Monday, August 22, 2011

"The Pope Is Dying" from U.S. Govt. Worker

I wrote more about what happened in Knoxville, TN at their detention center.

One thing the woman looked afraid about was when I said she looked Ukranian to me. Then, later she said, out of the blue, even though I had never said one single thing about religion, she said, "The pope is dying."

That's what this blond woman said to me, who certain people in the U.S. waited for, and wanted in the van with me.

She looked at me and said, "The Pope is dying" and I look back on it now, after reading some of the Ruby Ridge information and think, at least, the thought just crossed my mind now...This comment was made as a prompt for me to maybe say "Good!" or something nasty, who knows.

I remember what I said. I said, "Well, the next one will be worse." I shrugged and said, "Well, the next one will be worse." And she didn't look like she expected that response.

I think she said "The Pope is dying" and waited, because she wanted me to say a bunch of horrible things or jubilant sounding things as if I was glad or cared if the Pope died or not.

I would encourage anyone to read my post about her, because she works for the U.S. and probably for groups that are not just U.S. based, but which use the U.S. for their own personal gain.

She told me her name was "Anna" when she got into the paddywagon and I can't say this was true.

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