Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Irish Mob

I want an investigation into the activities of the Irish mob and their FBI and DOJ counterparts. You could examine Laurie McLaughlin, who works (or worked) for the Portland, Oregon or Seattle, WA FBI as well. I believe she was promoted.

I also want an investigation into the activities of Patrick with the DOJ in Washington D.C. and his connection to James Whitey and those in the FBI who protected James Whitey.

The Irish mob doesn't just use Irish--they use other nationalities that go to their church. I want someone to look into Edward Shea's contacts, and Sean from Wenatchee, the Irish guy, his contacts as well.

I want an examination of U.S. military and Irish mob connections.

And someone might want to check with microsoft about getting some email communications I had with Christa Schneider at the time, about how I was looking into trying to find the Ulster Protestant Irish groups because I wanted to ask them some questions as they were familiar with violence tied to religious hatred. I was emailing these groups right before someone began using technology to harm me and my son. Someone could check in with Christa Schneider's family's connections as well, including their good friends The O'Neills (catholic), whose mother dated a prominent Democratic governor, John Kitzhaber, who knows Christine Gregoire. Shneider's good friend's mother also dated or was best friends with Dick Whittemore.

I want someone to look into the law firm that was all Irish Catholic except for one lawyer, that held onto my case and screwed it over, refusing to put the evidence I had into the record, and obstructing justice.

I want the "genius" who was from England, is Irish, and lives in Malaysia, checked out. I was emailing him about my son at the time these things began to take place and had asked him or told him about my "troubles".

Trouble me. Right.

Trouble north of the reactors.

Oh there has been "trouble" alright, and someone needs to step into DOJ's public corruption man Patrick's offices and say hello. Give him a little 3 leaf clover and a flag from the UK while you're at it, and a gift wrapped in the Pope's tartan.

"Green" is not my son's favorite color. But it's funny how criminals like to have their victims wearing their own color.

I remember that when someone was hacking my computer, when things were so bad out in the orchard with my son, I finally said, "You. In the green shirt." and there was a pause for the longest time.

Was it military green or just Irish gangster green? Or do you guys like to combine the two? I definitely know you don't mind pulling from other nationalities and groups and then trying to cover up where it started. I mean, who cares what their nationality is, if it STARTS with people who all go to the same church, no big deal to them.

That nurse in Wenatchee, the one who was lying about me to Wenatchee Valley Clinic, "Alison"...wonder if she's got a nice Irish connection.

And then too, since I just decided to go to the back garage and take a look at the graffiti left by kids there, maybe someone else would like to take a look.

It's peace signs, signs of a happy face with a bullet through the head, the comment "No foster kids!" and a bunch of stuff about "Kelly Green rules!" and "Kelly Green any day!"

For some reason, I don't think they're supporters of my son.

We also might want to check out the Irish pub, in downtown Seattle, Wa, where I was poisoned and whose bartenders were corrupt and knew what was going on. And then, funny enough, the woman leading me to the hospital, who lied about me to staff there, right after I was tortured and given arsenic at a Mexican restaurant, where a black gangster guy took me, that woman when I asked what her nationality was, told me "Irish". I said "oh really? like part Irish?" No, she was full blood Irish and she was the one who "Just happened" to be positioned there as I left the restaurant dizzy and feeling ill, having just bled out into their toilet, right into the devil hands of Virginia Mason.

Where "Chris" (was she Irish too?) wanted to send me to a psych ward in Seattle right after I'd been poisoned at an Irish bar, and then led while I was bleeding, by an Irish woman to the hospital where she lied and told them I had been aimlessly wandering, muttering, and she thought I was crazy. I hadn't said a word except when I reached her and it was "Where is the nearest hospital?" She defamed me.

Mullen. Is he Irish?

Just wondering folks, just wondering.

I know one of the priests that I supposedly offended (according to his favorite people) was Irish and from the East Coast. And I also know that the tall, dark haired Irish priest who hangs out at The Post Pub has had a few confessions handed to him and I don't think he's shared yet. He knows exactly who he is. How about you Kathy? Howww aboutcha?

So, get your specs, and start looking.

And while you're at it, maybe you could ask someone about the Middletons and what their Irish connections are. Might be interesting. I mean, since I had been talking to an English national who was Irish and all...and then...just a hunch...

Maybe while James Whitey is sitting around in prison, you could ask him a few things. And maybe you could NOT be Catholic when it's being done. I would really appreciate that, actually.

To think. I was singing an Irish song in the Canadian jails, by Sarah Mclaughlin, "Arms of an Angel."

Nothing against the Irish either, nothing against those who are GOOD. But we need to examine the bad ones who tortured my son, with a little help from their friends.

Here's another one...this is sort of interesting because I was sitting here thinking about anyone with an Irish connection, just thinking back and I thought about this man who had been Thebault's brother. The Thebault's I was a nanny for. I remember he went to a Protestant school and he joked that his brother (who was killed), had gone to Notre Dame. He told me this when he saw me in a Notre Dame sweatshirt, which I had bought and worn for who knows what reason was just something I had. So I thought about the motto of Notre Dame, and it's "The Fighting Irish" and I was then up and letting the dog into the house and looked inside my mom's car. A realtor's magazine had the title "What We're Fighting For" and then beneath this was a jigsaw puzzle magazine.

One of the men I stayed with briefly, who took evidence from my bag, and who is working for the federal government, is Ryan. What I don't trust about Ryan is that not only is he with the military (U.S.), he was originally from Boston, and is Irish Catholic. When I stayed with him, he took me out to dinner a few times and seemed maybe interested in me. However, I had nothing to do with him. He was next door to the Assembly of God guy with the Canadian girlfriend. The manager for those apartments, on castlerock st., was Catholic and had photos of her son, who was also in the U.S. military and who I had known through someone else (he didn't like me).

Ryan. I met this Scottish woman at Starbucks long ago. She had this adorable girl and recommended I do not go for vaccinations in the area. She and I had the same thoughts on these matters. She was Scottish, from Scotland. I liked her. She and I both believed in attachment parenting and she was doing a wonderful job with her girl. At this time, Ryan started showing up. This was right before I started being tortured. He hated me. I could see it in his face and demeanor. He hated me with a passion and was always watching me. I remember my son, before we were tortured, walking towards him and Ryan's expression of disgust. I tried to be friendly with him but he wouldn't speak to me and said something rude instead. It was shortly after my son's birth bc I was still overweight. It was about the time I was still talking to Christa Schneider and had put in a halfhearted curious ad through EHarmony. My ad where I advertised myself with the title "Welfare Queen".

I wondered then why Ryan was always following me, watching me, and hated me. But I paid no attention. I didn't see him again until after I'd been tortured, and lived in D.C. with my fiance from Colombia. He was someone I stayed with bc I had no place to stay and I think he offered for some reason. So, it's really great when someone seems toned down, but the concerning part was that in the end, he covered up for criminals. Hispanic ones. When I was tortured with someone using technology on me at a trip to the WVC, in a room, one of the hispanic workers at the counter who was Catholic made up a wristband for me that didn't have the normal info on was ganster/mafia stuff. It scared me and I saved it. Well, Ryan stole it out of my bag and stole my yellow t-shirt as well and when I left the apartment and went around the corner, the people laughing about it were hispanic, in an SUV.

The hispanics and Irish worked together, and so did some Ukrainians, if it was about drug circles or money, I'm not sure. I'm sure, actually, money was involved.

So Ryan was then applying to work as a guard for the dam. Someone called and asked me what I thought about him and I didn't know. But then after this, he stole from me and I knew he was covering for others.

The man picking me up from a place in Alburquerque, NM, when I was trying to get over to Georgia or somewhere where I could have analysis done of what torture I'd endured, was another Irish Catholic from Boston. Mark. And he was still in the military or had finished up but thought about going back in. He was Army. Ryan had been Marines.

I thought Mark was fine, and we laughed a lot. I mean, we really did laugh a lot. But then, I will never ever forget. The way he looked over at this couple that also drove a truck and it was a Schneider truck. I don't know who they were, but the Schneider part freaked me out a little. Because it was clear he knew these people. Then, the other alarming thing was when he dropped me off. I was, from there going to get a bus ticket or train ticket to Georgia. That was my plan. But I got the ticket and changed my mind when I was in D.C. I liked D.C. I wanted to stay there.

But anyway, I looked back, after Mark dropped me off, and instead of seeing an expression that would be commensurate with mutual "like" or affection, or goodwill or friendship, he was in an unguarded moment where it appeared he hated me. I'm not kidding. And I always remembered this, becasue I had the hair standing up on my arms and was so confused about why, when we'd just laughed together the whole way from NM. It didn't add up.

I later ignored this, and even met up with him again. But something wasn't right somewhere along the line.

And then, when it was very clear that the Irish priest from The Post Pub knew what had happened to me, I should have thought about that.

It was kind of weird though. By that time, I had a confusing situation where some of the Catholics had toned down about me. Maybe it was because of someone who told them to chill out. So at least for awhile, they really did.

What I was finding instead was a little weird stuff with some American jews, and I didn't know why but later thought it was maybe because of my past work with the Rabbi, maybe bc of the rape by a jewish guy, or maybe bc I was meeting a few people from Pakistan and I liked them. At least, the ones I met, seemed to be decent people to me.

However, when I started accusing the Italian Catholic guy over at the CPS offices in D.C. of obstructing me from getting services, then the people at the Post Pub gave me the freeze. This included "Kathy" who was Irish Catholic and she was good friends with the Irish priest. And then the Irish priest, who was mutually polite with me, and who I thought was very personable, turned on me like a switch. Suddenly, they decided they were going to start up the same harassing behavior and Kathy started lying about my tabs and orders and then blamed me for mistakes.

It was like, you either had favor with the Catholics, or they came close to killing you and like Joseph, maybe they would decide not to kill you, but instead, they would try to sell you into slavery.

The fact that I was pregnant with Chris Dabney's kid (he was Catholic) didn't matter at all. And I think some of them didn't really know who I was pregnant by. They had seen me with the Chief of Stragetic stuff with the military, for one thing. I think they assumed a lot--that I was sleeping around with lots of people. But I wasn't. And they assumed about what happened with James (military james) and I don't usually say a word to anyone about things like that. It's no one's business. They assumed.

But yes, when I started blogging about the Italian head lawyer at D.C.'s CPS and how they were obstructing me from getting a psych eval done there, as the Judge said I could do, all of a sudden, I got the big freeze from the rest of the Catholics. And it went so far as to harassing me on the campus at Georgetown University. It was bad. I mean, even customers started coming into the Pub and they were lying and saying I didn't take their order right, or they were leaving without paying and I was having to chase them down...DOJ employees. To the credit of some good people, some tried to help out and really tipped above the norm just to help me with money. It wasn't all bad.

But what I think is odd, is how people who, in D.C., knew there was nothing mentally wrong with me, and who had an idea about my being tortured...I wondered where they were when my son and I had all these things happening again. I was dragged through the dirt and drugged and all kinds of things and not once did I try any desperate moves, like revealing who I'd known or gone out with, until it looked like I or my son might die if I didn't.

I know that D.C. Headquarters knows about their own mistakes.

I know, without any doubt.

And yet, where is my presidential executive order having my son returned to me?

I get to have my enemies triumph over me and then it's like, "Well, no use helping her now bc we'd rather use her than do the right thing."

There is no reason, given what the FBI and CIA and military know, to refuse to return my son.

There is no excuse. None.

I may love this country, but I love my son more. And while I may have done some things to help others that I knew would not be helpful to my case, there isn't a CASE to begin with.


Why was I ever even feeling controlled by a Fraudulent CPS case?

All the intel know it's bogus and many also know we were tortured. There is no real case.

What there is, is a grand cover-up that some don't want to let go of, because they think it saves THEM.

I'm leaving off here for now.

So far, the FBI makes themselves look like the bad guy. They look like one of the institutions, along with CPS, that I could sue under RICO statutes. Imagine suing the FBI with RICO, for collusion, obstruction of justice, fraud, wire money laundering, and entrapment, along with international false arrest. Let's see if we can get her to "marry" so-and-so! oh darn. hey! ms. Garrett! uh, we care about you! yeah. um, your son needs you in washington. Right.

Me: "I trust you Alvaro. :) someone was trying to frame me today, but I'm sure it wasn't YOU huneybun. I mean, you worked for the FBI so you're a good guy, huh.

Do you have ANY idea...

Alvaro: so, you had a good time, right? i mean, this has been a good experience?

Nice try FBI.

Hand me the check and you'd better get Dum-Dum to sign that Executive Order.

I'm going to listen to the rest of this TD Jakes CD here, which the Obamas might like to listen to, and then I'm going to watch a movie called "The Negotiator".

In the meantime, keep Biden out of the room when you pay a visit to Mullen, Patrick, or James Whitey.

You do not have a choice.

You are the ones who have NO choice but to return my son. Any other move will be disastrous for this country. I mean, treason is when you screw up the entire public's idea of faith in the U.S. and lose all credibility because you refuse to correct a serious wrong. I wouldn't want to double dip into treason by first committing treason in violating your oath to this country to uphold the Constitution (which you did when the FBI and others became guilty of RICO), and then committing a secondary treason of trying to cover for something you already know is damaging the reputation of this country.

Don't you even CARE about the opinions of some of the HONEST and hard-working people that work to faithfully serve the country?

By the way, since a bunch of snide women, I've just intuited, think this is so funny, I have something else to add. The decent men who know exactly what I'm talking about, need to put the interferring women to the side.

For one thing, the women who have interferred have used sex, their positions as public servants, and worked on the egos of the men to get what they want and they have not been smart.

It never would have come to this, if certain women had not been the factor.

Women who have encouraged you to not help me, or to work against me, have done so not because they are good women. They've done it primarily out of jealousy.

The men who have some sense, have abandoned their good sense and logic, and what they know about the law, for the opinions of women who hate me with even more freedom to hate than men. They have hated me with such passion, and hoping to go undetected, as to convince the men with power, to "put her in her place". They have put on a show and dance and when asked what they want most, requested the head of my son and I on a plate. These are women who feel soft, but are not soft. They were not soft or kind or loved children or life, when they poisoned me, or carried out orders they know would permanently traumatize my son. I'm not saying there are not "daddies" that wanted to put their daughters ahead of me. But primarily, those who have urged on the men, using whatever tools they could in their arsenal, were women.

And the men know it.

Some of the men have even used women, to get women to influence other men they wanted to have influenced. I don't think you think about honeypots when you can't see beyond the lace and lingerie.

I am talking about people like Godfrey, for one example.

I'm talking about women who have hated me their entire lives, and been jealous, and relished the chance to bring me down as low as they could. Who egg on the men to feel good about it, and who reward the men with their tears-turned-to-passion and admiration.

Men like to feel respected and admired don't they?

It's not just a "want". Men have needs, and these women know it and fed it to you by the spoonful. They know you have a need for sex and that it will trigger all of your receptors that signal for more endorphins, feel-good hormones, and that it immediately activates your reward system. You get rewarded. And you know, and the other men know, maybe if you had more money, you could feel rewarded that way too. These same women know that while I'm beating you up, you are starved to feel desired, respected, honored, and admired.

They will give you respect and admiration for some of the most hateful crimes, but you don't even notice. Because it feels too good, you feel better than you did back then, don't you?

You have been rewarded in many ways.

And you never once thought that these women jeopardized your entire career. They asked you to take risks, and rewarded you, hoping the idea would come to you on its own so it wasn't like they ever suggested it.

How long do you really think these women would stick around if you were in jail?

Sometimes, it's better to be rebuked by someone who is telling it straight, than to accept the kisses of a "friend".

That friend or lover or spouse would never stick around if you lost everything or ended up in jail, and you know it. Yet they, for some reason, never cared enough to ask you to reconsider the risk.

They are not Owning Mahoney women. They want revenge, and while they're appearing so innocent and sweet and hurt by "that horrible woman!" and come to you in tears, they know you are just another man that can't see past the motives.

Not that you don't have motives of your own.

But think about all of the incredibly stupid (sorry, but stupid is when they forget about wisdom) women who are involved in what has happened to me and my son.

What kind of a woman drives a brand new SUV with her coifed hair and mocks a single mother who only wants her son?

Have you ever THOUGHT about that?

What about the women who are so eager to take on my case, lest a man might forget the agenda if he happens to like looking at my face?

These women became desperate and you played right into it. And so did their daddies and brothers.

It's not a man that has the stamina for hating a mother and child. It's a woman. And where men are involved, they are working for other women who know how to help them feel "rewarded".

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