Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids in a Pit

Last night I was thinking about Laura Ingraham for a moment and closed my eyes and tried to focus but nothing came to mind except her climbing up a white metal or steel ladder (it was white) and I thought it was going into someplace (maybe a plane, maybe a crawlspace, I don't know). And then, totally separate thought, I saw kids in a hole in the ground. It was a hole out of the earth, and I saw at least one kid, but thought it looked like maybe more than one. The opening was small enough for me to see only one kid and the arms were raised up, but I couldn't tell. And then after this, and wondering why I saw what looked like a child or children held hostage and put in a pit, I saw a river. The river was nearby I think, to the pit or the child, but I don't know how far away and it was a rolicking river, not a quiet stream. I thought, where would she have been to have seen something like this and why do I only see the child still in the pit or hole in the ground? It was dug out of the earth. There was nothing fancy about it. And then the next thing I saw was cream or white colored slacks that went all the way to the shoes and heeled shoes or boots, also cream or white, and walking around, and I could only see from the knee to the shoe as if I were a child, looking out at ground level, from under a table, and seeing the feet immediately in front of me and then the rest of the pant leg up to about the knee. Walking back and forth. A few steps this way, a few steps that way.

As far as I know, I haven't heard of any stories of Laura going to black sites of abducted children, but maybe I'm wrong.

Why is the child or children still in the hole Laura?

The river that I saw, it was rolicking, like the river that you have to cross over by bridge to go to Dryden, Washington, where my son lives. When I saw it I thought, "That looks like the Wenatchee River in Dryden. I saw from an angle of being up higher and looking at it from the Dryden side, with the river there first and then past it, the highway.

I didn't see the face of the kids exactly, but at least the one I saw was under the age of 8 for sure. They were not toddlers, they were, or he was, more like a kindergartener.

I haven't heard any stories about my own son being literally placed into a hole dug out of the earth, but knowing just a few things I know, it really would not surprise me. I also know that if it's symbolic, it fits. But I saw it like I was remote-viewing it and why this is what came up when I was focusing on Laura, I have no idea.

I thought maybe the shoes were cream colored cowboy boots. I could not totally tell. I just saw the slacks and the heels and saw walking back and forth, at close range, and I saw it with the eyes of someone on the ground, looking out. They were close.

It wasn't a pit that was super deep, and I was looking far down and seeing something at the bottom. It was a more shallow pit, but deep enough where this child, no child that size, would be able to get out of without assistance. I guess it was maybe just one, because the circumference was only enough for maybe the body to stand, but maybe I wondered if there were more or some I couldn't see. It looked like a hole dug for a pipeline or a large post or something, but it was brown dirt, all the way around, and then the tops of the kids hands were maybe a couple of feet or less away.

I think about it again and I don't think it's symbolic. I think it was a real sight of something. It was about 8:00-8:30 p.m. when I saw it and the river I saw was in the daylight. The child (or kids) in the hole was with light enough to see the earth around it was brown, it wasn't at nighttime. The ladder or ramp, I "felt" when I saw it. I could feel how it was to go up the ladder--it wasn't a permanent ladder, it felt more rickety and a railing was held onto, or something with maybe both hands. I didn't see luggage. I believe both hands were being used to climb the ladder. It was a white painted steel or metal ladder. And at some point, I thought I was seeing bombs or explosions while I was looking out from a plane but I can't imagine where Laura was in a plane seeing this. They were not fluid images, as if one thing directly connected to another thing. It was bits and pieces.

It wasn't hocus pocus. I didn't just sit and "focus". I prayed. Last night I took a few minutes and just prayed, "God, please show me something about Laura and don't allow what others may want me to see to interfere." And there a few things to filter through, and my own idle thoughts that needed to settle and then within a couple of minutes, I was feeling the ladder and seeing it. Then I saw the child in the dirt pit. I stopped after seeing this and wondered about it and how Laura could have come across such a sight.
I slept well for the second night in a row, without someone blasting my place with some kind of technology crap for the last week or more, every single night. It made it impossible for me to sleep.

But last night and the night before, someone had quit what they were doing.

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