Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Male Infertility

I'll try to think of what might cause this, but I don't have any ideas right now. I updated my post about "carcinogenic birth control" to include a link that proves women on bc pills have shrunk their brains. I got the info from the Journal of Neuroscience (or something like that--the link is there).

I have an excuse for my memory lapses bc I'm tortured. Seriously, and literally. But if you want to put your own brain, or woman's brain, back to health, look at the research.

With women, it's very easy to see a link to many problems and the pill. With men, I don't think it's as easy but I might look at it sometime.

I should add, that mother-daughter breast cancer (runs in the family) link is simply, I believe, one of how you're raised. Many daughters are just put on the pill or advised to go on the pill, like their mothers or female relatives and never think twice about it. Which is also possibly why I have not wanted to be on the bc pill, but I did think about it and chose for myself. My mom has never been on it and I think she's sharp. I think one of my aunts used it and has had all kinds of weird clotting and fibroid issues that don't run in the family...she married a Catholic guy and maybe it's because their church doesn't approve of other methods (barrier or whatever). But I did have a doctor try to put me on it and the most I've been on it was for 3 months total in my life. It was continuous bc to see if it improved my migraines. It didn't, and I had thought bc pill was unnatural and not good for the body so I never wanted to be on it.

I had a couple of boyfriends dope me up on it, though, when I didn't consent to it. I could tell. It happened in Washington D.C. and Maryland. And then my finace kept asking me, "When are you going to go on the pill?" all the time.

I just kept putting it off and instead I always insisted he use a condom. Always.

I don't believe in the pill.

The harm to a woman's body far outweighs the benefits.

If you can seriously trust your partner and you are in a stable and committed relationship, you don't have to worry about STDs and you can figure out your cycle down to within a few days. It takes a lot of planning but if done right, it's as effective as any method and it's natural.

And if you are still at the beginning of your relationship or haven't talked about family planning or really want to be sure you're not having kids and want full spontaneity, you can use a condom.

Or find another method that works for you and doesn't involve injecting the body with horomones.

I always used a condom, for even the short time in my life I was active at all, and the few times (like, on one hand) that I didn't, I was instantly pregnant. I'm extremely fertile, and I think more women would be or could be if they didn't ruin their bodies natural chemistry. And even though I was being given bc horomones without my consent, the second time I got pregnant, I still got pregnant. I wasn't trying to...I could have planned better, but I chose not to and that's what happens if you don't use a method.

But we are not beasts of the field and subject to whims. It's not like someone should or needs to go on the pill because they can't control themselves. You make it a rule and habit, to do what you're supposed to do and assume that if you don't, you have great odds of having a baby.

Personally, I'd rather have one unexpected child sometime in my life, than a perpetually shrunken paleo-mommy brain, clotting issues, heart problems, and breast cancer. I mean, if it comes down to having to make a choice.

And if your husband or boyfriend or the guy you date insists that you're on the birth control pill, why not tell HIM to go on the birth control pill.

Do you know what? they've already done research on the male hormone pill and they found out a lot of men don't like the idea. Why? because they know it might mess with their bodies. And the same respect they have for themselves they should give to you.

It might be that a man, after knowing all this, could want his mistress or a short term lover on the pill, because he isn't concerned about being with you down the road. He doesn't care if you get breast cancer--he's not going to be your nurse. He doesn't care if you have blood clots or other health issues--it's free love time for him. He's not buying the cow, he's getting the milk (er, sorry, no milk here honey) for free and guess who is paying for it? YOU.

I would say, if in that case, considering the high cost to your health that being on the bc pill will be, if he insists, is he paying for your health insurance premiums for life and putting away a little extra into your Breast Cancer Survivor Fund?

Does he even CARE that your brain has been shrunken to less than its normal size? What. He just wants a trophy wife or trophy girlfriend? Or he just likes dumb women in general or doesn't care about you ever reaching your full potential?

Is he holding your hand when you hemmorhage at the hospital with fibroids or other uterine issues? How about when you had to have the hysterectomy?

So anyway, it's highly unlikely that many men will want to take the bc pill themselves unless they have decided they're not having kids. Are the doctors doing it? I wonder what all the doctors and scientists encourage their lover or partner to take.

Maybe he doesn't love you as much as you thought.

Yeah. It's a sad day to wake up and realize Cameo Garrett loves you more than your spouse or boyfriend or more than you even love yourself or your own kids.

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