Monday, August 15, 2011

Amnesty International on 700 Club

I just saw a special from Amnesty International on the evening edition of 700 Club. I went to my parent's house late this morning and saw the quote mainly, from scripture, and that was it. And then I decided to go back over this evening and I was working on my last post about animal rights and had just finished it when the special came on. So I put my laptop down and watched. It was about secretive prisons in N. Korea and torture happening there. I didn't expect to see anything from Amnesty on the show but I was glad I saw it. I'm curious enough to read the book they talked about, title about someone's aquariums. I didn't miss any of it.

My parents tried to say this is what torture is and I said I can relate and just because you can't see it on the outside doesn't mean it's been severe. Not here, it's been much better, but I fully believe my son and I were about to die which is why I left for Canada. Someone can have cancer and be totally wrecked on the inside and look fine from the outside, is what I said, and someone can be tortured in the most excruciating ways and no one would know, not by looking on the outside.

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