Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 Virginia Earthquake & Letter to Obama

I guess I wasn't paying attention because I just found out about it, right before 12 noon.

What I loved, was how this radio announcer described it. She said it hit Virginia and went as far as Ontario, Canada and Ohio.

I just looked at the time of the earthquake on the earthquake seismologist site. It happened about the time someone stopped burning me with technology. I think it was coincidence but maybe someone, locally or very distant, someone paid attention.

I didn't pray for this earthquake by the way.

I was just extremely upset and have been, and I demand the return of my son to me.

By Executive Order.

The only way to cut through the crap is for someone to put out a little paperwork and show it to the right person.

And I know this.

So anyway, I suppose I was being "ornry" to make the last post about the Greenmans. I'll hide it for now and take it down for now. I think the people that need to see it have seen it.

Honorable President Barak Obama,

I want you to sign an Executive Order to have my son returned to me.

The FBI and CIA or Pentagon will furnish you with the necessary information.

Thank You.

Cameo Garrett
P.S. I highly recommend "A Sniper's View of Dumitru's Warning" by Craig Roberts (The Prophesy Club). It talks about some of the secret CIA projects and operations, biochemical warfare, FBI obstruction of justice, and you-name-it. I like that man. His Dad was a primitive Baptist pastor and he has more principles than most of these other guys. I thought of you Bamarama, because Anna (the one from Cuba) told me you gave her a Presidential pardon and I want my son, not a Pardo. I mean, Pardon. And let's think about this. She was a cocaine mule and you gave her an Executive Order of pardon. She did something wrong, and you said, "No problemo, now go forth into the community and terrorize." Then there's me and my son, the terrorized ones, and you first kidnap my son and then balk at making an Executive Order to return him?

I didn't even know they would have my "colors" featured there. You know, a little blue and a little fushia. The sign and tie match the pads I had in my bra when I was assaulted in Knoxville.

So anyway, don't listen to Biden, because he's already up a creek.

I need a dum-dum. The last time I saw a dum-dum was in the fishbowl at Well's Fargo Bank in MiddleTN.

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