Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blenders & Drinks

I had a post about my drink that I made and then using real salt in it, but then I thought, I don't know why this is an important thing to write about. I will mention what I used though--organic kale, astragulus, kelp powder, tumeric, raw walnuts, 1/2 of a fuji apple, spirulina, and organic raw egg, fresh organic parsley, and Real Salt.

I did the ascorbic acid flush all day yesterday and all day today. I'm still doing it. It makes my bunion totally go away. It brings back feeling to my feet too, like the circulation is better.

I saw the earthquake happened in Mineral, VA so I was thinking of a mineral to add to my drink and I used Real Salt (is your salt real?) and it has trace minerals in it.

So now I might do a detox with salt water for awhile to give my body a break from the ascorbic acid.

Kind of playing it by ear.

And I did some dancing yesterday and today. It really does revive me. I started thinking, "What am I? a laxative junkie?" and laughed. I'm not, but it made me laugh. But it is really good for you.

I guess I am making a post about it. So anyway, I blended it up in the imperial blender and looked and bumped my head and it had this stick all the way across. It got stuck at the 1 cup mark. It's just a stick of kale or parsley, but this blender really works great. I looked at it and kind of laughed. It's a bridge! in my blender! I have the imperial one and then another one by the same brand and I use one for one thing and another for the other thing.

Then later I took a little ginko biloba (excellent for circulation), some bee pollen (energy), and anise (energy).

I think I'm going to do a sea salt water flush for awhile and then go back to ascorbic acid after the sea salt water flush.

I had to write down some numbers on a scrap of paper and did, but I didn't want to use the pen ready on the counter. Don't know why. So I grabbed a different one from the canister.

I like this idea Craig Roberts talked about, called the Heiglan? theory, where pressure is applied to someone in the hope that if they think someone wants them to do something, they'll do the opposite, which is really what's intended.

Which was interesting because I had picked out this Prophesy Club movie yesterday after watching the rest of the Ruby Ridge movie. So I started watching it and he mentioned the "33" and hearing this, I was about to switch to something else but I decided no, I wasn't going to let my thought of not watching something just because someone had an idea that I would watch one of several different movies, interfere with what I wanted to do. So I watched it all the way through instead of going to do a different movie.

The man talked about the very thing I had said to myself before I watched the video. And I didn't know what this Sniper show was about either. It was a total suprise. So congruous, on the heels of the Ruby Ridge movie.

I had a second "green" drink today. I'm mainly fasting & flushing, but I made another drink and this time I put in:

1 leaf organic spinach (large leaf)
1 leaf organic rainbow chard
1 stalk organic fresh parsley
1 leaf organic kale
3 raw garlic cloves
1 tbsp astragulus
1 tbsp spirulina
1 tsp organic olive oil
distilled water (reverse osmosis)

The blend pureed everything into a true juice and even chopped up the garlic cloves pretty well. I just drank it fast. It's hot. I'm not making the stuff for flavor, but nutrients.

Otherwise, I've moved to a sea salt water flush combined with green drinks.

This song playing is so barf annoying. "When you find you/come back to me". It's this song with a man singing about how he is just everything and he's letting her go, like "I pity you because you don't know how WONDERFUL I am." It's like the song of a man who got dumped by the woman and he still can't admit she left him and not the other way around.

If even one man that I've been romantically involved with in the past said these things to me or played this for me, I would say, "Yeah. And where were YOU when my son and I were being tortured." It's like, I'm sorry, but if you love me, or even care at all, about a child and his mother, you don't ensure we are not tortured only if the mother is dating a man. And if you knew something was going down if you weren't together, someone who cares has the decency to expose those that they know are responsible for the torture.

I don't accept the pressure to be with a partner.

Anyway, the good DJ left and it's some guy picking the songs now. Time to change the channel.

I just changed the channel and ended up with Sarah, saying:

"This is the Duchess of York..."

I switched the channel in the middle of a song on one station, to the christian station, 107 fm and the first thing I hear is, "This is the Duchess of York"

I thought, "What happened? Where am I?"

(Plates crash to the floor, hand towel somewhere nearby. It was a woman standing, facing me, with a plate in her hand, and a handtowel, maybe drying the plate, I don't know. I think she had an apron on and maybe a skirt or dress. The apron over. I don't know what it is, I just had the impression like it was a memory of mine but it's not from my own memory cache)

Anyway, she was talking about weight and health matters and then something from the cancer society group. It was 4 p.m. when the ad came on. I think it's the first address I've ever heard on the radio from a royal family member. I did see her in ads on one of the videotapes with recorded movies from the 90s.

Now they're talking about China's forced abortions. I think this is really sad, abortion, in general. There was an article on the table I noticed the other day, about how half of Canada's population has been aborted.

About Sarah, I had always meant to go back to my post about her interview with Oprah but never had the chance. I had wanted to add some things and while it was like the shadowlands, I mean, I think maybe with her ability to adjust to the expectations of almost anyone, and trying to be open and guarded at the same time, I did relate so well to what she said about how she was a good mother and that was one thing she knew she did right. And it had come to my mind that her girls seemed very natural. I didn't think Sarah was as relaxed or natural but I think this is because she was being exploited by people who were counseling her about how she had let herself be taken advantage of in the past. But I suppose if everyone is being paid, that's fine, all the way around. Just don't try to be friends with that kind of people (in my opinion). I don't mean their lesser kinds of people, but that the motives will not square with loyalty or real friendship.

I was thinking about the impression I had. I don't know if I'm unconsciously trying to "add" to the vague impression I had, so maybe I am. But in my more full picture, which maybe someone tried to send me after I had just a vague impression, was of the handtowel, if I am facing the woman, to the right and the plate to the left so I thought about this and realized that would mean the woman is-was maybe left-handed. Because if someone is wiping a plate using the towel in the left hand, that might be their dominant hand.

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