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David & Abigail (Frans Francken II): king of clubs

Yesterday I took my mom's Bible off the counter in the afternoon around noon and opened up to Samuel. I picked it up because she had been on the porch earlier reading from Joel and I was curious. But I opened up to Samuel and just read where I was and it was at the story of Abigail. Abigail and David. I read back, to the part about Saul and David and the cutting of the hem and how they had parted at one point when someone told Saul to quit pursuing David because the Philistines were nearby.

So I read this and then the story of David and Abigail. I closed the Bible and a paper with the words "Kings" was showing at that was it. So I was thinking about Abigail and then I was in my place trying out my blenders (I have 2).

I used both of them, for different things and decided I'd keep both. My Dad came over and said they were watching a movie at 7 if I wanted to join so I did and it was a Lifetime movie called "Web of Lies". The main woman was named Abigail. In the movie, it was on King Street.

And then this morning I wanted to look up art to be inspired, instead of a devotional first, and I was going to look up paintings with the children coming to Jesus but first I decided to look up paintings of David and Abigail. And I clicked on one by Frans Francken II (Antwerp) which is being sold on King Street in London, currently, through Christies. It says only that it belonged to a "noble family". Oh, it was for sale July 6, 2010. So it maybe already sold.

In it, there are these smooth stones at Abigails feet and before I went to my mom's Bible yesterday, I had gone to the stream by our house and saw a smooth stone like the ones featured, and I picked it up and moved it.

Then I read about David and Abigail and then I tried asking about the concrete because I didn't know why I had picked up this stone, or noticed it then, and why I had moved it at all. So I was asking what some of the things around the tree were for because I had moved the stone from being closer to the stream to being at the base of a tree by the stream.

And then shortly after that, I had said I don't want to be tortured anymore and I would rather just die and if I didn't have my son, why doesn't someone just put a hit on me and end it. And I left, crying.

I wondered what the deal was with the stone. Maybe it triggered something because I used to pick out stones like this from the river, with my son Oliver, and had some on our porch. I asked what the concrete was, the broken up rock or concrete slabs around the base of the tree which I had put the stone on top of. I had originally gone to the area looking for feathers from the blue jays which spend a lot of time in the trees. And instead I saw this stone.

Anyway, it looks just like the same kind of smooth round stone at Abigail's feet in this painting I first clicked on today.

I guess I'll look up other paintings later and keep adding to the post from yesterday, about Knoxville, TN. A little later.

I guess, when I think about it, when I had my son with me, I had the smooth round stones from the river, where I made a wall to create a bath for my son to play in. I had taken some of the stones and placed them outside our door on the porch where there was a concrete slab. I left them outside so that when the rain came, the stones would shine. They looked like ordinary stones when dry but when they were wet they had a translucent quality.

"Like a club or a sword or a sharp arrow is the man who gives false testimony against his neighbor."

Proverbs 25:18.

I wasn't going to add this, but the "King" theme didn't come in 3s, for me it recently came in 4. I reluctantly share this because sometimes things mean something and other times, it's a fluke, chance, random, and means nothing.

I just looked up "King (playing card)" on wiki because the first thing that came to mind, before this whole set of kings with the Bible and movie, was King of Clubs.

I had something going through my mind since I noticed the shape of the stamen or pistol of the lily when it was in my room. It came to me after I tore the crown chakra shirt into 4 pieces. I didn't count the pieces out, I just tore it up and that's what ended up. I had the epiphany then to look up asparagus and it said it was the queen's herb and in the same family as the lily. I looked it up because bleeding came to my mind after I tore the chakra shirt. I looked back at the lily thinking how does it resemble asparagus and then I noticed it was a 3 leaf clover shape on the end of the pistol. I thought about the card that was on the bottom of my coffee cup and it had been a 3 leaf clover, and remembered,, in cards that means "club".

Didn't think about it again until recently when I was at safeway buying something. I saw a card sticking out next to a register and it said "King's Club" or "King's Clubs" and had playing card symbols on it. So for the last couple of days I had been wondering what King's Clubs were. Then I randomly opened to the story of David and Abigail and saw some notes about Kings on a paper inserted in the Bible. Then, that night, it was King Street and Abigail on the movie. And then this morning, King Street for the painting sold in London, about Abigail and David, and this the day after I moved a smooth round stone to a piece of concrete.

I thought, this morning, that the king streak had come in a set of 3 but it was 4 if you include my wondering what kings clubs were about.

I wondered, because it was on a recent day that I prayed on my knees for God to please show me something. Please show me who was responsible for the harm that was being done to me and my son. And I mixed up the pieces of paper and looked and asked God for insight, or to show me something unusual or confirm something to me.

I saw a lot of things, but asking for answers this way can be very deceptive, misleading and foolish so I just held it in my thoughts, not to jump to any conclusions. And then I found one piece of paper had not ended up with the others turned over (or not) on the floor. The one marked "Jewish Orthodox" had somehow landed inside of my Bible and when I picked my Bible up, it slid from the right of the page to the left side of the same page and marked this verse:

"Like a club, or a sword, or a sharp arrow is the man who gives false testimony against his neighbor."

I thought about it for a minute. I had also had this Sting song in my head, "I know that the spades, are the swords of a soldier/I know the clubs are weapons of war/I know diamonds mean money for this art, but that's not the shape of my heart".

I don't think all of it goes together, but when I saw this verse, I knew this to be absolutely true, that it is true that many, MANY, have given false testimony against me. If it had not been for false testimony, there is no possible way any of these horrible things could have been done or allowed to happen to me or my son. So in a sense, who is responsible for the torture, are all of those who have given false testimony against me. Falsely claiming I harassed them when I didn't, charging me with crimes or misdemeanors I never committed, falsifying medical records, falsifying visitation notes with my son, falsely charging me with paranoid schitzophrenia, false prophets who try to steer others to another conclusion than that which is true, false testimony about my character, mental state, conduct,...false testimony about what I wore to church or appropriate dress, false testimony about my motives or ideas or thoughts, false testimony to deny my son and I have been tortured and aggregiously abused, false testimony to protect others who are not innocent and who harmed innocent people, false testimony. False testimony or false witness.

So I wondered this afternoon about what King's Clubs were. And I looked up king playing cards on wiki and it says the King of Clubs playing card represents "Alexander." I don't think that's part of getting to the truth of what has been happening to me and my son, but I thought, why should I share only what I am unafraid to share and not share it all? good or bad, there may be a reason to share it all.

So have I done.

Oliver Garrett is to be returned to his mother, Cameo Garrett, and it is not possible to cram all of the false witnesses and those who gave false testimony against me, into Douglas County Courthouse.

For record's sake, I noticed the King of Clubs card in the last week, I think last couple of days, when I was standing at Register 2 in Safeway, looking at Register 1. While I waited to have my thing rung up I saw this sign at the end of the counter on Register 1 that said "King's Club", "King's Clubs" or something like that. It was a stand-up cardboard sign. And it got me thinking. It was on the same day, after I'd been there, that I got the verse from Proverbs.

And I guess, I first noticed where this paper was, and it wasn't on that verse but my eyes fell onto that verse and it is what caught my attention. Then, when I picked up my Bible, the paper slid over to the same verse I had been drawn to, and I just read it again and thought about it.

The sword in my heart, the abduction of my son and slandering of my name, was because of false testimony.

Incredibly, I have even been asked to pay for the costs and fees that came along with defamation of my character and torture.

If this is not the most authentic form of persecution, I don't know what is.

I even told the FBI, in 2004, that I thought I had maybe seen James Whitey in my neighborhood and I am quite sure I was slandered over that too. Turns out, I wasn't nuts, he was nearby in CA and works for the U.S. and was protected by the FBI. I had naively said something back then.

Then the FBI sends out their men to "date" me.

So I'm sure the FBI is not involved in what's happened to me and my son at all.

Now this pastor I'm listening to right now, on the radio, which I just turned on, is reading from the Book of Amos and talking about "The plumbline." At any rate, I am going back to the post I was making about U.S. govt. psychics and the Knoxville woman to start.

Oh, the other thing that happened...I tore off this tag on a sweater that said "Traditions" on it and looked at it later, where it fell and it was Made in Taiwon and fell next to a pile of shoes, closest to the New Balance shoes where I had put one pair of striped b&w socks. I was later cleaning the house and even cleaned the windows and had paper towels in the garbage and I absentmindedly tossed the "traditions" label into the garbage and I suddenly thought about the Roses. And I wondered if the Roses had known my rapist. Lorraine and Rabbi Rose--the ones with English connections. Not only did they have connections to England, they had a direct connection to the Editor of The Willamette Week. And it wasn't just Catholics, but some of the Jewish community that were involved then. Like I've said, I've known a lot of rotten Protestants though. Believe me.

I also wondered about Dick Whittemore's FBI connections and insurance company connections because at the same time that I was praying on my knees for God to please show me, help me discover who was torturing me and my son, I picked up a quarter out of a bunch of change randomly and after reading about false testimony, I looked at the quarter and I was flipping it around and then I looked at it. It had Indiana on it and the Indianapolis 500 race car on it. I thought about how Whittemore was a big racetrack, Indy 500 fan, and how his people had first defamed me (with the help of some others) and gave false testimony to The Willamette Week about me. I turned the quarter over and on the other side of the coin was a round burn mark, on the Washington face, which made me think about Raul Bujanda and the sacred heart of Jesus card and how some groups burn a card (or people) to make their mark.

(see post about psychics in the U.S. for more information)

The year of the Halloween was 2004 or 2005.

I'd love to know who traveled to the U.S. for the festive occasion.

I have had this come to mind several times...that the middletons have some kind of U.S. government connection but aside from knowing part of it is FBI, I don't know what it is.

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