Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogger Format Restored & Dream

Thank goodness. My blogger format restored. I was just talking about taking it in today but I don't have to.

I have catching up to do now. I woke up thinking I eventually need to get moving again for oxygen to my brain. Exercise.

I had a dream last night about a cyclops baby girl. I don't remember how it started but at some point it was almost like I was kidnapped but there was this baby girl with me and she was as well. She had cyclopia with one large eye in the middle of her forehead and a smaller eye that wasn't really there, to the side. At first it was a baby and with darker skin. She almost looked like she might die she was so small and while this man was driving around, I started talking to her and tried to make her comfortable. She wasn't in a carseat and I got one from the back and brought it up and I talked to her and was dressing her. I picked out a t-shirt and it was inside out and said, "Here's one" and said this was the one for her and the man driving smiled and was suprised I chose that one and it was like a good sign. And then I turned it to the right side and it had a bunch of Disney princesses on it and the saying "Girl's a Princess." So I took off the one shirt and put this on her and then one over it so only a few letters showed from the saying but when it was like that, the saying changed. Then it was kind of like she changed or was older and maybe white, a few times race or age changed, and the man driving, after I put her in the princess t-shirt (not knowing that's what it was) and moved her up to the front seat with me, I noticed the man driving had changed his shirt or it had transformed from being a t-shirt to a long sleeved solid black shirt and some kind of khaki military style longer shorts or pants. And then I thought I was going to get out somehow. Like someone was going to let me go. Then this girl was older and standing in front of me on the carseat and had a dress on with a shirt over it and she fell backwards and didn't get up and I was wondering what was wrong. In this scene she had brown curly hair and no cyclops eye and 2 bright blue eyes.

It was just a wild dream. I watched just a small bit of "Naked Gun" last night, only the part where he's getting a hot dog and someone says "It's the President!" and then the Pope and cardinals run by and she yells "and the mob!" and I turned it off. I had looked up Catherine of Aragon yesterday but that's about it.

So this morning I looked up cyclopia and a list of unusual babies that have been born.

The last thing I had done before falling asleep was to read from The Encyclopedia of Mathematics. I actually like the book. I read about the binary system and what LLL, LOOL, and LOLLO represent and found out it was the Hindus who invented the zero (I'm still not personally convinced it works as a convention on the number line though it's filling the gap for now). And I looked ahead at integral and other calculus. I didn't just read the text, I worked out the solutions or symbols in my head to see how it matched the word description. I didn't understand what L was for until I read the equations and figured it out.

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