Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poop Smeared Inside My Place & Other Things

I just found out today, that someone smeared poop all over the wall of my shower wall in my place and on my shower curtain.

It wasn't me, not even in my sleep, because I wasn't sleeping in that area and had it cordoned off.

Not only that, there are hairs in the shower that are not mine. Some are brunette and one at least it very light blond, no red color at all.

This occured at my place which is on "private property" and it's impossible that it occured today, Tuesday, or Monday, as I stayed home the entire day. I washed my hair in a different shower today. The only time it could have happened, is most likely on Sunday.

On Sunday we were all at church and then there was only one other time I left my place and that was to go to a yard sale my Dad invited me to go to.

This is not the first time I've had people enter my place without my consent.

There are two keys. Supposedly I have one of the keys and the only other people that have the other key are my parents. However, it's possible for someone else to get in or to have required that the key be given to them.

The poop on the shower wall is at least 2 days old. It's hardened. I didn't notice it because the last time I was there, I had cleaned the entire thing with bleach and other bleach scrubs.

So this is completely unacceptable to me.

On a different occasion, someone went into my place and rearrange the apples on a plate. I had worn a push up bra that day and I knew exactly how the apples were arranged on the plate in my plate. Someone had gone in and moved 2 of the apples together, and I knew it was mocking me. They moved the apples, which were all sitting on my plate with the stems upright to the sky, and took 2 in the front and turned them side to side with the stems facing together. To me, this says a man or young men. I don't know girls that would do that or think of doing that and think it's funny.

After I knew people were going into my place on Sundays, at the very least, I left a note on the table one day that said, "GET OUT and STAY OUT." I left that note on the table right next to a church bulletin that said "Model for Evangelism" on it.

Then I noticed, it was noticed. Someone got the message.

But they came back anyway.

I believe it's possible my place has had a hidden camera inside. Because if people are entering my place without my permission, as they are, then they are also the type that would put hidden cameras in my place as well.

Then, when I was in the bathroom today, someone put a flyer on my door that said "All God's Children" "Block Party BBQ" and I tore it into pieces and my Dad came out to pick up these pieces and I said, "I want them left there. If I want someone to count them, I'll count them myself." He took them anyway.

I am getting my own surveillance camera and I'm finding a place to put it and hook it up so this doesn't happen.

On a different occasion, my bathrobe was moved, it had a different fold where it was hanging and nothing else was changed. But I noticed one fold and how it had changed, when there were no windows open and no possible way for the wind to blow it to fall in a different way.

So, with these different pastors here, I am wondering exactly where the guards and pastors that look out for people are. Because there are not good people entering my place and doing these disgusting things.

This is not acceptable, okay?

Who does this kind of sick things? And they are blackmailing my parents.

By the way, some of the parents here have had their own kids try to humiliate my parents because I witnessed it with my own eyes. There are a bunch of punk ass gansters over here and I'm finding your ugly asses out and you and your parents will be the ones with some serious shit going down. You want SHIT? You will wake up with one SHITTY criminal record.

I am keeping names and locations of some of the shitty kids in this town, and don't you DARE think that by going to church or showing up to a worship service, you've escaped my eye.

If I have to personally hunt your asses down, you little punks, you had better tell your mommy and daddy that I will do it. And I will go to the police and blog about your mommy and daddy and make sure YOU are on the next earthquake hit list.

If you don't believe in miracles now, you will when YOUR house starts shaking from the ground up. Do I make myself clear?

You little punks are going to come back here and paint the property you already vandalized with graffiti and spray paint, with peace signs, smiley faces and "No foster kids!" shit.

Your mommy and daddy won't be very happy when I show up in court to get restraining orders against your asses for trespassing either.

So BACK THE FUCK off and if ANY of you dare to step foot in my place again, you will regret it.

If you and your FBI fuck buddies think you can get my parents to do something for you, you'd better think again.

You let your moms and dads know that I do not have anything to blackmailed with, I don't play your games or by your shitty rules, and I will take you down one by one so you never get a decent job or a college degree.

And mommy and daddy will be showing up with paintbrushes in their own hands after I file for an order charging them as being accomplices to their kids crappy crimes. Don't think I didn't notice the grown adults and men who were in town on Sunday in their SUVs and suburbans. I noticed your asses.

So this means those kids on the hill, who are right above this property, who were all too eager to watch my Dad chopping wood one day, and try to make fun of him, whose parents encouraged their bratty kids to go out and do this. You get it punks? Because I am watching you. And I will blog about your mom and dad until you're crying to go back to school so you have something to do, because you will NOT be terrorizing criminal gangster hillbilly back-woods ass punks.

This goes for punks showing up at church, to worship group, or whose parents think it's cool to use my mom and dad to train their own kids to be perfect terrors.

I have your names, I know where you live, and you had better take my advice and stay off of this property if you know what's good for you.

And the women with the little dogs that "accidentally" run onto our property--keep your bitches at home. All of the bitches, you just stay at home. If I catch you on this property again, I will personally run you off. You don't fool me for one minute. If you noticed, I stayed inside the house, when you pretended your dogs accidentally ran onto the property, because while my mother was nice enough to meet you outside, I knew you were liars and I don't care to make the acquaintance of liars.

As for the deer around here, you'd better not be messing with them either, because I have my eye on the deer too, and I'm watching every cut that shows up on their bodies, and when they're walking across the field with a limp on the same day I happen to have a limp, and I'm noticing when they are "released" to come down the hill or not, and watching to see if their behavior is normal.

If it's not, and you think it's cool to keep them in your barns now and then and mess with them, I will have the fucking animal control and PETA on your asses. I know exactly whose barns are at the top of the hill and the trail they come down and you'd better keep it natural, and keep these deer free, because if I find out you are tampering with them or harming them in any unnatural way, for fun or sport, you will wish you had moved further into the woods a LONG time ago. Do you understand? I know where your barns are and I'm keeping an eye on the deer and where they come from, and how long they're missing, and who is messing with them. It will take me no time at all to call PETA or someone connected to animal rights, to investigate if I start getting more of a feeling that you're not leaving them alone.

Finally, the dog. I had better not find our dog sick or acting unnatural because some punk group is doing things to mess with its heart again.

Why don't you pay real close attention to some of the fucking news and think twice before you mess with me, my family, my son, or ever set foot on this property again.

Here's something for you to think about you punks:

I remember exactly what the kid was saying after that worship service he chose to go to. The one with the big necklace, from CA. I remember what you had to say, punk, while everyone pretending nothing was going on. And then I remember those punks up on the hill. Buddies of yours? or are the parents just friends? Because I knew exactly what your mockery was about and you are on my list. And how horrible to see that these parents and grown adults use their punks to lord something over my parents with NO respect for their elders.

So the parents here in this area need to get something straight right now. I am not my mom and dad.

I am someone you don't want to mess with because I'm not going to take it and you have nothing on me. I'm going to mess you fuckers up if you don't stop now. And it's not just the kids I'm watching. I know about some of the parents and it doesn't matter how much my mom and dad lie to me, I know.

Not only that, I'm slightly psychic and God shows me things sometimes so you do NOT want to mess with me. If you want me to start discovering your sick skeletons in the family closet, I will be more than happy to start walking around for a feel of the area.

I was being shown where the old historic part of the neighborhood was the other day. Next to the catholic church, and these old houses and we went down this one alley and I said, "This reminds me of a place where some kids made a getaway."

It was kids in this town, making a getaway.

If you want me to start tracking your asses, you keep it up fuckers.

You are to return the key, and any key you have and you are not to come onto this property again, ever. You are also to stay away from my mom and dad. That means the punks, and the parents of the punks, who are just known colloquially as fuckers. Because that's all you'll amount to, is being the breeders of brats. If you're that old, and you teach your kids to act that way, there is no hope for you. So I've already written you off and I'm not deluded to think you're coming to church to reform. You're assholes and I am telling you to stay away, because if you need to work it out, you can do it somewhere else. My mom and dad may say you're welcome, but you might want to think twice about testing or trying that welcome, because I will know if you are abusing that offer of welcome.

Do I make myself clear?

Because again, I am not like you. I am not like your mom and dad. And I am not like my mom and dad either. I'm not nice. There are a lot of nice people around you, trying to be nice and supportive of you. For some reason, you're still punks. I am not here to be your friend, while I'm here, I'm looking out for my family. I love sniffing out a good crime, finding hidden misdemeanors, and punks that should be in juvie. And I would love to be a part of sending gangsters back to CA where they came from if they don't change. That goes for locals.

I am out to entrap your asses and take you to court if I don't blog about your family to the entire world first. Keep your earthquake risk potential on the low fuckers.

Here's something else you might not know about me. I'm a christian. But if you thought I was a pushover, you're wrong. I'm a sincere, real thing christian who does not tolerate harassment and cruelty to my family, or animals. What this means, is that while in the past I've taken jr. high, and sr. high kids in the neighborhood on and mentored them, and took them out, that's not what I'm here for right now. I'm here to work, or go to college, and make things better for my son and I'm here to right the wrongs that have been done to my parents in your town. So you maybe thought that if your parents were successful with protecting you in the past, and could defend your juvenile crimes and their crimes against my family, you are wrong to think that this is still how it is.

So if I were you, I would rethink your game plan. I have mentored people in the past who were just out there and needed a mentor. I don't mentor kids and their parents who have already committed crimes against my family.
By the way, I will be going around the entire perimeter of our property. I will be writing down the house numbers and license plate numbers of each and every vehicle parked and I will keep it for easy reference if necessary. That's not to say I won't be watching those who travel down these roads and streets or that I won't put up a hidden camera at some point, or that I won't be watching what happens in town or around town.

I am telling you, you on a major fucking notice.

And let me tell you something else. I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but I had a feeling that at least one of the times, one of the persons entering my place was a police officer. I wondered why an officer would want to go through my place, and I don't know if they were in uniform or plainsclothes or undercover, but on one occasion, I got back to my place and I felt police officer vibes.

You had better have a warrant if you ever set foot where I keep my personal property.

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