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U.S. Experiments at "Free Clinics" and on Foster Kids

I started looking up "black sites" and U.S. experimentation on children and I found one, a link I put above, about black men who ended up with holes in their heads because of radiation experiments.

I also pulled up an article from NY times about evidence that foster kids, up to 1999, were being used as guinea pigs for drug and medication experimentation.

It was the foster kids that were targeted.


Because I've always said this is the truth:

The U.S. government uses kids they have in their "guardianship". They believe these children are U.S. property like U.S. military. It's U.S. prison inmates (who are in U.S. guardianship), U.S. military (U.S. property) and U.S. foster kids who get the worst of it.

Hillary made it sound like we only experiment on people in other countries, back in the 70s.

The other group that I warned, is the illegal immigrants who are told they're getting "free medical care". What's crazy, is that I was targeted by some of these people, who were told I insulted their doctors or friends. What was really happening, was that I was telling them: "They are doing experiments here. And if they will do this to U.S. kids, they're going to do it to illegal immigrants who they already know are not legally there so that's their excuse.

You get 80% good free medical coverage, in exchange for illegal experiments on 20% of your families and kids.

How long did your kid have diarrhea after getting vaccinations? A normal week? or more like a month?

You think that just because there are all these hispanics guarding the doors, and who work as nurses and doctors, that they will protect you. You had some of your gangster thugs acting like bouncers at the door if I even went there. But while you maybe think you're protecting someone you work with who secures your drug industry, they are infecting some of your kids.

You went after the totally wrong person. Some of you figured it out later, that oh...yeah...something like what I'm talking about really did happen to your kid. And was it the doctor or hispanic nurse clueing you in?

No. They don't care, because they are getting paid to work there and probably, their own kids will be safe. Just because their in your church or mafia or same race or nationality, or because they had immigrants in their families, does NOT mean they are willing to risk the only job they can get, telling YOU that oh yeah, "free medicine" doesn't mean it's not going to cost you.

Do you know why the medical community in WA hates me? because I was talking about things they didn't want me to talk about. Because over there in Seattle, they're doing even worse. And some of your results in Wenatchee, are going back to Seattle.

You can believe me or not.

But I walked up and down all the streets in my neighborhood and other areas, and asked other mothers what their kids' reactions to the "vaccinations" had been.

They were all the same thing. But the doctors said oh no big deal. It is a big deal, and was a big deal, and it was reportable to VAERS but all the agencies and medical clinics, including the Health dept. in Wenatchee, blocked me from having my son's medical records. That's when he was in my guardianship. I had a right to those records! but they knew I was reporting my son's reactions to VAERS, and they blocked me. Putting that information into a protective system not only helped my son, it helped other kids. If I only thought about my own kid, why bother? The point is to keep other kids from having the same thing happen to them.

They have done much, much, worse since my son has been out of my guardianship.

And even if my son has been tortured and yours hasn't, that doesn't mean your kid isn't getting jacked up with crap at your "great, community philanthropist centers of free medicine."

The part of this video clip that I totally disagree with, 100% disagree with, is the idea of this:

Reporter: "Are you angry?"
Man: "No."
Reporter: "Why not?"
Man: "Because if you're angry, your heart is not right."

That's a lot of crap. I mean, that's the kind of video that those who experimented on others, want the victims to see, and hope they don't get sued.

Your "heart isn't right" if you're angry?

Wrong. Big Wrong.

This man is going to church and on top of being tortured and experimented on, he's been brainwashed.

David said, "Do I not hate those that miuse your name? Yes, Lord, I hate them with perfect hatred."

David was called a man "after God's own heart."

I would rather be someone after "God's own heart" than someone who allows themself to be brainwashed into accepting a wishy washy christianity that allows someone to "walk" when they should be jailed.

There is a place for forgiving or accepting what has happened, and a place to have peace, but, Ecclesiastes 3, "There is a time and a season for everything."

Hate and love both have their place. There is hate that is misplaced, such as a cruel self-centered and mean hate...a sadistic hate. And then there is a righteous anger that is also like a hate, and it's hatred for what is evil or wrongdoing.

"Oops, we gave him too much?" by the scientist? First of all, no child should be a lab rat to begin with. Secondly, that's a huge cop out for those who committed the crimes.

"Oops, we gave her too much MRI. Sorry ma'am, your babies are dead. If there was a twin, that could have been taken care of separately if necessary, if it couldn't grow in the ovary. The other one was living, with a good steady heartbeat, and past the 3 month mark. That child was fully formed, and I saw him in my own hand, with so much distinction, I could even tell he looked like the father. He had the same face. And the fact he was a boy was unmistakable. That little "MRI" oops was deliberate. Some people wanted my baby killed. It was intentional and then they wanted me to bleed and hemmorhage to death, by taking something at home, that would have caused hemmorhage where I was not in hospital for blood transfer. Oh, oops.

Oh. OOPS! big ooops. That wasn't an oops. That was intentional.

Oops. We just blasted the brains and bodies of a mother and child...oops.

Oops. We just tried to kill Cameo Garrett at the MiddleTN mental health place and then we billed her $5,000 for our failed assassination attempt.

The only "oops" was that I didn't die, because I had been "cheeking" all the drugs and pills they tried to have me swallow. If I had taken all of the pills they forced me to take, at the time I took them, I could have died. OOps. Based on my reaction, which was so severe, I should have died if I had taken the other pills on top of what they gave me.

Hi Obama. Like you didn't know. Some of your guys probably thought that baby was your Chief Military Staff's kid. I stay with some CIA guards and the next thing I know, they take me to a hospital where my baby was killed. So were they worried about a U.S. baby or a UK royal family connected kid?


Oh ooops. We gave too much to Gannon Garrett. Oops.

That man in this video clip is wearing the same kind of black cap as the man who was driving the van and following me around in Canada, and laughing when I was picked up by RCMP. He followed me to that even.

When someone else is tortured, like Kate Middleton, for example....Her entire group of mobsters made sure they killed people who supported my friends or family and can you even imagine HER being tortured?

That woman would crack with a gentle tap to the eggshell. But for some reason, I am punished for having a remotely normal reaction to horrific crimes against me and my son.

"oops. We gave Oliver too much vaccine. a double dose of the same kind."
"oops. We pushed on Oliver's skull for over an hour and caused permanent head injury"
"oops. We should have done a C-section."
"oops. We don't know where the evidence is."
"oops. We never responded to Ms. Garrett's complaint against Judge Warren."
"oops. We can't find your rape kit or the photos from the rape kit."
"oops. We thought you were a man, Mr. Garrett, and we don't have NCIC records for a Mr. Garrett with that SS#."

Oops doesn't cut it. And neither does having a Judge in NY who is doing really stupid things like trying to set a case precedent to allow those who "withhold evidence" to blame it on "we can't find it". You cannot withhold evidence and claim it was because of negligence and not intentional. That totally ruins the whole point of withholding evidence. Anyone knows all that criminal judges or lawyers would have to do is lie and say, "Oh, we're not withholding it. We can't find it." ??! NOT good case law. I mean, incredible.

And we are all agreeing this "saving grace" Michael from Nags Head is an idiot. I'm watching Hurricane stuff with The Weather Channel and this idiotic "Mike" who is trying to make a point in Nag's Head, is a total idiot. He started talking about some saving grace and I spoke up, laughing, and said, "Right" and then I said "This is Mike from Nag's Head is talking about saving grace, what an idiot." And there was some agreement with that idea. Idiot. And not very smart.

I don't know why Mike doesn't try something novel like pray.

For some reason, drilling is coming to mind. Like a large drill going into the front of steel safe. Vrrrrooooom! VRoooomMMMM!


First I saw looking through a microscope and then, separately, a drill into what sort of looks like a safe.

Hmm. How much money inna there? Careful. It's hot.

RROoom-Rooom. Oh, sounds like a racecar shifting. ROoom, room, hurry! hurry! I LYKE necklaces.

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