Friday, August 26, 2011

Honor Thy Mother

Last night I thought about what I'd written about the U.S. govt. psychics #3 &#4 and for some reason, while I was thinking Ms. London could apply to some of the women I've thought about there, I thought about how this must have been what Diana went through all the time. People who mocked her and were cruel and mean but did it with a smile on their faces. It escaped detection most of the time, and probably to children and teens even, it was never even noticed.

And I laid down and thought about how Tiggy even dared to make the comment about how SHE gave the boys a gun and the outdoor air and all Diana gave them was popcorn and a movie. I thought about Diana having a triumph of knowing something about her, after she had repeatedly said mean spirited thing after mean spirited thing, and everyone thought she was just this sweet, bubbly, fun person.

I thought, "William and Harry never should have had contact with Tiggy after Diana died." When they were kids and teens, it was understandable that they didn't grasp what was going on. But as adults, someone should have clued them in and I thought last night, "They should honor their mother and cut Tiggy off. Associating with her and her family is a slap in the face."

There was far more going on than they realized then, and unfortunately, Diana is not around to share these things with them. But it is a very serious smear against Diana to have her boys associating with the Legge-Bourke family.

I didn't realize how bad it was, though I mentioned it once a long time ago and was punished for it. But they should have trusted their mother's instincts, which always had her boys best interests at heart.

I looked her up and see Harry is godfather to a son, Fred. I think that should be broken off. I believe this is a tie that should not be and prevents them from keeping away from that family.

I didn't know what I was going to write this morning until I came into the house thinking about these things, sat down, and noticed an already popped bag of popcorn on the counter.

I wore red today, into the house. Not the red jacket. My v-neck red fleece.

And I hadn't said a thing and my mom picked up the bag of Orville Redenbacher's Movie Theater Butter popcorn and said "Do you want the rest of this?" and I said sure. It was full, to the top.

I knew last night, that they need to honor their mother and a lot of things have been done to take honor away from her.

It should be restored.

I believe the Legge-Bourkes are spies. I don't know who they work for, but it wasn't for Diana. And if now, when her boys are older, they have so little faith in their mother's excellent intuition, they have allowed her enemies to win.

I believe it was right around the time that I brought up Tiggy in an unfavorable light, that everyone at The Post Pub turned on me. It was like I had attacked some establishment. I would have to go back in notes and check, but I remember this was the approximate time that I was both trying to get somewhere with D.C.'s CPS and then I dogged Tiggy in my blog. Next thing I know, certain people are pushing me out and others are wanting to get closer than a glove. MI5 wanting to shake my hand as he marries some Colombian woman. Asking all kinds of questions. Who did I think killed her?

Why would William and Harry, who can be excused for not knowing what was going on as kids, want to discredit their own mom? She was very convinced, and isn't it odd that after she said something about abortion for Tiggy, or was trying to get her sons back...all of a sudden, Diana was told to leave at once. Of course it was a dangerous transition period for her. I mean, of course.

Just as the media attempted to portray Diana as "paranoid" when she was not paranoid, but had good cause to check for surveillance, they used the word "jealous" against her. Di was "jealous" of Tiggy. Poor Di. Di was just jealous of all the fun Tiggy had with her boys that she couldn't have because ...

Ah, here comes a moth, around the corner of the door, which makes me wonder what was in the hope chest and boxes she kept, which people rifled through after she was gone? (tangent).

Why do her sons even QUESTION her instincts? she had already proven herself to be on-target so often. She knew about Charles and Camilla while everyone, almost everyone in their circle, lied to her face and said she was "imagining things". She was always "delusional" or "paranoid" or "imagining things" and then as it always turned out, or almost always, she was correct.

What is sad is that the bond that was fostered and encouraged at the time the boys were kids, was a bond that the establishment knew would not disappear. Especially if she was gone. They were teens who had a nanny put into their lives at a difficult time for them. They would be forced to bond with her.

And while they thought she was "great" to take them rope climbing, and Diana was made to look "paranoid" or unreasonable about not wanting them to do this, she was right. Tiggy wasn't right. Diana was. They were NOT "Tiggy's babies." They were Diana's babies (all 3 of them).

For a nanny to even feel bold enough to call them "my babies" means there was a LOT more going down behind closed curtains.

Diana said she didn't want Tiggy going into their rooms or bathing them or whatever. She tried to give her boys more privacy because SHE had some idea that possibly they were spies or connected to the part of the government and establishment that hated her. Or feared her. Was Tiggy going to put together a "dossier" on mines? No, because she was a huge fan of arms, as we all know. Tiggy could care less about the kids.

Even an elementary school teacher can have a great cover. How else to gain trust or get inside someone's house?

She put their LIVES at risk. And if you went to any court about custody matters, and told the Judge the other half had employed a nanny who loved guns and killing and then had them hanging from cliffs with just rope, at age 12? and 15?...that Judge would say, "You have employed a nanny who disregards the wishes of the mother to protect her kids and you endangered their lives." There is no Judge in his right mind, in the U.S., at least, that would be okay with one parent in a joint custody arrangment allowing a NANNY to take a 12 and 15 year old hanging from cliffs. This is sheer madness.

All it took was an accidental whack to the skull to do what to William?

The British government sent Harry back from Iraq because they were afraid he might be a target but thought nothing of him, at 12 years old, rappeling and hanging from steep cliffs with his nanny?!

"But she's FUN!"

Are you OUT of your MIND?

It's not like Diana didn't want them to grow up. She was athletic herself. She was made out to be "popcorn and couch potato" by Tiggy when she was a dancer, a swimmer, risk-taking high diver, and she had shot her own game and climbed trees in her youth. What Tiggy and her group wanted to do was show Diana up.

All they would remember is that Tiggy was fun and kind to them, and not think at all about what she did to their own mother. And it's one thing to forgive one parent for hurting the other one, but it's really not necessary to cling to the apron strings of ones nanny when the nanny hated the mother. That's just a gross offense. I'm sure others coached them to be nice to everyone and bring all into the fold after Diana died, and maybe the Spencers didn't even think it was that big of a deal. I mean, Charles Spencer, afterall, was not even allowing his own sister to live on the Althorp property at the time immediately prior to her death. If he wouldn't allow his own sister to stay on their inherited property, and didn't have compassion upon her position, how could he advise her kids later about who to be in touch with or not?

What's even worse, is this godparent business.

It's like "Diana's dead! Let's tie the knot between the boys and the Government! (or establishment)."

What were Diana's ideas for her sons?

What do men and boys like? Excursions. "Doing" things together (typically). Psychology at least, says women bond by talking and men bond by "doing things". They don't have to say much, if they're climbing all over the country.

All they needed was smart people figuring out how to plaster "BOND" on William and Harry.

And yes, I did feel the sudden chill when I mentioned Tiggy when I was in D.C. It was like "big mistake" and I felt sort of bad walking into that territory, but I wasn't blogging for "social climbing" or "acting like a social climber" now was I?

Social climbers soothe you and tell you what you want to hear. Maybe they'll go along with you on an idea for awhile, to not raise suspicion, but eventually, they'll find a way to persuade or suggest something couldn't possibly be true--knowing this suggestion is going to benefit their entire group. Social climbers don't ruffle feathers, they wear them, after plucking them out of the hat of a woman who they kill first.

I also don't trust all Canadian connections like I used to. No sooner was Diana dead that they began making wedding plans for the Middletons.

I just looked up "Diana upset, tiggy takes boys rappelling" and maybe she did before Diana died and then later too. I just looked up an article that says she took them without even helmets or protective gear, and then the part that got me, was that it was down a "dam". A dam? I thought it was a cliff. OO. Anyway. Enough for now on this post.

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