Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's Photos of Lasered Arms (7 days later)

The problem is that you can't see how long and defined the line is, as it shows up in person. It shows the curve and makes the lines clearer instead of presenting as blotches. So I basically need to take more photos with a regular camera to be sure I have good evidence of torture. It's not from the "lime juice". I hadn't even been drinking lime the whole day when it happened. I had taken a break and quit drinking it. I even told my parents this when they said something about lime juice. And additionally, the lines went from my left arm onto my left thigh which is where my arm was resting. Lime juice doesn't mark like that. I wasn't drinking lime juice that day. I had no marks anywhere else except for on the only arm that had window exposure (my right arm was by the wall and out of the window range and not exposed). I had an instantaneous itchy feeling where I realized, blisters and a red burn were instantly on my arm in a line formation. I scraped blisters off and they reformed instantly. Then the redness faded about 50% by the next day and my marks on my thigh disappeared.

I WANT MY SON and I have a claim of torture. I can give tons of details for both myself and my son. And most of it has been white torture or meant to never be discovered.

Here are some photos I just took in the library, of my arm. They're not great, but again, it gives the idea. This is 7 days later. And I have photos marking the middle of the week, not the first ones I uploaded and not from today, but from about day 3 or so. But these are from the last hour and they look much worse and more defined in person. These photos are really not very good, but at least here's the proof. I WANT MY SON BACK you MUTHERFUCKERS. And I want the smear on MY name and reputation, of being "mentally ill" RETRACTED.

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