Monday, August 15, 2011

Deleting Swearing

I decided I'll go back and delete the swearing I added. It makes it harder for some to read, who might want to know what's going on.

I need to include some other angles from the window too, bc it either happened from the sky, or from a road that is up on a hill, where someone could have driven in and parked or from a house. That entire time, right about the time where I posted how the news said "The Royals" had a domestic issue (in Coquille) someone was laying it on. For several days someone or some group came in and just blasted the whole area using technology that caused burning sensations, and it was obvious. Then our dog got very sick and when it was dismissed as his having had something bad to eat I knew it wasn't that. From where I was sitting though, and in proximity to the direction of the burn on my arm and thigh, it is more logical that it came from higher up. Esp. because it also got my thigh, which was much lower and therefore the source had to be even higher to have that range.

I knew someone had involved the dog in the torture, just like they involved my past cat and my son in E. Wenatchee.

I picked the dog up one day, on a day when I was being tortured over here (they didn't stop for the lime flush--instead, some group fought my lime buying as some kind of threat I guess...fulfillment of some prophesy that are all shot up over). There were unsavory sorts in town and others who are nearby and joined in. Not good people. But it's totally different here, and everything has been hugely improved bc of how small this area is and how it's easier to track things.

So I picked up the dog after someone had been using something all day that affected my heart and I knew it was familiar and then I went to the dog and the dog's heart was out of control. He wasn't running or moving very much and yet his heart was totally overactive. I knew right away that he had been tortured. Or had been in the crossfire or line of target. I said, "What's wrong with the dog? his heart is not normal." and it wasn't. Everyone said maybe he ate something bad but no he didn't. And then he was pooping and it was much runnier and I thought, "This is like what happened to the cat" and then sure enough, a few days later, he did something else the cat did. He was still not himself and very slow and usually he's full of energy every day. He was walking off balance some of the time and then just very slow and then after a few days, he started to do this very odd arching of his back, and walking bowlegged, exactly like the cat did after it was targeted for torture. And this is not a dog that walks with his back arched up. He's a havanese. Havanese bow, they don't arch their backs up. They bow down. If they ever arch their backs, it's not up, it's the complete opposite way and I know a thing or two about dog breeds and learn from observation as well.

Cats arching their backs is more normal. But what our cat was doing and how it ended up, was anything but normal. And then to see a havanese dog replicating some of the effects that I've seen before, while being ill, stood out more than a little.

It wasn't like he just stretched once. He was walking stiffly that way and it was totally abnormal. Havanese dogs have short front legs and longer back legs. Their bottoms sort of sit up higher and the body slopes downwards naturally. Then, on top of that, they greet people by bowing. They stretch out their front legs and rest their heads on them. It is highly unusual and unnatural to see a Havanese arching their back up and walking around that way. Not only that, later I checked his heart and it was about half as fast as it had been before. He didn't want to eat at all. And I know that the cat, myself, and my son, has less of an appetite when we were being tortured in E. Wenatchee too.

I told my parents the other day, "There is no possible way Christa Schneider doesn't know someone who is connected to all of this."

I was telling them, I started out by saying why I hadn't had any new friends since her. I said after her I couldn't trust anyone enough.

And then I said, "I know she knows someone connected to this because when it first started happening to me and Oliver I told her and she acted panicked or weird and said she would talk to me later. Then, it stopped. When it stopped, Christa called me up right after and said "Did it stop?"

I had thought, "First she acts like she knows what's going on and then she calls me after it stops (which was definitely something noticeable, when it quit) and asks me if it stopped."

I told my parents, "It had stopped, but I thought it was strange she was calling me right when it stopped so I lied to her. I said, "No" and she said, "It didn't stop?!" and I said, "No" and she kept going back to asking me and saying, "It didn't stop?" and sounding incredulous. I could tell that she was asking me repeatedly because she knew someone who had something to do with it and knew it SHOULD have stopped. So I didn't want to give her discovery, one way or the other, and I just lied and said, "No it didn't stop." But it HAD stopped. And then she said, "Well I guess you're just having hot flashes then."

And then it continued on later. I always knew, from how things were getting leaked out about me, and then how she acted and the timing of her questions, that she knew someone who was involved in the torture of me and my son. And I haven't cared to make a friend ever since. "

I told them, "I just listened to her ask and kept saying no and I knew then that she knew so I didn't want to tell her the truth about anything. And then she said oh it must have been hot flashes and she knew this wasn't true because I'd just had a baby and I wasn't in menopause. It was over 6 months after my son's birth."

I said, "The people you can't trust who do the most damage are not the people you don't like. It's the people you DO like. We laughed all the time and I used to make her laugh so hard she cried and I liked her too. We had a good personality click. And that's why I couldn't believe it and kept wanting to doubt my instincts over and over because I just could not believe that she would be involved with anything that was harming me or my son." It wasn't until she called to see if things had 'stopped' that I never called or emailed her again.

She got all the information on all my friends past and present, and my family, and sent personality tests to me and things, and she had shown up in church and supposedly her family was all born again christians but they had all been baptised Catholic, even her. And then I didn't have a problem with work until about the time I had been blacklisted and was looking for a job and she said her Dad could give me work at this convenience store and it was the first time I had a job that was like a set-up to give me a job to turn around and make me look bad and screw up my work history. It was the first time I ever felt I had been hired with the purpose and intention of being fired and messing with my good work record before.

After all that, how she got so close, and I think my medical records were probably taken by her, because they disappeared the same day she stayed the night at my house, I couldn't trust anyone so I have not made a girlfriend ever since. But that's why it was so hard for me to believe it. I liked her and I couldn't bring myself to think that with all the laughing we did together, she would leak info about me or be involved with people who would later torture me and my son.

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