Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coquille FBI Witch (Michelle's Friend)

I didn't know we had the FBI so close to home. Or maybe she just reminded me too much of Julia Thornton.

My family went to a BBQ and it was for the "All God's Children" thing. So I have more important things to do right now, like exposing government corruption.

Because we all know, "Friends", that nothing is going to happen from going to a BBQ.

So my parents went and it was at some kids place, a business or daycare, and I was thinking about how yeah, government idiots like to make all kinds of claims, like, if I'm not going to a BBQ for kids at the daycare around the corner, I'm not ready to have my son back.

Do you know what? that is really none of the government's business now, is it?

Funny, because I wouldn't have thought being kidnapped was child's play either.

So I knew, if I stay here, whoever would be trying to snoop through my place, if they could, will be rolling around the corner when I don't leave. And they may have thought I was going to leave, because I would feel "compelled" to go to a kid's BBQ, as if this is going to add one thing in my favor if I did. And after I had cleaned up my entire place, as asked to do because they were spraying for fleas (dog's been at my place), someone might have an interest in passing by.

So, sure enough. I am sitting at my place with the dog and I hear a vehicle coming down the driveway. The grinding of gravel and everything.

So let me tell you about this woman. She's been quite interested in me. Hawk-eyes basically. The kind of woman that can roll up her sleeves and do some volunteer work in New Orleans while she's mumbling into a CB about so-and-so. When I first met her, it was at a pizza place where they were serving some kind of horrific pizza (I don't know what was in it but it did not agree) and she was sitting across from me. She just watched me. Finally, I tried to be polite and asked where she was from and what she did. She said she delivered library books around the county. I said oh that must be so rewarding and she said it was for disabled or elderly so yes it was. I asked how far she travels.

She has a scope, just like every agent, right? and a low-key government job as a cover. Good. Good job. In fact, I never once thought a thing government about her, until tonight.

So she has a job that allows her to get inside people's houses with a good excuse.

(Thrilling, dontcha think?)

Here's the book you've been waiting for ma'am...So how is your son doing? the one on parole? has he been around much to visit? Anyway.

So at first, I thought, "She is a decent woman. I love her job. She was polite. She seems very smart and observant. She went with my Dad to New Orleans in Louisianna a few times to do volunteer work."

Now I'm thinking, "So why exactly was she going to New Orleans with my Dad? to make sure he wasn't going to be a flight risk?"

As it turns out, the explanation is simple. They ended up at the same church and that church was making a missions trip to help rebuild New Orleans. And my Dad went several times and did some very hard and dirty work, and risked getting diseases, to help them rebuild their State.

So of course, I am thinking to myself that this woman must be halfway decent, right? Library Lady, helping out in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, she's sneaking around properties with a handful of books like Harlequin's "Come Love Me" by Lilean Peake (1984), Harlequin's "Corporate Lady" by Rosemary Badger, and "Who Do You Love?" by Maggie Shayne and Marilyn Pappano, "You Never Know With Women" by James Hadley Chase, and "Looks Are Deceiving" by Maggie Fergusen (1994).

Oh. My parents just got home. I said, "It was the Library Lady" and they said, "Irene?"

So anyway, I thought she was fine until the last time I saw her and she started smirking at me after I had one of the guest children there "poofing" an airborne pollutant into the air while I sat (not kidding--the nurse's kid) and then Dotty or someone was lasering me or using something. So I'm sitting there on the couch next to Irene and someone tossed a paper onto the floor that landed at my feet and I didn't bother to get it bc I knew he did it intentionally and I wasn't going to pick up his flyer for an intentional slippery fingers scheme. So Irene picked it up. And then after we moved to a different table, she started pulling this Michelle Erickson thing.

She sat there and smirked at me and started tugging at her ear. Like Michelle did, after I made some comment about how this is a signal for attraction (on my blog) so they started doing this all the time to annoy me. When Irene did it, with me watching, it was noticeable and I thought, so NOT what I cared for, and that raised my suspicions about her. She went from "nice alert library lady" to "CPS-michelle Erickson confidant or government worker". I didn't like it. She just stared at me, and kept smirking (but not in a nice way) and stroked and pulled on her ear. They were doing this all the time, in court, for my case regarding my son. It was not natural, and it was just psychological mockery. And honestly, after having a little airborne crap dusted my way and then a little jab here and there with technology, I have my guard up. Good idea?

So anyway, I was sitting at the porch and with the dog and someone comes driving up in a red suburban and it's her and this other guy and I thought, "What are they doing out here when they know my parents went out?" and knowing someone's been through my place, I got up and walked out and said, "Can I help you with something?" and she said, "Is your Dad home?" and I said no. And I said, "Can I help you with something?" and she said, "I have this for him" and it was some Water pamphlet. I said, "You'll have to come back and give it to him when you know he's going to be here. Goodbye." And then I walked away.

When my parents got back to their house, they asked what she wanted and I said, "I don't know, I chased her off." I didn't really. I was polite but firm.

They said, "Treat our friends with respect! if you want to stay here! (in the town nearby)" and I said, "She wasn't very respectful of me the last time I saw her." And they said "It doesn't matter" and then I said,"Even the FBI?!" They said "The FBI, The CIA, whoever, Communists, Facists..."

I was sitting with this lopsided porch when "Irene" came through. I was getting a new porch but it's not righted yet and slopes down one side. I played "We Were Shipwrecks" after she left. But now I have a sad feeling. I guess it's because someone is sad.

Why doesn't the FBI just return my child to me? (see my next post about my mother's face being cut and my son held as a hostage).

By the way, I didn't pick out the book titles for any specific reason. I randomly selected them and haven't even looked to see what they are about.

I just looked up the books I picked out at random and started laughing. I looked them all up after I randomly chose them from the wiki list of harlequin books.

I think the sad feeling I had was maybe my Dad leaving to go pick up the pamphlet from Irene. My mom said he left to apologize to her and I said "Why should he have to apologize to her?"

What kind of friends punch someone in the stomach anyway?

My mom said she was extremely upset with me and I stood there, popping popcorn in my mouth. "Why?" I said, lounging at the doorframe, tossing the popcorn. She said they were friends and I thought bad of everyone and I said, "No, I don't. I noticed how she disrespected me the last time I saw her. I don't think you really know these people."

So I say, I am not afraid of them and they should be afraid of ME.
(I will organize this post better tomorrow)

The license plate of the red suburban that they drove (it was a man and then this woman Irene in the passenger's seat) was Oregon plate 819 CWY. I am not positive, because the windows were tinted (I think) for the back or I just couldn't see, but I had a feeling that girl was possibly with them, in the vehicle.

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