Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mossad in Psych Ward: Religious Confusion About Mental Illness

I heard a few good sermons this morning, but then in one of them, I thought, "This is like, the reason decent psychologists are needed."

It referenced "schitzophrenia" and talked about whether it's mental illness and psychotic breaks or demon-possession or what.

After what I've witnessed and seen, I think to myself, "There are a lot of confused christians and then there are a lot of CIA and Army christians."

Take, for example, a story I read not too long, in an article online, about 2 Israeli Mossad agents. Now, how it was revealed they were "Mossad" I don't know. I don't know many countries that want to have everyone knowing who their "MI6", "CIA", "Mossad", "Hamas", you know...down the list, "KGB"...generally, a country does not want this kind of thing revealed.

So here was this article, to explain why 2 Mossad agents were being held in a psych ward in Israel. The entire article was explaining, I guess to others and the other inmates and personnel that witnessed what was going was explaining why an Israeli guard was stationed at their room 24 hrs/day. The explanation was that they had both had "psychotic breaks" and the reason was that "this happens sometimes in this line of work...the stress levels are high...and there is real danger and it can lead to this.." So they said to the reporters that the reason the guards were there, was because they couldn't afford to have any "sensitive information leaked" while they were being held. Like, during the "psychotic break" they might spout out some state secrets. I guess regular citizens are dethroned with just simple lies and false psych evals and detainment. And if you have been Mossad or others knew, they can't just send you to a psych ward and expect everyone to believe the explanation. Hence, the 24 hr. guard.

I think it's strange too, that 2 of them were admitted at the same time. I guess "psycotic breaks" are contagious or something? What happened, they infected eachother?

So I hear stories like this, and I have a much broader perspective of what might be going on. I know that it is possible there is or was something that these agents were trying to share to actually save someone, and others didn't like it, so they rounded them up to be tossed in. And I worry about what is happening to them. Just as I would worry about anyone else in this situation.

So I hear stories about paranoid, psychotic, or schitzophrenic people, or episodes, and I am so much more skeptical. The abuse and abuse potential over "mental illness" is enormous. I mean, I read this article online weeks ago, maybe even a month ago. But I didn't forget about it.

And I just heard this short sermon or lecture touching on the topic and I thought about the article. It is possible to be held and tortured in ones own country, and have it passed off as "therapy" or "treatment".

And someone maybe doesn't like the fact I am writing about this because they started up the burning laser crap while I started writing about it.

I think it might be interesting to team up with someone who has a lot of military technology information and knowledge, and maybe, I don't know...I don't know if I will, but have a doctorate degree in psychology and fight for people who are being discredited as nuts when they're not, and those who have been used in secret projects and tortured.

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Anonymous said...

U can keep trying to find excuses to believe ur are just being labeled, but the fact still remains that u r mentally ill. U can spend the next 50 years trying to find excuses for ur behavior, but u will end up wasting ur life away. Or, u could look in the mirror and realize that u have created ur own pain, act like a responsible adult, seek and follow through will cognative therapy and become a functioning member of society. Until then noone will have any reason to respect u.