Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flushes, Juices, and Detox

So I thought I'd report how this was all working.

I got to a point, where I had incredible results. And then I made a small mistake and screwed up those results but I think I can get them back.

I think it was fine to use a little bit of sea salt, but doing a sea salt flush ruined things for me, for whatever my body was trying to do, to eliminate other toxins.

Where I noticed the amazing success, was in regaining all of my pain receptors. So it wasn't new pain, it was the old, familiar, natural pain, that I want, which tells your body what's going on and how to treat it.

It's wrong to use meds to cover up pain signals. Doing this ruins the natural ability of the body to send a signal to the brain to say, "Hey, it might be time to check in with a dentist because that pain impulse is telling you that you have a new cavity."

I'm still better than before, but I have to fix my sea salt flush error.

Again, I think a little is good bc it supplies minerals your body needs when doing other fasts and things.

So where I noticed the results was when I first was using citrus pectin to bind crap. I did this while I was eating oatmeal and wheat bran and bulk. So I had then added citrus pectin for binding things.

After awhile, I then did the ascorbic acid flush cleansing with the crystals. And then I added a couple of green juices. After I had the second green juice (which recipe I listed on another post), I felt 100% return of all feeling and senses. I could feel my teeth, I had my extra sensitivity back, everything. It was like I had absolutely killed off whatever was in my brain and spinal cord fluid and who knows what else. I mean, it was like the miracle cure.

And then I tried the sea salt flush. Adding a little salt was fine but instead of flushing more toxins out another way, it clogged up my senses. I was even stuffed up so I couldn't breathe as well and felt like I needed an oxygen mask. It did something to the histamines. It was probably good for my heart, and this morning I have no wrinkles (fluid retained), but the normal neuron and sensitivity of nervous system is gone.

So, I don't want to re-release crap into my bloodstream through ascorbic acid chelation again, but I have to chelate again. So I have prepared for it by first taking in more citrus pectin, to bind (hopefully) as I start to chelate again.

The other thing I did wrong maybe, was to drink some milk and have berry juice. I felt, after the salt, that I needed milk to push things along, but this just seemed to feel good at first and then screwed things up.

So I have to get back to ascorbic acid chelation, then add a little green juice stuff with my herbs, and stick to water and limes and things for awhile.

I had something to mind about hexovalent something or other and wasn't sure what about but i have to look it up.

So it's pectin, and Vitamin C again and then being gentle with my body with a fast to let it cleanse all the other stuff out after I force it out with more crystals.

Hexavalent chromium. Hmm. Oh, there's also hexavalent uranium.

The symptoms of chromium I may have to investigate. Vitamin C will also react with it. I found the itchy with small sores developing and then hardening to be interesting, since my mom has this on her feet. I also know I was sneezing a lot for a couple of days and I have no allergies and it was really not normal for me. But anyway, I will be looking up things to do with hexavalent bonds.

I wanted to share the kind of pectin I'm using. I like it because it separates the activator. So you have citrus pectin (methoxyl citrus pectin) pure in one envelope and then monocalcium phosphate in another envelope. It's called Pomona's Universal Pectin (Pectine). I will probably use this and regular citrus peel pectin that I grind myself.

I was just reading that Vitamin C can detoxify hexavalent chromium by converting it from CR II to CR III (which isn't toxic) so I think, regardless of what's in my system, I'm on the right track.

And I'll have to share my findings about hexavalent chromium with my mom.

So, umm...don't mess with me.

Did you think hexavalent substances would ever come to my mind?

Also, I had some heart problems that I told my mom about but it had nothing to do with my detox or depleting myself of minerals. It was a pulse that came from technology and I've felt it before when I had nothing to do with fasting or cleansing. So, just so you know, you're not convincing me it has something to do with normal health. It was technology and I know when it's technology and I'm not an idiot.

So watch your step before you find your entire organization, and yourselves, down under.

I feel no need to take photos of myself, but I will upload a few of just my face to show I'm not emaciated, I'm taking care of my health the best I can.

Oh, by the way, no, I'm not going to be a naturopath. Reading up on natural remedies is a hobby that I would not want to make into a job. I'm not that granola.

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