Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ruby Ridge and The FBI

I am compelled to now find out what Ruby Ridge was all about.

I was going to read the wiki on it but there is a movie I grabbed tonight and I'm watching this. I put it in and the first thing that came up was an ad for "Missing and Exploited Children". 1-800-LOST.

And then there is listed a movie for "A Mother's Revenge" so I thought I had the wrong one but then I found it's the Ruby Ridge movie.

I wonder if anyone from Ruby Ridge or WACO was ever held accountable. If not, did anyone ever sue in a civil rights suit? or try using RICO? RICO probably didn't apply, because there wasn't a solid trail of governmental fraud and money laundering.

While watching this I thought about that no-fly list. I think I might be on it. Which, if true, could be very interesting since the U.S. keeps stalling on giving me my passport or even my NCIC records. Also, someone in TN talked to me about how she wasn't able to fly anywhere because she had dated someone the FBI associated with terrorism, right or wrong, so they wouldn't let her leave the country. I got this from 2 different people, over 3 months ago.

I have also been wondering when this charge against Julian Assange came up because I felt something brewing. As a woman who is a victim of assault, I don't downplay an accusation, however, there is something wrong with the timing.

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