Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poison, Technology & Vegan-Raw Foods Explore

Someone has been using technology all day while I've been online. My Dad has been gone most of the time and my Mom the whole time, and everything that's been done has been the burning that feels like a laser coming from the monitor and which targets and encompasses a radius near my heart and chest. It's round and a radius, because it's bad enough that I feel parameters and this is the part of my body that is targeted and heated unnaturally.

So the crazy thing is that some group in the U.S. is still doing this and getting away with it.

If I walk away from the laptop, it quits entirely. And someone has stopped and started it all morning. The keyboard starts vibrating a lot more than normal when they are turning up whatever they use to do this.

Like just now. I wrote about it and all of a sudden, someone cranked up whatever they were using and my keyboard began vibrating and shaking and then it got hotter around my heart and chest.

There is no possible way the U.S. doesn't know what it is.
Also, I found out that potatoes I had sitting on my kitchen table for awhile were poisoned by someone who came into my place while we were at church. There was no other time for them to do it. And someone literally poisoned one of the potatoes and I had to throw all of them out because of it.

I am not making this up. I have been around potatoes and done lots of cooking and I've seen potatoes in every single imaginable condition. I had the cookbook about 1001 ways to cook with potatoes or whatever. I used to buy them by the sack and sometimes they went bad, and I know what a bad potato smells like.

Have you ever smelled a poisoned one?

A normal rotting or "bad potato" smells musty, like dirt but worse. It can be crawling with maggots even, and still, it generally smells like dirt.

A potato sitting in with a bunch of other potatoes doesn't form white crusted ulcers and then smell strongly of a chemical fume like a very strong paint thinner or paint.

After having these potatoes all together, for about one month and most of them looking okay, I sat down to peel them while they were still raw, and cut them up for a salad. I peeled with a knife instead of a peeler, because there were a couple of spots. I got to one of them and it was poisoned. It was not "bad". It was poisoned. I had peeled half of the others, and then got to that one and this extremely strong fume emanated from it. It was a chemical and not a normal decomposition. It had white crusted over ulcers on the outside, and the inside smelled like a very strong paint base. But worse, and much stronger. It was 4x stronger than smelling a paint stick fresh with paint.

I smelled the other potatoes and they smelled like that healthy dirt smell. But this one was completely poisoned, all the way through. It wasn't "rancid". I am telling you, it was poisoned. And who would do this to a potato or why, I don't know. Would I have smelled it if I'd just boiled them altogether? I think so, but I don't know for sure. I just know that after that, I threw them all out and I told my mom yesterday and she said, "that's a waste" or something about not wasting food. Which is not really like my mom either. I really think the other ones were fine, but because the smell of the one was so horrific, I didn't know if all of them had something in them and just hadn't started stinking yet.

By the way, I still have a mark on my forearm from the laser. The laser that supposedly doesn't exist which we all know isn't true. Now, part of it is dark brown and the other part, where my skin burned and blistered up the most, it is bright white/pink and lighter than the rest of my skin on my arm. Why? because it's a rash or reaction to "lime juice"? No. It's evidence of torture by the U.S. Unfortunately, while most people in the U.S. are decent, I have to say it's the U.S. because there is no other explanation. I guess the people blasting me today are upset about my birth control post. Maybe because they can't have kids, or don't want me screwing up their ability to make all their mistresses take the pill. Maybe because they're mad about their mom and don't know who to take it out on, or they themselves are on the pill and don't appreciate the idea of their boobs having an expiration date.

So anyway, I threw all the potatoes out, just in case... and yes, one of them was fully and completely poisoned with something awful. I had seen these poison berries when I was picking blackberries, and it was a cluster to the side. I started peeling my potatoes and had set 4 to the side and I didn't realize, on top of the same kind of poison berry. When I picked one up, a couple of berries stuck to it and I noticed it right after I peeled the poisoned potato.

I also threw out a full jar of jalapenos because they were sealed but then I looked at the ingredients and one additive was sodium benzoate. So I looked it up along with calcium chloride and decided my fresh jalapeno peppers in the fridge are fine and I tossed the chemically laced ones. If sodium benzoate is an additive, the lit. says that's one you should definitely toss.

I've been eating all this raw food and I did try one and I thought, "This tastes weird." So I looked at the ingredients and then checked it out and they got the garbage.
So I'm vegetarian, not vegan. But, I looked up veganism. And I also looked up raw foods and I think this is what most of my diet consists of anymore. Sort of raw whole foods. I do cook some things though, for soup, or beans, and squash.

Today, for example, I had oatmeal cooked with english breakfast tea (instead of plain water), and then added lots of fresh whole blackberries, doused with real maple syrup and then milk added.

For lunch I had about 1/3 cup soybeans, 1/4 c. black beans, (separately) and squeezed fresh lime over them. Then to the side I had my mashed potatoes that I made (I used a sealed mix instead of the other potatoes) with butter, fresh chopped onion/italian parsley/and 1 packet of arby's horsey sauce (for a whole batch of mashed). And then I had a 1/4 of an acorn squash with a pat of butter to the side as well, with a glass of milk.

The only other thing I've had is tea and a tsp. of blackstrap organic molasses.

I tried giving the skin of the acorn squash to the deer (the twins) and then rubbed a little mashed squash onto my forearm and wondered if it has any medicinal properties. I rubbed it across my laser burn.

I just read squash (after looking it up) can be used for dry skin or skincare. I might have to try it more often. One of the twins just BOLTED past my porch and the other one is just staring at it.

I was rubbing more squash on my arms. I think it had a tiny bit of lime juice and butter on it and after I rubbed it in and brushed it off, it sounds weird but it smells good. It smells like a very light perfume.
I was going to go to the courthouse and look up juevile law but I decided it might be a waste of time if the books are all Oregon state. So I have to do what I can online and then mail and fax something right away, about withheld evidence.
Here's something weird. This morning for a brief second, I heard about P. Harry getting drunk on Monday night and then tripping or falling into a water fountain or pool. I don't know if it's true but I sort of wondered about it because that was the night I was fine one minute and the next I had this bad feeling, and on top of it, I felt this alcohol vibe. Like, I felt the urge to have a drink. An alcoholic drink and I was trying to figure out why because since November, it's been the first time I had some strange urge to drink out of the blue like that. I was sitting there, feeling this drinking vibe and I thought about my vodka for my milk thistle but no, I wasn't going to drink. But I kept feeling this drinking sense from somewhere and then I sensed a bad feeling. Like something wrong. But it probably wasn't that. BUT, I did hear this short one liner quip and thought, "...(scoobie doo style) huh?" What was weird was that it was Monday night and I didn't know anyone who would be drinking then. I just felt, personally, like drinking and I picked up on something.

My tincture is still all there. It takes a month to marinate. I could've had a swig but I didn't. I'm using it for medicinal reasons. Really. Like a toddy but not.

I had the bad feeling right after the sci-fi movie scene where the woman comes out of the pool of water and dresses and then says hello to the man who found her there. So it was this good vibe and then all of a sudden, the cook in the white coat trips and then takes a swig from a mountain of bottles of whiskey, next to Robby the Robot. somewhere around there, in that movie, while watching, I sensed a vibe I didn't like. I thought I don't know where it's from so I need to change location. So after I sat and tried to watch more, really loving the art in the movie, something was really bothering me so I said I was leaving to my place. My Dad asked why and I said, "I don't know. I have a bad feeling about something." I thought maybe it was my son, and maybe it was. I don't know. I just know I had this bad feeling so I thought try changing locations for whatever reason, or change what I'm doing, so I did and then the lights cut out and I cried a couple tears I guess and then I started thinking to send my thoughts and later that's when I saw a woman and a fire. But anyway. Then I was feeling better too. Like something got better and it was better by the time I fell asleep. No more bad feeling. Which was strange, bc I had just seen this impression of a woman and her kid and fire, but whatever it was that triggered my down feeling went away so something resolved and I didn't feel the bad vibe anymore.

(if I find out I'm a mutant on a puppet chain with a bunch of other puppets, I won't be very happy. Who's the puppetmaster if so?) Now that would be a scary movie.

It was the TCM movie playing on Monday night. A 1960s sci-fi.

I first noticed something shift right at the switch from the scene by the pool to the 2 guys in the building that came up next. And then another shift after the cook trips and starts drinking whiskey. Then I was wondering how something went from feeling like prayer or a good energy to feeling bad. And then I was looking through the two magazines in front of me on the coffee table and I saw both had big sections about pizza. I had just walked to the house with a stack of books to return to my mom and a big pizza round sheet with blackberries all across it for the freezer. So the feeling had changed already, and then I was seeing pizza sections right after I brought in a big pizza tray, and then I got up to leave and saw a belt to the side and kind of wondered if maybe the bad feeling was because my son was being spanked or something.

So I didn't like being predicted about carrying a pizza tray over there. And I didn't know what else was going on, but as soon as I sat down and was watching the movie, right at the part about the pool where the woman is swimming, I started feeling like having a drink. And I didn't know what that was about. So I finally left, and after I said, "I don't know, I have a bad feeling for some reason..." I added, "I don't like being USED!" and stormed my way to my place where the lights went out and I decided I didn't need to cook more soybeans anyway. I was going to bed. Oh, and first I went back to my place and grabbed 3 more books I found and said, "I forgot to give you these."

Then later, the bad feeling went away.

Oh, and now I'm reminding myself I still need to get those blackberries. I ended up using smaller dinner plates at my own place and spreading the berries on these. I was able to fit 3 at a time so I froze them single layer and then poured them into freezer bags.

Anyway, if anyone was drinking heavily on Monday night, I maybe picked up on your alcoholic vibes.

Anyway. I can't look. I just looked up an article on Huff post (first one that came up) and I can't watch the video. I am just glad I didn't go out today because when it crossed my mind to wear the same thing I wore 2 days ago and I thought "recycle my outfit?" and then thought, "no, this is Coquille." So I was going to go out for a walk today but didn't because someone was lasering me the whole time with my laptop and I said to my Dad, "I feel like someone is trying to smoke me out, so I don't think I'm going to go out." So I took the dog and cat for a walk on our property and cracked up laughing halfway, thinking about how I looked like a clown. I had put curlers in my hair, and then had these bright fuzzy pink socks on and my jeans pants legs rolled up and then I put on my black shoes to take the animals for a walk and realized I looked like a circus clown, with my hair rolled up looking like a short haired rainbow clown wig or something.

I was given a table and a couple of chairs and I expect to see my son sitting in one of those chairs! (my son: Oliver). What else do I have 2 chairs for anyway? the cat? Anyway, they're rusted at the botom so I have to repaint. Looking at the feet of the chairs reminded me about finding the poisoned potato.

---you Piazza Matei fountain fumbler. And ---the Army & Army Inc. I knew exactly what you were thinking. Turtle Fountain? I was vibing something black and white, like a movie, about falling into a fountain after looking up Italy. And I'm tired 0f all of this. Leave me alone and quit torturing me.

All someone did all day today, was burn me.

In America.

This is not a good country. I'm sorry, but what happened to human rights.

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