Friday, August 26, 2011


I made a green drink today, to use up the broccoli and tomatoes I was given before they went bad.

I was thinking about my son while I made it. I noticed that this round little circle bruise that was on the outside skin of one tomato, the larger one, went below the surface and then as I cut into the tomato I saw another one, a bruise under the surface of the skin, not even visible to the eye from the outside. From the outside, all you could see was the mark from one laser burn-like spot. But on the inside, it was very bad. So I cut around this and thought about how it was like a lot of the torture done to me and my son--you might see one or two small bruises or marks here and there, but it went deeply beneath the surface and there were some marks that could only be seen going under the skin. It was much worse than it appeared to be on the outside.

There were 2 holes in the larger tomato, one on the surface, that went deep, and had a round bruise on the outside, and then one next to it and you didn't even see it until you cut in and saw underneath the skin. They went all the way through to the center of the tomato.

There was also an odd discoloration at one part of the larger tomato so I cut it out and discarded it, just in case.

Before this, I was shaving off some parts of the tops of the broccoli and I had "dendrites" come to mind while I did. I kept thinking about the brain and the tops of the flowerets as dendrites, so I am looking up dendrites on wiki today. I was shaving off some of the places where it looked sort of scorched black or too yellow where it was a little older. It smelled great, and there was nothing wrong with it, but I took off just a little bit. And as I was cutting the stalk I thought it was like the spinal cord. Dendrites was the main thing I wanted to look up.

So I wanted to drink it raw, with all the nutrients, so I chopped it, blended it, and juiced it, and added carrots, organic tomato paste, spinach, 1 jalepeno, fresh parsley, and 3 kinds of bell pepper (red, yellow, and green). I ended up with 2 full blender pitchers of juice and I've already had one of them. Oh, and the only seasoning I added was a little cayenne pepper.

It's not great, but I know it's nutritious, and it wasn't terrible either.

Dendrite means "tree".

There is also a lot of information about dendrites as applied to nanotechnology, i.e., lasers. Dendritic Nanowire Ultraviolet Laser Array, for one. On the website for SPIE, we can find medical research about irradiation of dendrites and the degenerative effect that takes place. Basically, by pulsing a laser to the dendrites, one can perform surgery but it will cause degeneraiton of the targeted dendrites within 5 hours and the remaining area will be intact. Just a lot of stuff about dendrites actually. I was thinking both of how dendrites can be dulled and used with medications like Haldol and also how damage occurs from radiation and other forms of technology. There's also the silicon web and dendritic web silicon cells.

It's not rocket science.

So I was sitting here, and all day practically nothing has been done to me until I made this post. I had only gotten past the title of "Dendrites" and someone started using severe technology on me and directed at my heart and chest region. Right in the center of my breastbone and inside. And they just kept doing things the whole time I was writing this.

I'm really sick of it.

I want these people to go to jail.

I just did a youtube search for the "iranian man kidnapped by CIA" and found one by SezdayBeDar "Iranian Man Kidnapped--asked world for HELP" (June 8, 2010) which I couldn't understand bc it's in Farsi, but I listened to a little bit and then I went to one that came up by RussiaToday and it's entitled "Webster Tarpley on CIA hand in Iranian scientist mystery" (June 9, 2010). I put the links up just now.

What is most surprising to me, is that Obama made a statement about what was going on. I heard this story, because I read the article on bbc when it first came out, but I wasn't in a position to really watch any news or youtube on it. It's so weird to watch now, and especially in light of the timing that this occured, and knowing what my conversation with a good iranian was. It's almost like they decided to punish some other Iranian for one man sharing the smallest bit about what happened to me and my son. I was watching this Asian guy too, and the second time I watched I sort of laughed because his hands, pressing down on the table, reminded me of my Dad playing piano. Shang-haied. I can relate. I think others in my family can too.

So I want to watch more about this occasion and what happened and I am looking up habeas corpus too. "You May Have The Body." I could file one for Oliver Garrett, for one. One for myself. One for my Dad and Mom maybe, and who knows who else.

I'm not really sure how it works but I can at least look into it.

Webster and Cedric make the same point about how this isn't good for politics, or harms U.S. credibility, to do this to me and my son (or family).

I looked at it and they have me in a catch-22. Their argument would be if I want to leave, then leave. The problem has been that I am trying to live free, and with my son, in this country. I might be able to make the argument that I had legal custody of my child and had left to another country and was detained falsely and then my child kidnapped and held from me while they withheld evidence. I also have a feeling I'm on a no-fly list because the passport people keep delaying with processing my passport, and even my NCIC. For the Iranian man, he was able to say he wanted to be free to leave, and didn't want to be a prisoner. For me, and my family, we don't want to be prisoners and tortured in our own country. And I could probably make a habeaus corpus argument for my son. I don't know if I could do it for myself, but I could apply it to my son.

It's a little sad though, to see some of the same people responsible for what is happening to us, joking about it on the O'Reilly show first. Or making little quips here and there. If I didn't know Laura was with the CIA and he is with IRA it might not be that big of a deal. But it's very clear that the people who are responsible for what has happened to me and my son already KNOW what is going on, and instead of freeing me and my son, they are making entertainment and money off of it.

It's almost turned into this game of placing bets on the horses or lab rats to see who gets ahead and out of the trap. Or how they might try and just standing there, with a hand on the door that can instantly free all prisoners, but instead keeping them for spectator sport.

I remember Christa Schneider telling me I should enter my son in a baby crawling race with her friend Erin O'Neils kid and how it would be fun to see who got ahead or won. That was after my son was born and sort of at the end of our friendship. I said what, and she said they put the babies in lanes and they race eachother.

I wonder what the name for this "Operation" is. I would love to know. I'd love to know the exact title and name of the Operation that my son and I (and my parents) are filed under. Different generations under different project titles? Or what?

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