Tuesday, November 1, 2011

U.S. & FBI Torture & Obstruction on My Dad's Birthday

Last night when my Dad was here, the FBI was already into having us tortured still. I didn't write about it last night, but while we sat in my parent's house and talked, all kinds of things were being done, even if it was milder.

Then I went to my own house and all night there was technology. The entire night.

I slept in because of it and I woke up to it too, because they turned it up and made it worse.

Last night all I did was look up FOIA, Mandatory Declassification, and I emailed police in Oregon to give me information I need on an emergency basis. I was emailing police up to 12 p.m. last night and then I went to bed while being tortured the entire night.

Then, as of 11 a.m. this morning, someone in the U.S. who is still covering up for crime, decided to harass my entire family again and obstruct justice and my freedom of going to college.

An "agency" decided to call the U.S. Dept. of Education to stall my college money again and the U.S. Dept. of Ed. made "changes" yesterday, that were reflected and sent to me on my Dad's birthday, basically saying I can't go to college.

And then, on the same day, on my Dad's birthday, they had someone call over and leave a message about a court matter. They never have before and all of a sudden decide to call on my Dad's birthday.

My Dad's eye is black on one side this morning and so were my mother's, so something was done to them last night, and then one of his hands looked messed up today but he said he didn't work today...I am sure someone was around him though, because of how his hand looks, and it looked like he'd had someone pinching his nose because it was totally red on both sides and it wasn't yesterday.

It's not possible to function when the government is torturing you all night.

WHAT a competitive edge.

I'm wondering how those other families are stacking up, when they are NOT subjected to the torture we are subjected to.

WHAT a competitive edge they have. Amazing.

Here's the competition:

(now tie up A.'s wrists and ankles together. Leave B.'s hands and feet free. Tell them both to race to the finish line...! We have...


Then these idiots brag about how great their own people are. As if to highlight how incredible and hard-working and diligent and gifted they are, and even, how "moral" they are...wow...look at them go.

Look at the FBI go.

Oh, let's do again guys! but this time, instead of putting someone in jail to obstruct their freedom of travel, access to court, and college, let's make the harm invisible! that way, we can't get caught and it looks like it's their own fault.

So, here you go, here's 6 different fool-proof forms of torture through use of technology and we'll bash em up psychologically too, and torture their kids, and after you electrocute them repeatedly, and laser them, and put all kinds of LTL weapons on them, every single day, and every single night, for over 5 full years, let's have another race. May the "best man win".

Okay, look, he looks fine! no one is hurting him. Hey, buddy, anybody hurting you? he says no! pat-pat, good job buddy. Good job. (whispering into victims ear: now you just keep it up because if you don't, we'll make it worse and no one will believe you and you will all be in the nuthouse). Okay, men, let's go! we have A. and B. (no one knows A is tortured within an inch of life for 5 yr.s along with family, and laughed at by the FBI)...and on your marks!

Wow. WHAT an amazing race. You know, they just pulled through and it just goes to show what survival of the fittest and most mentally competent is all about, eh? Good job buddy. Good job. Hey buddy, can you get some help for man A over here? he's not feeling too good. I guess he's just "old and decrepit". Yeah, dark circles, so what. Lack of sleep. Get some more sleep buddy!

You see, through slow, methodic and diligent hard work and good ethics and morals and favor from God, yeah, that's what it's all about...we had a fair race here and we do it every day. Every day we make things equal and fair. We don't torture. Nah, we're the United States and we only let the bad guys that trash the name of the U.S. win. Win anything. Freedom in any form.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Garrett, can you explain exactly what you mean by "technology"? What type of technology do you think is being used? And how is the technology deployed to affect you and your family? Are we talking lasers? Radioactivity? Thanks.

Mama said...

That's a question the FBI should be asking me, in privacy, not on a blog.

And it would be the responsibility of the FBI to figure out the timeline and what contacts I made and when this started and who has connections to adversarial parties between me and my eventual legal adversaries, and those who may have been adversaries of my parents.

They would be reponsible for turning over Privacy Act and FOIA requests when my personal safety is and WAS at stake, in part because of corruption within their own offices.

They failed to do so and my family was tortured.

My son was tortured and then for 7 years our freedom of travel has been obstructed. None of us have been free to travel inside or outside of this country since 2004.

This separated and isolated family, allowing for worse torture and threat tactics, and it forced me out of college and onto welfare for the first and only time in my life, at the age of 30 years old.

It obstructed my ability to continue with litigation that protected my interests and reputation and enabled me to secure the kind of career and work I had plans to secure, and ruined my reputation internationally as well, as they put false information out about me that they knew was going to be discoverable by other international agencies.

Anonymous said...

I am still unclear as to the technology. Is it some type of laser gun like in Eraser, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Or is it some type of electronic technology put in your house? Riddle me this. If there is in fact this technology being used against your family and you, why wouldn't the members of the conspiracy simply get rid of you somehow with technology. Or does the technology lack the ability to say make a person disappear? Have you actually seen the mechanism that sends out the technology that tortures your family or is it just conjecture? I am still confused.