picture. They use gangs to make it look like gang or mafia work, or they use public officials and law enforcement to deny existence of anything wrong, to discredit informants. They blackmail and bribe to keep it top secret. They don't attempt to create most "manchurian candidates" in Cuba, or another country. They also don't lock kids up in facilities all the time, for their experiments. What they do is designate a locatation and put people into that location that they can use for the actual work and then also to cover for the actual work, to make it look like neighborhood issues, or conceal what's going on with some other problem they can blame it on. And, if you have enemies anyway, this works out perfect. The enemy has a motive and incentive to work with the government against you. When it involves kids, if the parent isn't willing to be involved, they take the child and adopt them out, or they blackmail the family into participating.

Blackmail gets more complicated when you're an adult and the U.S. tells you they can throw you into jail whenever they want if you don't do what they say.

My experience with blackmail would have been mooning a sailboat when I was 11 and then having police come around with my brother as a witness to the events. For years he was able to blackmail me with this. "I'll tell mom and dad about the police if you don't..." "If you tell, I'll tell mom and dad about the time you mooned the sailboat." And the whole time I was scared if he did, I might go to jail. My fear became such a natural part that he was able to use this against me until I was 18 years old or so, or maybe 16, when I finally turned around and said, "Go ahead. I don't care." I realized by then that I was not going to go to jail because I knew more about the law. Many people get blackmailed because they don't realize what avenues they have with the law, however, yeah, getting the top people in the U.S. to blackmail and show use of force is another things.

Look at what they've "shown" my parents they will do and can do. They falsely arrested me how many times? Dragged me back to the U.S. to be experimented on more, and kidnapped my son. They killed my Uncle Howard, killed my Grandpa, killed their first baby, traumatized and injured their other kids, and then tortured my parents around the time someone wanted the Middletons to stand out in a crowd. They've poisoned us, separated and kept us apart and guess what they're doing now? watching how "visitation" goes. They tortured all of us separately but maybe me the most, to get to them, and my son the most, and then after using us like lab rats for their research in other locations, they bring us back together to monitor the site and watch and see what I do, what I find, how I react, how we interact, and so on. First they had to make me look like crazy and try to destroy me to keep me "out of the way" and then they finally allowed me to live near my parents again and do the same thing with me that they did with me and my son. Monitor the visits. There is much more.

All black sites are required to be reported to the UN and other agencies like the International Red Cross (which is worth nothing if you ask me, unless you get to an international branch).

(By the way, I have someone torturing me again today, by infrared or heating while I use my laptop, for the record)

This means, domestic black sites. If you try to report it to the FBI, they're already in on it. The man at the top makes sure anyone interested in investigating is blocked from doing so. They won't authorize an investigation and if someone asks, they pull out the file that claims so-and-so is crazy. They'll allow someone who is in on the whole thing to "investigate" for other reasons, just to give them access to protecting the criminals and the CIA, and for having an excuse for surveillance for documentation purposes of the research project or operation.

A domestic black site is supposed to be reported

(I am right now reporting that my heart was just targeted by something like an electrical charge, for records of international groups)

My family is being and has been tortured.

And when they claim I'm not getting my son back if I say these things, no one was going to give him back to me anyway or they would have done something by now.

So I am not going to keep my mouth shut.

All the people on my case are Catholic, military, and/or Virginia based. A few have been Jewish.

It's a sham case, and the proper handling for sham cases is not to pretend that they're valid.

If the U.S. was willing to spend this much money, paying lawyers and courts for a case they know is not even valid to begin with, they are not giving my son back. If they are torturing me and my family, up until the time I wrote an inquiry to the UN, they don't want to give my son back. If they tried to blackmail the UN by threatening to cut off 22 billion dollars in money to the poor, after I ask the UN to make an inquiry into what the U.S. is doing with my family, they don't want to give my son back. If they tortured and forced my parents, by coercion and threat, to drug me with Haldol all the way up to the date of this hearing for my son, they don't want to give my son back. If they had Monica Wasson act as the Commissioner on this case, with her ties to Gonzaga and the CIA (indirectly), they don't want to give my son back. If they allowed my Appellate attorneys, a couple of them, to even use short conversations with me as excuses to harass me and try out their own psychic skills, they don't want to give my son back.

They drugged me to be unable to focus on getting to this case and getting done what I needed to do.

They DRUGGED me with Haldol 2 weeks ago and it's only recently starting to wear off. And there have been other drugs.

The U.S. does not want me to have Oliver Garrett.

I have also been a victim of religious hate crimes. The primary persons who have allowed these things to happen, are all from the same church. And since I said I wanted to raise my own son and said I didn't want him to be Catholic, they care about that and would try to find any excuse to take him from any family to do just that. They thought I was marrying a Catholic, so I guess they figured either they throw me in prison after I officially marry, and let some Catholic group take my son, or they thought my son might be raised Catholic.

They have persecuted me with hate, and the Jewish rapists and supporters have been all too happy to let some of the bad Catholics take the blame. Some like to then claim oh it's a different religion so it's not connected or involved. Money can bribe almost anyone.

The UN and International (not U.S.) Red Cross need to inspect 2 black sites that are unreported. They need to interview all of us and give us a chance to tell the truth with the idea that we will be protected if we share what's happening. My parents will never tell the truth while they're being tortured and coerced to lie, under penalty of death or going to jail. Neither will some of the others.

Someone just wrote to say there is a term in London that I could apply for, with a deadline in October. I'm not going to London. I want the UN and I want my son and I'm not going to take off for Middletons Oz Land.

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I feel so sorry for your parents. They tried to help you, but it's impossible. They probably want you to leave their property.