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More Than 1 U.S. Military Dentist (Oregon and Washington)

There was more than 1 U.S. military dentist that worked on my teeth from 2005-2006.  The first one was in Oregon, when I was commuting between Oregon state and Washington state.  It was after he worked on one of my teeth that my travel was then obstructed and I was blocked from travel between states.

The next U.S. military dentist was in Washington state.

I have talked about the one in Washington because I know they did something weird there to my tooth filling and I was refused my own dental records.  Then my dental records kept disappearing too.  However, the first abnormal visit I had with a dentist was in Oregon, during my litigation and I remember the dentist was hostile torwards me and I didn't know why.  It was the first time I had a dentist act that way around me but I blew it off.

However, he did the filling that was "blown out" (while I was in Oregon state) the same time an Oregon "dam" had a hole blown into it.

I believe my parents know and are tortured to not say anything.  I remember something bizarre happened with that tooth while I was in Oregon and then I asked my parents about helping me pay for a filling since I did not have insurance at that time (inbetween insurance, and my college coverage didn't cover it or something).  They said no.  I couldn't figure out why in the world they would say no and then after this dentist put in a filling, and discovering just last year what was done with that specific filling, I think they were possibly trying to protect me from further implants by U.S. federal government-connected people who were hostile to me.

When my parents wouldn't help me with this, my grandparents paid for it.  It was an opaque filling, to match the color of my tooth. 

I have thought it is only the tooth right above it that is a problem, and I can feel that one literally vibrating.  I mean, literally...vibrating.  However, the one that "crumbled" one day, for no reason (no bad hygeine and no previous detection of any cavity as I'd been to a dentist 1 year earlier with no problem)...was filled in, in Oregon.

I had gone to a dentist and there were no cavities.  Then, out of the blue, one day, this back tooth literally crumbled in one part.  It wasn't like a normal cavity decay or anything.  I remember that even then, not suspecting neck implants with microchips or anything, or ear implants, I knew it was not normal. 

When I finally had it filled in, I remember the dentist who did it was creepy and acted like a sadist.  I remember, because it was the first time I had a weird dentist do my tooth.  I thought he was connected to Mt. Angel Abbey monks or someone I had litigation with, because of how he acted around me. I  sensed something was "off".  He acted like he hated me but he was taking my money to put in a tooth filling. 

That tooth is a molar directly beneath the one that I had done with an implant by a U.S. military dentist in 2006.  So I had one done on the bottom, in Oregon, after a weird incident, and then over 1 year later, a federal-connected dentist was putting one in immediately above it.

The bottom molar that was "blown out" recently, while I was living in Oregon and where someone sent a link to my Dad to announce the occasion, and where an Oregon legal secretary knew it happened...that molar is the one that was done in Oregon, right before my travel was obstructed to keep me from traveling.  It was done after I reported the FBI employees.  I mean, this little "explosion" and crumbled section to that molar occured, I believe, after I made the FBI misconduct complaint, or right around that time. 

I actually don't think I was commuting back and forth quite yet.  But I called my grandparents when my parents wouldn't help.  I was so completely shocked over it, I said, "Are you kidding me?!!  I will pay you BACK!"  I had borrowed money from them before and always paid them back so they knew I was reliable with them.  I thought it was one of the most bizarre responses they had ever given me.  To refuse to help with a tooth filling after a totally weird incident with that tooth.  But now I think they were possibly trying to protect me from more implants, knowing it was an opportunity to do something to my tooth. 

It is possible something was already done to them, and that they knew about Utah's microchip work and were tortured not to tell.  So they would know that any excuse to send me to the dentist or hospital was an opening for further harm and an access-point to implants for purposes of torture.

I remember for sure...I actually think,....possibly it was before I made the FBI misconduct complaint...I have to think a little more and retrace it.  I know for sure Jonathan, this Jewish guy, was around and in my life at the time it occured.  I met the FBI while I was still going places with him.  I don't believe I went out with him, in person, after I met the FBI agents Bujanda and Garza.  I am pretty sure the incident to my tooth occured when I was near the end of going out with Jonathan.  I saw Dylan (Christa's boyfriend Ryan Barne's friend) at a club and I remember it was around this time because after it happened, I had bleeding and Jonathan commented about it because the blood in my mouth made my breath bad.  When I first went out with him, nothing had happened to my tooth.  It happened, I think, while I was going out with him still.  I am thinking this was either Jonathan or Mike Tanzer.

It is possible that I had the filling, and after the filling was done, then the FBI was inside of my house, looking around.  Trying to get in, for one thing, and then looking around. 

If it was Jonathan, it happened before I met FBI.  If it was Mike Tanzer, the tooth incident happened with Mike Tanzer...It was someone I dated...posssssibbbbllly...Mike? not Jonathan? 

First I was thinking Jonathan but I have to think a little more because it may have been while I was seeing Mike.  I am possibly remember it was maybe with Mike.

I will remember for sure and then post my update.  I don't want to be incorrect about it.  Whether it was Jonathan or Mike, I guess I met the FBI and they were in my house, after this occured.  I had already had my tooth filling in, I believe.

I'm positive because I didn't kiss the FBI agents (either one of them) and I didn't have Dylan saying anything about was with Jonathan or Mike.  I remember because it hurt my feelings when they made a comment about it and I felt hurt because I couldn't control what had just happened to my tooth and the bleeding from it (before it was filled).  It happened after I had already been with them so it was this new horrible thing I had to deal with.  I also remember because I thought how was it possible when I had no cavity at all less than a year earlier?

My tooth blown out and then I had to have a filling and it was done by a dentist that did NOT like me.  An opaque filling that was later blown out, by technology, in Oregon again, 7 years later.

At the time it occured, I was making a rape report to Portland PD and in the middle of litigation.  It was the first odd physical thing that happened to me outside of military-remote-controlled migraines.  I had had cavities in my life before, of course, but this was totally different.

And then the way that I was targeted, to the same place, 1 year ago, was also not normal.  And it first happened in Oregon and then they targeted me again, to the exact same tooth, in Oregon.

This means, that when the legal secretary who works for the Prosecuting Attorney in Coquille knew I had something done to my tooth (a year ago), it wasn't a one-time Oregon thing.  It was the second time something was done to that specific tooth, in the State of Oregon.  She worked in California for awhile, goes to the Methodist church, and is married to a man who works a large farm of livestock and forest trees with his brother.  She is connected to the Department of Justice through her work as a legal secretary for the district attorney here.  She's lived in Oregon (Coquille) for around 12 years.  The family is related to the Harmons.  Mike Nichols was connected to a family with the name Harmon and Judge Nancy Harmon is a Judge in Wenatchee, WA.  The Harmons had a farm in the same area Lisa's husband has the farm (near Eugene, Oregon).

I thought the dentist who didn't like, didn't like me because maybe he had a bad opinion about me from reading the Willamette Week or knew one of the lawyers that was my adversary.  I wasn't sure.  I had gone to "Gentle Dental" in the past in Oregon, and had good care and then when this occured, they acted really weird and said they couldn't do the filling.  I thought why wouldn't they do the filling when they had done work before?  So I believe I was referred to this other dentist or I found him after calling around in the phone book.  It was $400 and my grandparents paid for it.  It happened at the end, near the end of 2004 going into 2005.

My parents possibly knew something was wrong with the dentist, because I gave them the quote of how much he said he'd charge and told them who it was first.  I couldn't understand why they wouldn't help with something like this, when they and I (we) always knew I paid back everything I ever borrowed from them.

So then I flipped out when I was in Wenatchee and being told to take a plea bargain for something I didn't do.  I thought, first you don't pay for a tooth filling and now you tell me to take a plea bargain which would ruin my history when I didn't do it?! 

I think they were being controlled then just as they are now.  I didn't know it then though.  It was around 2002 that things got weird, and by 2004 they didn't even say the same kinds of things or give the same kind of advice they normally gave.  It was like someone was dictating to them what to say to me.  I pretty much did my own thing anyway, but I remember around 2002, a few calls where I didn't understand why they sounded frantic or panicked and were then asking me to do things that were not what they'd normally say.  It was like the lawyers for the cases I had, had put their hands around their necks, and squeezed and said, "and now you are going to say this to her...and tell her to do this..."  Total control and an attempt to use my parents to control me.  While this group wanted to control me, they tried to split my family up too, to divide us, and have us working against eachother.

They wanted control.  Whoever was controlling my parents wanted ultimate control.

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